3 Best Hybrid Mattresses in 2020

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    A hybrid mattress can bring the best of both worlds: a springy support system and top notch temperature regulation. Most people who enjoy sleeping on a hybrid mattress appreciate the minimal motion transfer and the added pressure-point relief and support that come with it. No hybrid mattress is the same, so read on to find the best one for your sleeping needs.

    Our Top 3 Picks

    Avocado Vegan Leesa Legend Bear Hybrid
    avocado logo leesa-logo Bear Mattress Logo 600x400
    A man and boy laying on a white Avocado mattress A white Leesa Legend hybrid mattress on a wooden bed frame with a blue and white box. A white mattress with two white bed pillows sitting on a gray bed frame.
    Eco-friendly Firm Ideal for Pressure Relief
    Want a mattress that’s good for your body and the environment? With all the right components of a traditional hybrid mattress, the Avocado Vegan is a perfect organic mattress for customers who prioritize environmental and animal welfare. The Leesa Legend comes with two separate layers of wrapped coils to bring even more support than a traditional hybrid mattress. Made with foam and coil springs to support sleepers of all types, the Bear Hybrid is ideal for customers looking for intense pressure relief.
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    Avocado Vegan


    – Pillow top option for additional charge

    – Durable material

    – Environmentally friendly


    – Expensive

    – May be too firm for some sleepers

    Best For...

    – Organic-friendly and vegan-friendly shoppers

    – Firm support

    – Certifications

    Avocado Vegan Overview
    Shipping Free
    Returns Free
    Trial Period 1 year
    Firmness Level 7 (6 with optional pillow top)
    Sleeper Type Back and stomach
    Warranty 25 years
    Certifications Greenguard Gold, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)

    If you prefer to shop with the environment’s well-being in mind, then an Avocado mattress may be right for you. Both models, the Avocado Green and the Avocado Vegan, are made with organic materials and include a hybrid construction of organic certified latex and a full layer of individually wrapped coils to reduce motion transfer throughout the night. The only difference between the two is the material of the outer cover. The Avocado Green uses organic wool, while the Avocado Vegan uses organic cotton, making the Avocado Vegan our #1 choice for its connectedness to environment protection as well as its comfortable feel.

    One of the best features on the Avocado mattresses is the optional pillow top addition. For an additional charge, you can add a 2-inch, attached pillow top layer to increase softness. This is a great option for side sleepers who enjoy the support of a hybrid mattress but need to have softer support, particularly at their hips and shoulders where most of their weight hits the bed.

    Avocado offers a vegan and organic hybrid mattress for sleepers who value their sleep and the environment.

    Leesa Legend


    – Pressure-point relief

    – Made with organic cotton and merino wool

    – Hypoallergenic

    – Soft cover


    – Not ideal for sharing

    – Can be too firm for side sleepers


    Best For...

    – Temperature regulation

    – Sleepers who prefer a firm mattress


    Leesa Legend Overview
    Shipping Free
    Returns $49 adoption fee
    Trial Period 100 nights
    Firmness Level Medium
    Sleeper Type All sleeping positions
    Warranty 10 years
    Certifications Certified B Corporation, CertiPUR-US

    Leesa has three mattress models, two of which are hybrid. The Leesa Hybrid and the Leesa Legend differ in their height, outer cover and pocket spring layers, which is great for customers who may have difficulty deciding which type of hybrid mattress to choose. Out of the two, the Leesa Legend comes with more layers and an extra inch of mattress height.

    The 12” Leesa Legend comes with a unique, hypoallergenic outer cover that’s made with organic cotton and merino wool. Most notable is the extra layer of pocket springs, which Leesa refers to as the Relief & Stability Layer. These pocket springs are miniature-shaped and add an extra layer of pressure relief for hips and shoulders. Opt for the Leesa Legend if you believe you need more support than a traditional hybrid mattress provides.

    Leesa mattresses are made with care so that sleepers can rest well knowing their purchases help children in need.

    Bear Hybrid


    – Military and veteran discounts available

    – Ideal for athletes and those who exercise frequently

    – Optimal pressure-point relief


    – Not ideal for side sleepers

    – Not ideal for sleepers who prefer soft mattresses


    Best For...

    – Pressure relief

    – Temperature regulation

    Bear Hybrid Overview
    Shipping Free
    Returns Free
    Trial Period 100 nights
    Firmness Level 6.3
    Sleeper Type Side and back sleepers
    Warranty 20 years
    Certifications Greenguard Gold, CertiPUR-US

    If you spend a good portion of your week exercising, or if you often find you’re having a difficult time falling or staying asleep due to body pain, you probably already know how important the structure of your mattress is. Bear has a hybrid mattress option that is directly marketed towards athletes who absolutely require pressure point relief at night when their muscles are recovering from workouts.

    Another great feature that comes with the Bear Hybrid? Its cooling gel-foam layer, perfect for sleepers concerned with sleeping hot at night. Just underneath the cooling layer comes a layer of support foam that helps sleepers of all positions feel comfortable, though this mattress may still feel too firm for some side sleepers.

    Bear’s mattresses create cooling comfort for sleepers who need temperature regulation and pressure-point relief.

    All About Hybrid Mattresses

    A hybrid mattress with foam and spring layers

    Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress

    Less motion transfer

    With a hybrid mattress, you will feel a bounce that no foam or memory foam mattress can provide, but it will not take hold of your motion and distribute it to the other side of the bed. Hybrid mattresses are specifically designed to limit the amount of motion transfer on the mattress. The springs adjust to the sleeper’s body shape and follow its motions throughout the night without holding its shape, like a memory foam mattress would.

    Less sinkage

    Hybrid mattresses are ideal for sleepers who crave that extra support. In other words, they want a mattress that won’t leave them falling into its structure throughout the night. A hybrid mattress only sinks to an appropriate amount once it adjusts to your body shape. As you move, the springs will work with the foam layers to shift the sinkage and weight as you move, instead of “remembering” your weight, like a memory foam mattress does.

    Durable and great for long-term use

    Hybrid mattresses are sturdy and heavy. It’s a good idea to check the warranties of each mattress before you make a purchase so you know what will and will not be covered if damage occurs.

    Quality temperature regulating properties

    Coil springs bring an added bounce to a hybrid mattress, but they also work to properly regulate temperature and reduce body heat buildup at night.

    Downsides of a Hybrid Mattress

    Can be expensive

    With added features, like gel-infused foam and the inevitable coil springs, hybrid mattresses can run on the expensive side. There are budget friendly hybrid options on the market (like Dreamcloud, as we’ve mentioned above), but you should expect to shell out some extra money for a hybrid mattress.

    Firmness level

    When it comes to sleeping positions, hybrid mattresses generally work best for stomach and back sleepers, who prefer and require firmer mattresses. Softness is rarely a priority or option among hybrid mattress models, as their combination of springs and foam rarely create a fluffy surface like a memory foam mattress would. Check to see how your mattress brand bodes with firmness levels. Some brands include medium-firm options that are more reasonable for side sleepers.

    What to Look for in a Hybrid Mattress

    A couple with their daughter looking at a white mattress.

    Before you set out to purchase a new hybrid mattress, it’s important to do some research. Below, we’ve outlined some of the most important things to look for when shopping.


    Hybrid mattresses, because of their extremely detailed and multi-material construction, are generally more expensive than other mattress models. If you look at their warranties, though, you will likely notice that they cover long periods of time and are well-suited for long-term use.


    A hybrid mattress is made with more than one supportive material, but every hybrid mattress will have its own support structure (i.e. how many layers of foam, the height of the coil springs, etcetera).

    When you buy a hybrid mattress, another important thing to consider is the bed frame you plan to place it on. Most companies will instruct you on which frames to use and which ones to avoid, but it’s a good idea to plan ahead before making any purchases.

    Support and Pressure Point Relief

    Hybrid mattresses run on the firmer side, generally with a minimum of medium firmness. While some side sleepers may enjoy a medium-firm mattress, others may not and start to miss the soft feeling of traditional memory foam mattresses.

    The support that comes with a firm mattress is ideal for back, stomach or combination sleepers who require pressure point relief that will not sink them through the mattress and leave them with an achy back the next morning. The best options for pressure relief are Tempurpedic mattresses but they are on the more expensive end of the spectrum.

    Temperature Regulation

    The coil springs inside of a hybrid mattress contribute to the high level of temperature regulation. Unlike all-foam mattresses, where heat builds up and stays in place, a hybrid mattress will create a barrier for the heat to disperse.

    Motion Transfer

    With a hybrid mattress, you will feel a bit of a bounce, but you will rarely feel motion transfer to the point of waking up in the middle of a deep sleep.


    Hybrid mattresses have very little sinkage. The coil spring layer found in hybrid mattresses works specifically to only support your body’s weight where it hits the bed. Once you move around, the springs will bounce the mattress back to its full shape, leaving little room for major sinkage.

    Edge Support

    Edge support is important if you share a bed or tend to sleep close to the edges of your bed, which is why many couples opt for a hybrid mattress. Some mattresses even come with a special outer layer of springs for added edge support.

    Final Thoughts: Who Will a Hybrid Mattress Suit Best?

    Now that you’ve done some research on some of the best hybrid mattresses out there, we’ve created a quick breakdown of whether or not you might benefit from one. As a reminder, sleepers who prioritize eco-friendly and organic products will love the Avocado Vegan mattress, people who prefer firm mattresses will enjoy the Leesa Legend and those seeking pressure-point relief will want to rest on the Bear Hybrid.

    We think you’d enjoy a hybrid mattress if you:

    • Prefer medium-firm or high-firm mattresses.
    • Are generally a back or stomach sleeper, as some hybrid mattresses will feel too firm for side sleepers, who require soft support on their hips and shoulders.
    • Are looking for a mattress with great temperature regulation at each and every layer.

    A hybrid mattress may not be the best for you if you:

    • Are generally a side sleeper who requires soft support on your hips and shoulders.
    • Do not prefer the springy feeling coils provide.
    • Don't want to risk hearing the potential noise from the coil springs.
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