BedJet Reviews: The Advanced Temperature Regulator

The BedJet 3 is one of the most popular bed cooling systems on the market.

Our BedJet review breaks down its pros and cons and lets you know who this technology is really for and who it might not suit.

One of the most common reasons we don’t get enough sleep at night might be due to an uncomfortable temperature. Night sweats, body chills, and minimal air circulation are among the top temperature traps we can fall into that can, in turn, keep us awake at night. If this sounds like you then take a look at our Bedjet reviews of the V2 and 3.

When it comes to temperature regulation, it’s important to think about the bedding you buy, your thermostat settings, and even your mattress structure. If climate control is a major priority to you when it comes to sleeping comfortably, you might want to check out the BedJet. It’s a high-quality alternative to fans, space heaters, and electric blankets that was featured in an episode of Shark Tank

*Please note that the BedJet V2 is now permanently sold out.

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The Bedjet cooling system is the best option available in the bedroom temperature regulator market. The bespoke temperature setting allows users to create their ideal sleeping environment.

What is a BedJet?

A BedJet is not simply a bed fan. It is a highly technological device used to control temperatures in your bed. The BedJet’s main focus is to create a sleeping temperature that is comfortable for the sleeper. You can even set different temperatures at each hour of the night.

The BedJet’s main priority is to provide a constant, customizable air flow—whether cold, moderate or warm—at the end of your bed, and it comes in two designs: a single-zone for solo sleepers and a dual-zone for couples. BedJets can accommodate warm or cool temperatures, based on your preference.

The great thing about a BedJet is that it can be used year-round, no matter what the outdoor temperature feels like. Unlike traditional fans or electric blankets, the BedJet comes with both heating and cooling capabilities instead of one or the other.

The climate control system even has a ‘Turbo Heat’ feature that can quickly warm your mattress before you climb into bed on cold winter nights.

How the BedJet Works

Most people use a BedJet for its cooling capabilities, but the BedJet can also provide heating. We will discuss further on whether or not you should buy a Dual Zone BedJet or a single unit.

If you are using the BedJet as a cooling device, it is important to understand it is not a portable AC unit, but rather, an effective bed accessory that uses cool air from your room to then circulate it through your bed, or vice versa when it is set on the heating mode.

Setting Up Your New BedJet

Setting up your BedJet doesn’t have to be complicated. The unit is placed at the foot of the bed, all hoses and mounts are attached and the mouth of the air hose positioned underneath the sheets.  Once it’s all set up, you will notice it only takes a few minutes for you to feel the cooling or heating to begin. Below is a quick instructional video on how to assemble your BedJet. This video specifically includes a BedJet V2 installation. It should only take you a few minutes to set up your BedJet at the foot of your bed.

Important Installation Steps

The BedJet comes with various parts that work to enhance your climate-control experience. It’s critical to ensure you are installing them correctly, otherwise you may notice some trouble with your BedJet’s output. Once installed correctly the system is very easy to use.

A man and woman on a white bed with two BedJets.
A Dual BedJet Design

BedJet Alternatives

If you want to compare the BedJet models to other brands in the bed cooling market, here are some options that we like as much or more than BedJet.

Eight Sleep The Pod Pro Cover

The premier option on the market. It’s not cheap but the functionality and app integration is unrivaled.

ChiliSleep Logo
BedJet Reviews: The Advanced Temperature Regulator 13

chiliPAD Sleep System

BedJet’s main competitor in the bed cooling space. Similarly priced but uses cooled water within the pad rather than cool air.

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The Bedjet cooling system is the best option available in the bedroom temperature regulator market. The bespoke temperature setting allows users to create their ideal sleeping environment.

Proprietary Dual Zone Bed Sheets

The Cloud Sheet, a 100% pure cotton top sheet set otherwise known as the AirComforter, can be used as your bed’s only sheet when using the BedJet. It is offered online as an optional accessory and comes highly recommended for sleepers looking for top-notch temperature regulation.

You can use your regular bed sheets or your favorite eucalyptus sheets but if you replace your top sheet with the Cloud Sheet you get the full benefit of the system. They are built with patched chambers to create an ultra-soft feeling and to separate the flow flow of air into separate sections as it inflates. When you prepare to set it up, you will find a pink tag on the Cloud Sheet that reads “This side down.” For normal warmth, place as many blankets on top of the Cloud Sheet to complete your bedding.

It is important to note you must choose either the Single Zone Cloud Sheet, which is the best option for a single unit, or the Bed Jet Dual Zone Cloud Sheet, which is the best option for two units or if you purchase one BedJet unit but sleep with a partner who does not want warming or cooling on their side of the bed.

A white BedJet C-Clamp installed on a white bed sheet.

The C-Clamp, or, the clasp located on the fabric portion of the BedJet hose, should not be secured around the plastic part of air nozzle. Instead, make sure it is only secured on the fabric.

Your Options

A black and white V2 and a white BedJet 3.
A V2 pictured on the left and a BedJet 3 pictured on the right.

When it comes to buying a BedJet, you have plenty of options. There are two main models: the BedJet V2, the original, and an updated version, the BedJet 3. Before you decide which BedJet model to purchase, you need to determine whether you need a single-zone design or a dual-zone design.

The single-zone design comes with one BedJet and one remote, while the dual-zone design includes two BedJets and two remotes. Opt for the single-zone design if you sleep alone and are looking for heat and/or cooling. The single-zone design is also perfect for couples who have similar temperature preferences, as it can circulate the same air temperature throughout the whole bed, as opposed to just one side.

If you share a bed and you and your partner have different temperature preferences, the dual zone design is the best option for you. The dual-design will cost more, but it’s structured so that each person can customize the temperature on their own side of the bed.

Now that you’ve decided on a single or a dual, let’s break down the two models.

BedJet V2 Climate Comfort Systemzz

*Please note that the BedJet V2 is now permanently sold out.

A white BedJet V2
BedJet Reviews: The Advanced Temperature Regulator 61

The BedJet V2 is the original Bed Jet device. It operates with a wireless remote control or a Bluetooth app for advanced features. The V2’s air flow works to heat or cool your bed and dry sweat. Overall, the this model is ideal for sleepers who don’t need an extremely cold temperature regulator.


  • Quiet functionality
  • Fits under 7” space
  • Includes small wireless remote control
  • Requires Bluetooth app for all features
  • Temperature settings between 72°-104°F

Best for:

  • A more budget-friendly model
  • Large beds
  • Sleepers who prefer warm to hot temperatures
  • Wireless remote controlT
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The Bedjet V2 bed cooling system is the more budget-friendly option. Despite being the slightly less feature rich model it still offers the same airflow performance.

*Please note that the BedJet V2 is now permanently sold out.

BedJet 3 Climate Comfort System

A white BedJet 3 with a black digital remote control.

The BedJet 3 is the new model and is about 30% smaller than the original BedJet V2. This iteration has generally better reviews than the original. It comes with a WiFi chip and is SmartHome compatible. Unlike the V2, the 3 includes an updated remote control with a color screen that allows you to control all of the settings in one place. This model is perfect for people who are trying to conserve space or who’d prefer using the device without relying on a Bluetooth app. The update model also has the capability to blow cooler air than the original with a minimum temperature setting of 66° compared to the 72° of the V2.


  • Quiet air flow
  • Fits under 6” space
  • Includes color screen remote control
  • Smaller than the V2
  • SmartHome connectivity without Bluetooth app
  • Includes Wifi chip
  • Works with Alexa
  • Regulates temperature between 66°-104°F

Best for:

  • An updated BedJet version
  • Space-saving capabilities
  • Sleepers who prefer ultra-cool temperatures
  • SmartHome compatibility
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You should choose the BedJet 3 if you want the most technologically advanced cooling system. The BedJet 3 has Wifi and smart home compatibility, a lower temperature option and a smaller form factor to easily fit under a bed. 

Verified BedJet 3 Customer Reviews

BedJet primarily sell both the V2 and the 3 on their own website and through Amazon. We took a detailed look at the verified reviews from BedJet customers on both platforms to identify the main points users like and dislike.  At the time of writing has collected 2439 reviews with an average rating of 4.7/5. 

This breaks down to the following star rating allocations:

  • 5-star – 201
  • 4-star – 218
  • 3-star – 101
  • 2-star – 62
  • 1-star – 44 

At the time of writing, there are 813 customer ratings on Amazon with an average rating of 4.4/5. This breaks down to the following star rating allocations: – 5-star – 77%4-star – 8%3-star – 4%2-star – 4%1-star – 1% Amazon lists the split between positive and critical reviews to be 640 positive to 99 critical. All Amazon reviews can be read here.

How cold does BedJet get?

A black BedJet 3 remote with a digital screen.
A BedJet 3 remote

The short answer is it depends. BedJets come with remote controls to adjust the temperatures to how you like it. The BedJet V2 reaches a low of 72°F, while the BedJet 3 reaches a low of 66°F. With the remote controls, you can adjust temperatures by the degree at every hour through the night, set it to automatically shut off and fine-tune the airflow settings.

Keep in mind the BedJet is not intended to replace your heat or air conditioning. You should expect to set your thermostat to a normal temperature and let the BedJet do the rest of the work. The BedJet works best when your thermostat is set at 79° F and below.

Does the BedJet make noise?

When you think of a device that works to control your body’s temperature as you sleep, you may wonder how much noise the machine puts out. The BedJet, though a powerful temperature regulation tool, is pretty quiet when it’s at work. It is designed with special acoustic damping technology that reduces the amount of noise it makes. People who use sleep apps for white noise sounds say the BedJet’s noises sound similar.

Here are the dB sound measurements for specific setting scenarios when the unit is situated under your bed. :

• Measured Ambient Room Noise (BedJet off): 37dB
• BedJet Cool, 50% (most typical highest setting for all night cooling): 38dB
• BedJet Cool, 100% (unlikely to be used other than short bursts): 42dB
• BedJet Heat, 50%: (most typical highest setting for all night heating): 39dB
• BedJet Heat, 100%: (unlikely to be used other than short bursts): 43dB
• BedJet Burst Heat, 100% (can only be used for 10 minutes before auto-shuttoff): 47dB

This level of noise shouldn’t trouble the majority of sleepers but it should be something to consider if you require complete silence to sleep or are a very light sleeper. 

Does the BedJet work with Alexa?

Yes, the BedJet 3 works with Alexa and other smart home devices.

While previous units like the v2 are only able to communicate using Bluetooth, the BedJet 3 has an upgraded WiFi chip that allows it to be integrated into a smart home. The latest model is also compatible with home automation apps like IFTTT that allows you to set up rules for when to warm or cool your sheets. For example, if you want your BedJet to begin heating or cooling when you turn off all of your downstairs lights or any other night time sequence you have enabled. 

Do I need two BedJet units?

With a traditional bed sheet setup and if you either sleep alone or you and your partner like the same temperature, you only really need one BedJet unit. However, if you would like two different temperatures on each side of the bed you should either invest in their proprietary split Cloud Sheets or get two units.

Does the BedJet require special filters?

Yes, all BedJet models are shipped with an air filter to keep the circulated air as clean as possible and prevent pulling in dust particles. The included filter is a lifetime washable air filter that can be easily removed from the unit, cleaned under the tap and re-installed. 

Is the BedJet expensive to run?

According to the FAQ page, BedJet claim that:

 “Generally you can operate the unit every night in cooling mode for less than one dollar a month and in heating mode for a few dollars a month.”

Many have found that the cost of powering the unit can easily be counteracted by altering the general temperature of your home. If you are able to regulate the temperature of your bed in isolation by using the BedJet then it stands to reason that you do not have to be as aggressive with heating or cooling your entire home. This should enable you to save on your utility bills.  

Shipping, Returns and Warranty

BedJets come with free shipping and free returns, so long as they do not exceed 60 days. The included two-year warranty on each BedJet device includes repair on the BedJet unit and its parts, so long as you order them directly through BedJet.

Bedjet Returns

If, by chance, you break a part of your BedJet outside of the two-year warranty, the company offers replacement parts at a lower cost. Simply contact customer service and speak to a member of the support team.


BedJet Buyer's Guide with instructions on whether or not to buy one BedJet or two.

If you’re in a hurry to improve the temperature regulation in your bed, we’ve got a quick breakdown of the BedJet and whether or not it will be right for you. Based on our research, we believe a BedJet would benefit your sleeping conditions if:

  • You share a bed with a partner whose temperature preferences differ from your own (Choose a BedJet dual-zone package)
  • You’ve tried electric blankets, but wish your bed warmed up quicker (Choose a BedJet V2)
  • You wake up sweating (Choose a BedJet 3)
  • You want bed air regulation that operates on WiFi (Choose a BedJet 3)
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The Bedjet cooling system is the best option available in the bedroom temperature regulator market. The bespoke temperature setting allows users to create their ideal sleeping environment.

If you have read through our Bedjet review of the V2 and Bedjet 3 but still want some more information in your quest to find a cooler night’s sleep, head on over to their official site

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