The 18 Best Inflatable Air Mattresses for Camping

The best air mattress for camping needs to be quick to inflate, sturdy, hold air well and be reliable enough to inflate each and every camping trip.

If you’re an avid camper, you’d know that in order to get the most of your camping experience, several key accessories are required to have. One of these camping essentials includes an air mattress. Sleeping on the ground can be an uncomfortable experience, causing you to wake up with aches and pains.

Having an air mattress while you go camping ensures that you stay well-rested so you can trek and explore the area. Plus, if you own a truck, you can even purchase a truck bed air mattress that will fit right inside of the back of your truck. We’ve gathered up our selections for the best air mattress for camping so you can get the most of your outdoor experience.

 The Best Air Mattress For Camping

1. Coleman Queen Airbed Cot With Frame

Best Air Mattress

Kicking off our list is the Coleman Queen Airbed Cot that features a pair of side tables and a 4D battery pump. The unique design of this air bed allows you to not only use it for camping purposes but also allows you to use it for your home. You can even separate the two for double the sleeping space.

This air mattress also features a durable steel frame that can be folded or unfolded easily. The two side tables of this air bed also come with cup holders, offering even more convenience. When your camping trip has ended, you can use the 4D battery pump to deflate the bed, fold it, and then put it in the convenient carrying bag. 


  • Provides elevated sleeping support
  • Doubles up sleeping space
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Easy to set up


  • Cot style air mattress not for everyone

2. Outsunny Deluxe 4-in-1 Folding Shelter

Deluxe4 in 1CompactFoldingDomeShelterTentwithSleepingBagAirMattressPillow

The Deluxe 4-in-1 Compact Folding Dome Shelter Tent consists of a sleeping bag, air mattress, and cot. This is the best multi-purpose kit for outdoor use, like camping. The industry has recently been trying to create products that meet specific use cases. This has led to outdoor bedding options like a truck bed air mattress, raised cot style beds and all in one tent/cot/beds like the outsunny.

 The cot in this tent features an air mattress along with a pillow that allows you to sleep comfortably. There is also a rain fly cover that keeps the bugs away from you. The air mattress also features a foot pump. All in all, this cot and tent combination is easy to carry, safe, comfortable, compact, and easy to set up.


  • Includes Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet and Two Pillowcases
  • 100% Cotton
  • Includes Cloth Storage Bag


  • The cot is a bit wobbly
  • The instruction manual is vague

3. Moonwave Air Mat


The Black Pine Moonwave self-inflating air mat is a great accessory for your camping adventures. This air mat provides you with support and comfort during your camping slumber. Not only is this air mattress on the more affordable side, but it also is induced with monster warm zone technology so it will keep you warm and cozy throughout your sleep.


  • Induced with monster warm zone technology
  • Allows you to add extra air for more insulation
  • Features light foam horizontal construction
  • Comes with 75D non-slip floor
  • Features a 50D heavy-duty stretch top


  • Does not includes a pump

4. Camp Mate 17” Air Mattress with Battery Operated Pump


The Camp Mate 17” Raised Air Mattress from Air Comfort is specifically made for camping adventures. It provides you with similar warmth and coziness to a traditional mattress, but this warmth and coziness are paired with the flexibility of an air bed.

The battery-operated pump that comes with this air mattress allows you to inflate it within less than 4 minutes. Plus, you won’t even need an electric outlet to plug in the device and then inflate and deflate it. All you have to do is to turn on the pump for inflating the air mattress and after you have reached your desired firmness, you just have to turn it off.

After your camping trip is finished, you will have to open up the valve to releases the air and then you will have to roll it down and store it in the carrying bag that comes along with this mattress.

This air mattress is made using advanced Comfort Coil Technology featuring 21 top air coils to provide you with maximum comfort so that you can sleep better. It features an extra thick and waterproof top paired with waterproof PVC sides with extra durability to keep the air mattress safe from normal wear and tear and outdoor elements.

Moreover, it also includes a Dura-grip bottom that protects the bed from slipping. The flocked bottom is responsible for holding your sheets securely. With this air mattress, you can sleep comfortably at your favorite camping ground.


  • Comfortable to sleep on
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Easy to store
  • No moving noise


  • Made by Stone & Beam
  • Available on Amazon
  • Available in 6 Sizes
  • Available in 6 Colors
  • Made in Portugal

5. SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress

71OV0PsXwjL. AC SL1500

SoundAsleep is the brand best known for its high-quality and comfortable Dream Series Air Mattress that is long-lasting. This air mattress from SoundAsleep uses its patented ComfortCoil Technology that uses 40 air coils to provide you with amazing support and comfort.

ComfortCoil Technology makes sure that the mattress does not lose air while you are resting at night after a hard camping day. Unlike other air mattresses available in the market, this one features a double-height form factor so you can easily get in and out.

It also features a waterproof, extra thick, comfortable, and resilient flocked top. This air mattress from SoundAsleep is made up of a multilayer and puncture-resistant material.

This air mattress also comes along a high-capacity pump that allows you easily inflate and deflate the air mattress without needing any kind of extra hardware. The pump inflates your mattress within 4 minutes.

To make the carrying easier it also comes with its carrying bag. This air mattress is considered as the best air mattress for camping adventures.

Although it is the best air mattress, it still has some minor problems like pump nose, PVC stretching, and non-compatibility with standard sheets.


  • The flocked top is durable, waterproof, and comfortable
  • Gets inflated within 4 minutes


  • The noise of the pump is terrible
  • PVC stretching
  • Does not supports standard-sized sheets

6. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress

71EAj5iragL. AC SL1500

This 2-person outdoor mattress from Lightspeed is the best portable sleeping solution for camping adventures that can easily accommodate 2 persons.

This Lightspeed outdoor bed mattress for camping and other outdoor adventures incorporates a patented pressure management mechanism paired with a stabilizer system. It comprises of 192 separate connectors hooked to the pressure management system.

A great thing about this air mattress is that it features one seam running that prevents the air mattress from leaking. This air mattress is made using TPU that makes it eco-friendly.

The built-in DC electricity helps you to inflate and deflate the air mattress with ease. After you have used the mattress you can roll it and then store it in a bag for easy transportation.

This air mattress is designed by specifically keeping in mind campers who enjoy going on hikes, going camping, and outdoor activities.


  • One seam running to minimize leaks
  • Eco-friendly
  • No unpleasant odors
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Durable than PVC air beds


  • Very close to the ground

7. Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress

The Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress is available in 3 different sizes and the largest amongst them weighs more than a pound.

Stansport Self-Inflating air mattress features a compact and die-cut mummy bag design, which makes the air mattress portable as well as durable. This air mattress is made up of full bonded material that makes it durable and allows it to support a weight of more than 300 pounds.

The best thing about this air mattress is that it is self-inflating and you can easily fold it into a compact shape making it easy to carry.

You can either use this mattress as an extra layer of insulation for your tent floor or as a sleeping mattress for sleeping purposes. This mattress can easily accommodate a person who is 6’ 4” tall.


  • Affordable price
  • Durable
  • Self-inflating
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Comfortable


  • Can be difficult to wrap in some situations

8. Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set

513gC4RB2lL. AC SL1000

Intex is amongst the most popular brands that are known for their quality products. The extra features, not present in high-priced products, and the affordability they offer makes their products the most popular in the market. Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set comprises of 2 pillows and a double-quick hand-pump.

This air mattress can easily accommodate a weight of about 600lbs. This mattress from Intex features 2 in 1 valve with an extra-wide opening so that you can easily inflate and deflate it.

Moreover, this queen-sized airbed perfectly supports fitted sheets. The flocked top of this mattress is waterproof and features wave beams for easy cleaning.


  • The flocked top for comfortable sleep
  • Rugged construction
  • Durable
  • Lightweight hand-pump


  • Operating the manual pump is a bit tricky
  • Pillows are smaller in size
  • No stopper on the intake valve

9. Dream Easy 17″ Air Mattress with Built-in Pump


Air Comfort Dream Easy Twin Raised Air Mattress is not just designed for outdoor use, but is for indoor use as well. This air mattress features the perfect combination of flexibility of an air bed and warmth of a traditional mattress.

This twin-sized air mattress comes along with a built-in and powerful air pump that allows easy inflation and deflation in 4 minutes.

This air mattress from Air Comfort is made from advanced ComfortCoil Technology featuring 21 top air coils to provide you with comfortable sleep at night.

Moreover, it also features an ultra-thick, waterproof flocked top and PVC sides to provide maximum durability and protect it from normal wear and tear.

This mattress also features Dura-grip bottom so that the air mattress does not slide. Unlike other air mattresses, this one features a retractable power cord that provides extra flexibility to the air mattress. You can even use this air mattress to host your guests.

Key Features

  • The flocked top is skin-friendly, waterproof, and soft
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • May loses air quickly
  • Very delicate

10. Ultra Plush Deluxe 18″ Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

The Ultra Plush Deluxe 18” Air Mattress from Intex features a modern design and provides you with a better sleeping experience. Instead of PVC inner construction, it consists of revolutionary fiber-tech technology. The fiber-tech threads make the mattress durable, tight, and firm.

The fiber-tech technology used in this mattress features many high-strength polyester fibers that make the air bed comfortable, stable, and provides it with extra support.

Moreover, the high-polyester fibers do not stretch over time making the air bed long-lasting and more durable. Not only can you use it for your camping adventures, but you can also use it to increase the sleeping space in your house if you have some guests.

This airbed also features a flocked air pocket pillow top that provides extra smoothness and comfort. It also comes with a built-in 110/120V AC electric pump so that you can easily inflate and deflate the airbed. For easy transportation and storage, it has a carrying bag as well.


  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Comfortable to sleep on
  • Easy to set up


  • Does not hold in air well

11. Raised Air Mattress with Built-In Pump

RaisedAirMattresswithBuilt InPump

This air mattress features special inner construction that makes it stable and comfortable and allows it to hold up to a weight of 650 pounds. It features unique wave veins that support your entire body and provides you relief from the fatigue. This air mattress is the best for relaxing after a tiring day of camping. This air mattress also comes with a built-in electric pump that deflates or inflates the airbed quickly.

Although the built-in pump of this air mattress features a power cord the, built-in compartment in this bed allows you to store the power cable in it making the room clutter-free. This air mattress comfortably supports 22” deep sheet. During inflation and deflation make sure that the control dial is fully turned to inflate or deflate. For camping use, it also features a manual inflation and deflation valve.

This air mattress is made up of puncture-resistant material and also features a double-layer construction that keeps the air bed in its form. The flocked top of this air mattress is waterproof that provides you with a comfortable sleeping experience. It also comprises a thick eco-friendly PVC underside that doesn’t let the bed slide. This air mattress can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth


  • The material used is puncture-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof flocked top
  • Sturdy


  • No drawbacks reported

12. Dura-Beam Standard Rest 10″ Air Mattress with Built-in Pump


The comfort level provided by Dura-Beam Standard Rest 10” Air Mattress is similar to that of a traditional spring mattress. This air mattress from Intex features a built-in air pump and a convenient carrying bag.

Since this bed uses dura-beam technology, it means that it features several fibers that provide extra support, stability, and comfort. This mattress can easily hold a weight of up to 600 pounds.

You can even use this air mattress in your house if you have some guests in your house. The built-in 120V air pump allows easy inflation and deflation.


  • Comfortable to sleep on
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move
  • Sturdy


  • May deflate quickly

13. EnerPlex Never-Leak Camping Series Twin Camping Airbed with High-Speed Pump

This queen-sized mattress from EnerPlex is a never-leak air mattress that features a tightly sealed external that inflates this air mattress within 90 seconds. The welded seams of this airbed from EnerPlex do not allow the air to escape.

Although it is a bit lower, featuring a height of just 9-inches, it still works great for camping trips. It has a coil-beam construction that provides you with comfort like that of a conventional bed.

The external pump has multiple features, which you can use for inflating the inner tubes and water toys you have brought along. You can also plug the pump into the car charger.


  • Does not take up much space
  • Easy to transport
  • Leak-free
  • Inflates within 60 seconds


  • A bit low to the ground

14. Lightspeed Outdoors Self-Inflating Sleep Pad

71gga45bBJL. AC SL1500

The Lightspeed Outdoors Self-Inflating Sleep Pad features a built-in pillow and oversized air valves that allow easy inflation and deflation. Weighing just 5.5 pounds makes it the best affordable alternative to other heavyweight air mattresses.

Although it is close to the ground and has a thickness of just 3” but still its high insulation factor will keep you warm and cozy. The oversized carrying bag that comes alongside allows you to easily transport it from home to the camping area and vice versa.

This sleeping pad measures 74.5” x 25” and also includes a warranty of 1 year.


  • Lightweight
  • Does not contain any harmful phthalates, plastic odors, and plastic noises
  • Self-inflating


  • Low to the ground

15. Coleman Quick Bed Single High Airbed Mattress

81a CeNpDYL. AC SL1500

This air bed from Coleman is available in different sizes ranging from Kids, Single, large size to Single High Definition dimension. This airbed comes with a 1-year warranty and is leak-free even after many uses.

This air mattress is also equipped with a double lock valve that prevents the air inside of the mattress from escaping.


  • The antimicrobial sleep surface resists mold, odor, fungus, and mildew
  • Leak-free


  • May become flat easily

16. Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress

81rDURfLDHL. AC SL1500

Therm-A-Rest Mondo King 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress is made using 75D polyester and a urethane foam fit that makes it portable. This self-inflating air mattress measures 80″ x 30″ x 4″ and weighs just 6 pounds. This makes this air mattress easy to carry.

The best thing about Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress is that you can easily mate this with sides of other mattresses to make more space.

Since this air mattress is self-inflating this means you don’t have to worry about the pumps. You can easily carry this air mattress alongside you while camping and trekking.

Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress is thick enough to keep you 100 times warmer and comfortable while you are sleeping.

When rolled and packed this air mattress just measures 7” x 31”. This indicates that it will take up very little space in your car.

Moreover, this air mattress will provide you with enough space so that you can have comfortable sleep.

A carrying bag also comes with the Therm-A-Rest Mondo King 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress so that you can carry it with you easily. Overall, this is one of the best air mattresses for camping adventures because it is worth the price.


  • Very well insulated
  • Super comfortable


  • Takes up a lot of space

17. ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed

718KR9S nlL. AC SL1500

The Alps is a brand known for manufacturing high-quality polyester covered mattresses. They are known to be the best producers of the world’s most fine air beds. The reason why people prefer polyester is that it is 45% lighter as compared to PVC.

Unlike PVC, polyester has many health benefits for humans and polyester beds are also light. ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed is available in two different sizes, queen size, and twin size. It features a solid pump along with a universal charger so you can charge it from anywhere like from the car or a wall charger.

You can easily deflate and inflate this air bed multiple times. The material that has been used in the manufacturing will keep you warm, cozy, and comfortable. Moreover, the coil technology used in this air mattress will provide you with comfortable and deep sleep.

The manufacturers of this amazing air bed provide a lifetime warranty against some of their rules and regulations. You can even return or renew it if there is any defect in the air bed.

ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed is the best companion for those who love camping because it is lightweight, easy to carry, and will give the adventurer comfortable sleep after a long day of trekking.

Moreover, it also comes with a bag pack so that when your camping trip ends you can fold it and carry it back. So, if you are looking for a quality air bed for your camping trip, then this is the best one.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to inflate and deflate


  • The pump needs 12 hours of charging before use

18. Pena 18″ Raised Air Mattress with Built-in-Pump

Pena1822RaisedAirMattresswithBuilt in Pump

This air mattress from Beautyrest guarantees comfortable sleep. This air bed features built-in edge support so that you can have a stable surface to sleep on.

This air bed also comes with a sturdy duffel bag made up of nylon for storing your air bed. This air mattress includes a one-touch adjustable comfort patented valve.

Moreover, its seam is made up of high-quality and puncture-resistant vinyl that makes this air mattress much more durable. The velveteen reinforced top and raised channel beam make the air mattress much more comfortable.

It also features a hands-free electric pump that allows you to inflate and deflate the air mattress as per your need. The cleaning of this air mattress is very easy.

All you have to do is, use a damp and dry cloth and wipe off the mattress so that it looks clean and tidy. In terms of durability and quality, this is one of the best on the market.


  • Puncture-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not have any bad odors
  • Easily inflates and deflates


  • May leak air throughout the night


Camping should neither be a difficult or uncomfortable process. Camping air mattresses are a great addition for your next camping adventure, as you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day.

There are several brands today on the market which are offering air mattresses. After reading this article, finding the perfect fit for you should be much less of a daunting task!

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