The 5 Best Canopy Bed Frames

Canopy bed frames transform any bedroom into an elegant and luxurious sleeping sanctuary. From a metal canopy bed frame to a wood canopy bed frame, the canopy bed bedroom furniture accommodates all types of personal aesthetics. 

To make your shopping search for the best canopy beds easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best canopy bed options to help you choose the best style and type for you and your mattress.

If you’re looking to find the perfect canopy bed frame for you, check out our top picks for canopy beds in 2021 below.

Clinchport Low Profile Canopy Bed

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Topping off the best of our list is the Clinchport Low Profile Canopy Bed from Three Posts. This sleek-looking bedroom furniture is crafted from sturdy steel material that makes for a durable surface to sleep on. The bronze, near-black finish of the canopy bed frame makes it work with a style of any type.

This canopy bed frame features a curved-panel back headboard and footboard that sets it apart from other canopy beds with its unique style. Customers can choose from three sizes of canopy beds to accommodate their mattress, including queen, king, and California king.

In order to use this canopy bed foundation, a standard-height box spring is required to help prop up your preferred mattress. The Clinchport Low Profile Canopy Bed offers a traditional canopy style, powder-coated finish, and metal support legs.

When combined, all of this canopy bed’s features provide a high-quality, stylish canopy frame for you to find the right way to get a better sleep.

Key Features

  • Steel Frame Material
  • Traditional Canopy Bed Style
  • Powder-Coated Bed Finish Details
  • Curved Panel Headboard and Footboard


  • Bronze Color
  • Choose Queen, King, or California King Options
  • Back Headboard and Center Support Slats Included
  • Box Spring Required

Eva Wooden Canopy Bed

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The Eva Wooden Canopy Bed from Urban Outfitters is crafted from a natural gmelina wood materials that make for a sturdy and reliable canopy bed surface to sleep on. 

This canopy frame does not require a box spring for your bed, as the bed frame is constructed with several slats in its foundation. The tall, rectangular structure of the canopy bed allows for you to use it to hang an airy canopy, string lights, or plants.

This canopy bed is offered in a brown color and a queen size. Although there are limited color and size options for the canopy beds, the bohemian-inspired style and durable material of the canopy beds is perfect for those in search of a stylish addition to their bedroom.

Key Features

  • Natural Gmelina Wood Materials
  • Room for Lights, Plants, or an Airy Canopy
  • Includes Slats in Foundation


  • Brown Color
  • Queen Size
  • No Bed Spring Required

Dubay Canopy Bed


The next canopy bed on our list is the Dubay Canopy Bed from Hashtag Home. This contemporary-styled frame for your bed offers a sleek metal finish and sturdy side rails for guaranteed stability. 

This mattress frame is designed with hot sleepers in mind, as the metal-slat base in the canopy beds allows air to pass beneath the bed, cooling your bed throughout your sleep.

Due to the slat-base design of the mattress frame, no canopy bed base must be used for the canopy bed. This canopy bed from Hashtag Home is available in four colors including white, dark gray, gold, and pink, as well as three sizes consists of full, queen, or king sizes so you can pick the right canopy beds for you and your mattress. 

For the setup of the mattress bed frame, add your bed along with your other bedding essential details and materials to complete the elegant canopy bed look this product offers.

Key Features

  • Contemporary Canopy Bed Style
  • Sturdy Metal Materials
  • Breathable Slatted Base Bed Construction
  • Durable Side Rails for Stability


  • Choose White, Dark Gray, Gold, or Pink Color Options
  • Full, Queen, or King Sizes
  • No Canopy Bed Base Needed

Congdon Canopy Bed


Next up on our list of the best canopy beds is the Congdon Canopy Bed from Wade Logan. This canopy bed consists of an all-metal structure that provides sturdy stability to the canopy bed for years to come. 

With its matte black, stainless steel materials and four posts on the ends of the bed, this canopy bed offers a minimalist, clean design.

Underneath the frame and headboard back of the canopy bed lies vertical storage space which will help you with a way to keep your room clean and organized. Due to its slats and center support legs, the canopy bed does not need a canopy bed base to lie under your choice of bed. 

Once the canopy bed arrives, you’ll find each part is packed in a carton with instructions that will help with easy assembly of the canopy beds.

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Materials
  • Vertical Storage Space to Use
  • Instructions Included for Frames


  • Black Color
  • Free Canopy Bed Shipping
  • Queen, Twin, or Full Sizes
  • No Canopy Bed Base Needed

Costway 4 Poster Steel Slats Canopy Beds

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This Canopy Bed Base from Costway is said to add to your sleeping experience with its sturdy construction and elegant design. 

If you’re looking to find a way to save space with the best canopy bed, this bed might be the right canopy beds for you, as it features available under-bed storage. The metal canopy bed features 12 inches of space to store anything from luggage to extra linens.

This full-size bed foundation for canopy beds is best for keeping you safe and secure all night long, as its rounded-edge rails work to prevent injury. Due to its heavy-duty metal slats, a canopy bed spring is not needed to provide a noise-free rest. This canopy bed is available in a gold or white color as well as one size option for the canopy bed.

Key Features

  • Canopy Bed Features Sturdy Steel Pipes
  • Underbed Bed Storage Available
  • 12 Slats and 7 Legs
  • Safety Guardrails on Canopy Bed


  • Two Bed Color Options
  • One Bed Size Option
  • No Canopy Bed Base Needed
  • Free Canopy Bed Shipping
  • 90-Day Warranty


Most frequently asked questions

What is the point of canopy beds?

Canopy beds are typically hung with bed curtains to add warmth to your bed and add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Canopy beds typically consists of four posts containing fabric draped over the top and sides.

Are canopy beds 2020 in style?

Canopy beds are in style in 2020 and 2021. The elegant, classic look of canopy beds provides a timeless feel that transforms any sleeping space.

Do I need a box spring for canopy beds?

Not necessarily. A lot of canopy beds on the market features sturdy slatted bases that don’t require an extra base to be added before you lay down your mattress on the canopy beds.

Can you make any bed a canopy bed?

Canopy beds can be created from a normal bed by attaching rods to the ceiling. From there, hang fabric from the rods to create the dramatic look that canopy beds have to offer.

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