The Best Mattress for Back Pain

The Idle Sleep Hybrid

- Neutral Spine Position for All Sleepers
- 18-Month Trial Period
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Why the Idle Sleep Hybrid?

Longest Mattress Free Trial

What makes the Idle Sleep Hybrid the best mattress for back pain? 

The main requirements for a mattress that alleviates aches and pains is a medium-firm level of firmness, a comfortable yet supportive core and a construction that will not sag over time. Here is a list of all the boxes that the Idle Sleep mattress checks:

When it comes down to it, the only way you can really know if a mattress will alleviate your back pain is by sleeping on it for multiple nights. Idle Sleep give you a full 18 months, that’s 540 nights to test your mattress and still be able to return it free of charge.

Memory foam mattresses have been known to sag over time while sleeping hot. 

Innerspring mattresses can lack an adequate level of motion isolation and be noisy. 

The Idle Sleep Hybrid uses a combination of 1000 individually pocketed coils sandwiched between multiple layers of supportive and contouring memory foam. 

This mattress features a 2-sided construction to double your chances of finding the perfect firmness to fix your back pain. One side is rated as ‘luxury firm’ or a 9/10 on the firmness scale. The other side a medium and rated at 6-7/10.

All Idle Sleep mattresses are made to order, this gives you the ability to select your preferred level of firmness. We highly suggest that you select the ‘medium on 1 side & luxury firm on 1 side’ option. This gives you the ultimate level of flexibility when trying to find the perfect mattress for you and your partner.

Nobody likes to pay for shipping these days, especially when it comes to large, bulky items. Idle Sleep offer free shipping  for your new mattress, this has become an industry standard with most companies offering zero cost shipping. What is not industry standard though is a painless, free returns process if your mattress isn’t a perfect fit for you. 

Idle Sleep ask that you try their mattresses for at least 30 days before deciding to return it. This is the generally agreed upon time frame required for your body to adapt to a new mattress. If after the first 30 days you still find that the mattress isn’t right for you can initiate a free return here

In addition to having the longest free trials in the market Idle Sleep also offer a very strong warranty program. You can view the full details here.

Idle Hybrid Layer Breakdown

Idle Hybird Layers

Designed to work with the body’s natural thermal capabilities

Free of Carcinogenic Chemicals, Gases, Toxins, HCN, HCI, and Bromine. 

1″ of IDLE contouring foam quilted into the cover for added softness & comfort.

2″ IDLE Cooling Buoyancy Foam. Custom blended foam that reacts faster than memory foam and has better support with up to 4x better pressure relief, all while sleeping cooler.

These coils provide support throughout the mattress and reduce motion transfer to limit the disturbance of motion from your partner. 1,000 smart, pocketed support coils vs the typical 300 springs found in many mattresses

With this mattress being flippable the foam layers are replicated on both sides of the pocketed coils. For the luxury firm side the foam 

The Idle Sleep Hybrid

- Neutral Spine Position for All Sleepers
- 18-Month Trial Period
***Limited Offer***
Save 20% + 2 Free Pillows
Our Top Pick

Quotes from Verified Reviewers

We did a deep dive of the verified customer reviews of the Idle Sleep Hybrid to find all customers who referenced back pain in their review. The mattresses ability to alleviate back, neck and hip pain is a common point that many reviewers make, you can read all of the reviews in their entirety here.

Idle Sleep Hybrid Back pain

What Causes Back Pain While Sleeping?

Aches and pains that are derived or worsened from sleeping can usually be assigned to improper spinal alignment. As you can see from the diagrams below the spine needs to be in a neutral position whatever your sleeping position. 

Correct spinal alignment is easiest to achieve for back and side sleepers, while it is slightly harder for strict stomach sleepers. The mattress firmness that suits most sleeping positions is medium-firm as it offers adequate body contouring for side sleepers while also providing enough support for back and stomach sleepers to prevent the sagging of their hips during the night. 

The flexibility offered by the Idle Sleep Hybrid with it’s two-sided firmness option gives you the best chance to find the firmness sweetspot for your sleep style. When you combine this with their 540 night trial period (which is the longest in the industry) and their free return process it is hard to find a reason not to at least try out this mattress. 


Back Sleepers

Woman demonstrating correct and incorrect sleeping postures on back.

Research shows that side sleeping is the most popular position among adults. Increases in age and body mass index also correlate with a greater preference for this position. Most people typically prefer either their left or right side.

Side Sleepers

Correct side sleeping posture.

This posture won’t work for everyone. Those who snore may find their condition worsens when they slumber face up. Additionally, experts don’t recommend this posture for those who suffer from sleep apnea, as it may exacerbate the condition.

Stomach Sleepers

A woman illustrates the right and wrong ways to sleep on your stomach.

There’s a reason you won’t find doctors recommending this posture. First and foremost, it’s incredibly easy to curve your neck and lower back uncomfortably when sleeping prone. That can lead to aches and pains in these sensitive areas.

Additional Factors to Consider

Pillow thickness or ‘loft’ as it is known in the industry is crucial to maintaining the neutral alignment of your spine. Each sleeping position requires a different loft:-

  • Back Sleepers – Medium Loft
  • Side Sleepers – Medium/High Loft 
  • Stomach Sleeper- Lowest Possible Loft

Look into proprietary pillows specifically designed to support your sleep style. Whether they are wedge pillows, full body pillows or ones with cutouts for your arms. 

The Idle Sleep Hybrid

- Neutral Spine Position for All Sleepers
- 18-Month Trial Period
***Limited Offer***
Save 20% + 2 Free Pillows
Our Top Pick
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