The 12 Best Organic Mattresses – GOTS Certified

There are plenty of benefits that come hand-in-hand with switching to an organic mattress, but finding the best of the best can be a daunting task. We’ve rounded up 12 of the best organic mattresses so you can get the rest you need while ensuring your health isn’t being compromised. Read on to find your perfect fit

While your current mattress may be comfortable, traditional mattresses have a higher chance of off-gassing flame retardants, formaldehyde, and benzene while you sleep at night.

Breathing in these chemicals nightly can be linked to health issues such as cancer, infertility, and developmental brain disorders. Because of this, it’s a good idea to look into investing in an organic mattress.

Organic mattresses do not contain the chemicals that traditional mattresses have. Plus, because organic mattresses are chemical and pesticide-free, they are hypoallergenic.

In turn, those who have sensitivities to chemicals are less likely to have an allergic reaction to the natural cotton or latex used in organic mattresses.

The Best Organic Mattress

1. Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Best Organic Mattress

Topping our list is the Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress. Made from natural latex, the material of this non-toxic mattress has been obtained from real rubber trees and does not have any formaldehyde and phthalates. It also features an extra 2” of contouring support, giving your body the chance to properly rest throughout the night.

This natural mattress also consists of organic, humanely-sourced wool that is both comfortable and cool as it promotes airflow throughout the material. This organic mattress is also equipped with breathable cotton that makes the mattress soft and features moisture-wicking capabilities.

The Natural Dunlop Latex Foam within the mattress helps keep your cool throughout the night and it gives the mattress an extra bounce. The supportive core of this Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress features a 9” suspension system of individually-wrapped pocketed coils, providing neutral spine alignment.

This means that there is no sinking or pulling on the natural curve of your back. It also helps to evenly distribute the weight of your entire body.

With this suspension system, there will be reduced pain in your neck, back, shoulders, and hips. The natural foam that lies within the matters does not contain any kind of ozone depleting chemicals, TDCPP, or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, chlorofluorocarbons, PDBEs, phthalates regulated by CPSC, or mercury.

Key Features

  • Made from natural latex
  • Has an extra 2” of contouring support
  • Consists of humanely-sourced New Zealand wool
  • Features a 9” suspension system
  • Features Natural Dunlop Latex Foam


  • Does not contain any toxic chemicals
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Distributes your weight evenly


  • Only a medium-firm option

  • The bounce of the latex foam creates motion transfer

2. PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress

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PlushBed’s Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress is handcrafted in the USA and is made from GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic cotton, and GOTS certified organic wool.

This non-toxic mattress is also recommended by many orthopedic specialists and chiropractors because of its comfortability, pressure point relief features, and extra added support.

Plus, this mattress comes with a breathable and soft-knitted organic cotton cover that enhances airflow and absorbs moisture, in turn keeping you cool and dry throughout the night.

This mattress is 100% organic and the cotton used was grown without using dangerous pesticides and herbicides. 

This organic mattresses also consists of temperature-regulating Organic New Zealand Wool which features natural breathability that helps in keeping you cool throughout the night.

Each layer of the organic Dunlop latex in this mattress provides optimal support and will surely last for at least 25 years. 

This mattress is also microbial, mildew, and mold-resistant. It’s also suitable for those with allergies as it reduces sneezing, wheezing, and it also have has no smell or irritants.

Key Features

  • Made from GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic cotton, and GOTS certified organic wool
  • Includes a soft-knitted organic cotton cover
  • Features pressure-relieving organic latex
  • Recommended by many orthopedic specialists and chiropractors


  • Has no smell and irritants
  • Anti-microbial, mildew-proof, and mold-resistant
  • Cover is breathable and soft
  • Keeps you cool and dry during the night


  • Large price tag
  • Heavy and difficult to move

3. Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress

cedarluxe 0001 Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress web 216

This next eco-conscious, luxury mattress is comprised  100% natural and certified organic materials. Featuring a hybrid latex mattress design, this mattress has a medium-soft feel.

This level of firmness provides enough compression to cradle the curves of the body while preventing any sinkage to keep the spine neutral. The GOLS organic certified latex in this mattress also does not consist of any kind of synthetic latex or blends. 

The wool in this organic mattress is moisture-wicking  promotes temperature regulation, keeping you cool throughout your slumber. It also features 1,414 zoned support coils that are ideal for relieving pressure points.

There’s also a reinforced perimeter that provides you with the support you need while you are asleep. This 100% organic mattress also features silky natural fiber that is both hypoallergenic and flame-resistant.

Read the full review of the Brentwood Home Cedar Luxe Mattress here.

Key Features

  • Made up of 100% organic material
  • Features a hybrid latex mattress
  • Contains GOTS organic certified wool
  • Comprises of 1,414 zoned support coils
  • Includes reinforced perimeter


  • Hypoallergenic and flame-resistant
  • Does not consist of any kind of synthetic latex or blends
  • Provides you with support while you sleep


  • May be too firm for side sleepers

4. Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress

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The Saatva Latex Hybrid is a natural and organic mattress that provides you with the pressure-free support that comes with the use of the latex material. This organic mattress is handcrafted using all-natural and non-toxic materials that keep you cool and provide you with a comfortable seep.

This organic mattress is made up of natural and elastic Talalay latex that is durable, resilient, and consistent. The mattress is also hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and contains no harmful chemicals.

Also included with this mattress is an organic cover that is both breathable and soft. The cover is also protected using Guardin, an exclusive anti-microbial treatment.

The organic New Zealand wool in this mattress is flame-retardant and provides additional breathability to the mattress. There are different types of coils in this mattress that work together and respond and adjust according to your body. These coils also minimize any motion transfer throughout the night.

The Saatava Latex Hybrid Organic Mattress contains organic cotton that has been eco-consciously sourced. This mattress is also equipped with recycled, steel-made coils that are flame retardant. It also features organic cotton covering paired with signature tufts and contrast welting.

Key Features

  • Handcrafted
  • Comes with an organic cover
  • Made up of Talalay Latex
  • Certified pure by OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • Equipped with recycled steel made coils


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Coils are flame retardant
  • Highly durable
  • Non-toxic


  • Heavy and difficult to move
  • Average motion transfer

5. Birch Living Natural Mattress

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The Birch Natural Mattress comprises of a reinforced perimeter that provides durable edge support. The coils in this organic mattress  are firm, so you don’t feel like you are falling off the bed.

This mattress provides you with comfort and pressure point relief so that you can wake up refreshed and ready to start your day.

Whether it is the New Zealand wool or latex from trees, all of the materials used in this mattress are natural and organic.Birch Living’s patented Birch Wool is a crucial element in providing comfort and insulation.

This mattress also includes 100% natural Talalay latex that is obtained from rubber trees and it’s also OEKO-TEX certified. Plus, the cotton used to make the cover of this mattress is highly breathable, ensuring your stay cool throughout your rest. 

This mattress also uses GOTS certified cotton which makes the mattress soft and cool to touch. The organic cover included with this mattress also has moisture-wicking benefits.

As far as the individually pocketed coils within the mattress, they are comprised of stainless steel and provide extra support.

Key Features

  • Uses Birch Living’s patented Birch Wool
  • Includes 100% natural Talalay Latex
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Includes an organic cover
  • Features stainless-steel made individually-pocketed coils


  • Soft and cool
  • Coils are firm
  • Keeps the moisture away
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Does not eliminate all motion transfer
  • Not suitable for those who weigh less than 130 pounds, as the surface may feel too firm for lighter individuals

6. Avocado Vegan Mattress


The Avocado Vegan Mattress  is handcrafted using natural and organic materials including GOLS organic certified latex  and GOTS organic certified cotton. This non-toxic, organic mattress is a combination of natural cushioning ad extended durability.

No wool has been used in the making of this PETA-approved mattress. This Avocado mattress features GOLS organic certified latex rubber foam, which is an eco-conscious and high-performance material that makes the mattress durable and temperature regulation.

Unlike the Avocado Green Mattress and the Avocado Vega Mattress, this organic mattress does not use wool. Instead, it uses 100% USDA organic certified cotton batting.

The luxurious and button-tufted mattress cover is made from certified organic cotton which is both breathable and comfortable.

The Avocado Vegan Mattress is comprised of a.durable and supportive innerspring unit. It is USA-made and features 1,414 individually tuned and tempered steel coils that are present in three gauges and divided into 5 distinct ergonomic zones.

The coils float independently and are equipped with a fully reinforced steel perimeter. This system also minimizes the motion transfer by keeping your back aligned, distributing the weight evenly, and alleviating any pressure on your body.

This mattress is also equipped with two upholstered handles at both side panels of the mattress, allowing you to move or adjust it with ease. The non-toxic mattress is equipped with natural hydrate silica that acts as a fire retardant.

There are also no petroleum-based polyurethane foams, memory foams,, chemical adhesives, or chemical flame retardants.

Read the full review of the Avocado Mattress here.

Key Features

  • Features a supportive innerspring unit
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • Includes GOLS organic certified latex GOTS organic certified cotton
  • Equipped with natural hydrate silica
  • Features 1,414 individually tuned and tempered steel coils


  • No petroleum-based polyurethane foams, memory foams, or chemical adhesives
  • Free of chemical flame retardants
  • Easy to move
  • Minimized motion transfer


  • Limited body contouring

7. Naturepedic Certified Organic 10″ Firm Innerspring Mattress


This next mattress from Naturepedic is equipped with all of the must-have features in a typical certified organic mattress. This non-toxic mattress uses a universal cushion-firm feel and provides comfort and support to all types of sleepers.

Whether you’re a side sleeper, a back sleeper, or a stomach sleeper, it’s likely that this organic mattress will provide you with the support your body needs. Also includes in this mattress is a layer of micro coils that lies above the encased coils.

This layer of micro coils plays a key role in keeping you cool the whole night. The temperature-regulating qualities of the coils ensure that your slumber is both cool and comfortable.

This mattress also fulfills all of the federal and state flammability standards, all without using any flame retardant chemicals.

Key Features

  • Features a layer of micro coils
  • Fulfills all federal and state flammability standards
  • Made using a universal cushion firm feel


  • Comfortable
  • Suits all types of sleepers
  • Keeps you cool
  • No fire-retardant chemicals


  • High price

8. Alwyn Home Jackeline 11″ Firm Hybrid Mattress


This 11” Firm Hybrid Mattress from Alwyn Home is an all-natural latex and coil mattress. This mattress is 100% organic and natural, as it does not include any kind of fillers or additives.

Plus there is no off-gassing of this mattress so you can sleep soundly knowing your health is not at risk from the mattress.

This mattress provides great motion transfer, as it works to isolate the motion of you or your sleeping partner’s movements.

The coils present in the mattress distribute the weight of the sleeper evenly over the entire mattress and also keep your spine aligned during the whole night.

Key Features

  • Made from all-natural latex
  • Features a coil mattress
  • 100% organic and natural material


  • Comprised of 100% organic materials
  • No off-gassing
  • Distributes the weight of the sleeper


  • High price

9. White Noise Cecilia 8″ Medium Memory Foam Mattress


This next organic mattress from White Noise is made using plant-based memory foam, making it both comfortable and eco-conscious. This mattress also comes with a cotton cover, making it easy to washable and easy to keep clean.

It also features multi-layer construction that keeps your entire body aligned so that you can enjoy a comfortable and restful sleep.

Also featured in this mattress is an open-cell foam structure that plays a key role in keeping the temperature of the mattress neutral. If you’re a hot sleeper, this mattress will help you get a comfortable slumber as it keeps your cool throughout the night. 

The base of this memory foam mattress consists of plant-based and 100% GOTS certified premium foam. 

Key Features

  • Made using plant-based memory
  • Comes with a cotton cover
  • Features a multi-layer construction
  • Features open cell foam structure
  • The base is made up of plant-based foam


  • Comprised of 100% organic materials
  • No off-gassing
  • Distributes the weight of the sleeper
  • Affordable


  • Thin mattress

10. Sunrising Bedding 8” Natural Latex Queen Mattress

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The Sunrising Bedding 8” Natural Latex Queen Mattress is made from 100% natural latex and uses the Talalay Latex Technology. This mattress does not have any off-putting smells nor does it have any irritants.

This pocket spring mattress features a 2.0 mm gauge encased coil spring in the middle of the mattress that promotes blood circulation and pressure point relief.

Also, its 852 pocket coils help eliminate motion disturbance. This means that even if your partner is moving while they sleep, you won’t wake up because of the disturbance. Also included with the purchase of this mattress is a mattress cover made up of 100% organic Cashmere Wool.

Key Features

  • Made from all-natural latex
  • Uses Talalay Latex Technology
  • Features 2.0mm gauge encase spring coil
  • Has 852 pocket coils
  • Includes a Cashmere Wool made mattress cover


  • Provides you relief from numb muscle
  • No motion disturbance
  • No off-putting smells
  • No irritants


  • May be too firm for some sleepers

11. Brentwood Home Cypress Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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The Brentwood Home Cypress Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress features a 3.5” of gel memory foam that provides pressure relief to your body and keeps your spine aligned. It also eliminates tossing and turning and motion transfer.

The cover that comes with this organic mattress is made from soft bamboo and GOTS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified wool that eliminates moisture, regulates temperature and also eliminates odor.

This is a 100% organic mattress that is free of fiberglass and is made up of CertiPUR-US foams. This mattress is also free of all sorts of flame retardants, heavy metals, phthalates, and formaldehyde. It is a well-balanced organic mattress that is suitable for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

Key Features

  • Includes a 3.5” of gel memory foam
  • Come with a mattress cover made up of bamboo and GOTS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified wool
  • Made from CertiPUR-US foams


  • Free of fiberglass
  • No flame retardants, heavy metals, phthalates, and formaldehyde
  • Perfectly balanced organic mattress
  • Suitable for side, back and stomach sleepers


  • May be too firm for some sleepers

12. Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Mattress

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Last but not least on our list is this organic mattress from Oliver Smith. This non-toxic mattress is made up of 100% certified organic cotton. This mattress features a ventilated fabric pattern that keeps you cool throughout the entire night.

Within this organic mattress lies multiple layers that provides you with a comfortable and restful sleep the whole night. It features Euro Pillow Top that gives this mattress extra support underneath your head. The comfortable plush feel of this mattress is also quite beneficial for those suffering from back issues.

Key Features

  • Made up of 100% certified organic cotton
  • Features ventilated fabric pattern
  • Has multiple layers
  • Features Euro Pillow Top


  • Plush, comfortable feel
  • Organic materials
  • Ideal for those with back issues
  • Temperature regulating


  • May be too firm for some sleepers

Organic Mattress Buying Guide

From the material used to the certifications, there are a lot of factors that go into a high-quality organic mattress. Finding the best one for your needs can be a lengthy process, which is why we’ve provided the ins and outs of all you need to know to find your perfect match!

Are Organic Mattresses Worth It?

The majority of the organic mattresses on the market can come with a high price tag, which can cause some to be hesitant to invest. However, organic mattresses can be well worth the price. Those who prefer organic, non-toxic mattresses do so because there are no toxic chemicals used in the making of the product.

Traditional mattresses emit chemicals that can impact your health after long-term use. With organic mattresses, you can sleep soundly knowing this isn’t the case. Also, these mattresses are eco-friendly and have zero impact on the environment. Whether or not an organic mattress is worth the price is ultimately up to you, but, there are several benefits that come with the investment

What is an Organic Mattress?

A mattress becomes organic depending on the type and quality of material used in production. Typically, organic mattresses use a cover that is made out of a natural material that is harvested using an organic method. Some mattress manufacturers use natural and organic materials inside the mattress such as latex as well. You can find both synthetic as well as natural latex on the market, but natural latex preferred because it promotes an organic approach to the product.

Some foam-based organic mattresses also possess a CertiPUR-US certification. This certification indicates that the mattress does not consist of any toxins and is 100% safe to use.

The Benefits of an Organic Mattress

When you buy an organic mattress, you buy all of its benefits with it. Organic mattresses have several benefits to them, including: 

  • No exposure to harmful toxins and chemicals
  • No off-gassing, meaning the mattress never discards harmful toxins into the environment
  • Temperature-regulating properties
  • Typically includes an all-natural, non-toxic cover with the mattress

What to Consider When Buying an Organic Mattress

Before purchasing your first organic mattress, there are several factors that you should consider so you can make a more informed decision. Some of these key factors to consider include:

Your Body Weight

While most organic mattresses consist of high-quality materials and durable construction, not all of them are meant to support everyone and anyone. If you’re of a heavier weight, be sure to look into choosing an organic mattress that features an innerspring system so you can fully be supported. On the other hand, some mattresses can be uncomfortable for those of a lighter weight because the surface can feel firmer than normal.

Your Sleeping Position

As discussed before, organic mattresses are not one-size-fits-all sort of deal. Some of these mattresses are designed by keeping in mind a specific sleeping position, while some mattresses are more versatile. If you are a side sleeper, then a soft organic mattress will be the best choice for you, but if you are a back or stomach sleeper, then a firmer organic mattress will be best.

Your Personal Preferences

Your personal preferences also matter while purchasing a mattress. For example, if you typically prefer a softer, bouncy feel to your mattress, a latex organic mattress might be an option to consider. Taking account of your current mattress preferences can help weed out the ones that won’t be the best fit for you.


An organic mattress is a worthy investment as it keeps you safe from toxic chemicals that are typically released in traditional mattresses. Selecting the best organic mattress for you can be difficult because of the variety of organic mattresses out there. With our list of the top organic mattresses on the market, you should be on your way to finding one that best suits your needs!

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