Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress Review 2022 — Should You Buy It?

Is the Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe mattress really “the pinnacle of eco-conscious green mattress design”? See our review to find out.

Eco-conscious shoppers don’t always have a lot of options when it comes to natural bedding. That may all change with Brentwood Home and their diverse offering of natural luxury bedding.

Particularly popular is their Cedar Natural Luxe mattress, a 15” hybrid made of both natural and organic materials that are sourced in a sustainable and ethical manner. In fact, the company says this mattress is “the pinnacle of eco-conscious green mattress design.”

Is it, though?

To help you make your hunt for the greenest bedding easier, we’re breaking down the Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe mattress. This way, you can decide if this bed is the eco-friendly fit for your unique lifestyle.

Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress – The Lowdown


  • Made in the USA
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Philanthropic donations with every purchase
  • Removable topper


  • Price
  • Doesn’t ship outside the lower 48 States
  • Online-only retailer
  • Can’t try it out before purchasing

Best For…

  • Eco-conscious shoppers
  • People in the contiguous USA
  • Those who like medium-firm mattresses
Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress Overview
Mattress TypeHybrid
Ships in…3 to 5 Days
Trial Period1 Year
Firmness LevelMedium
Sleeper TypeGreat for Back and Stomach Sleepers
Warranty25 Years
CertificationsGrenguard Gold, GOTS, GOLS, eco-INSTITUT, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX
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Brentwood Home prides itself on its California ethos: its dedication to sustainability and offering products to help people live healthier. See why people love the Cedar Natural Luxe hybrid mattress today!

Breaking Down the Cedar Natural Luxe


Layers of the Brentwood Hoe Cedar Natural Luxe Hybrid Mattress.

How is this 15” hybrid layered?

3” Eurotop

The first part of this mattress is actually a 3” topper. This Eurotop is comprised of untreated sheep wool, organic cotton batting, and GOLS natural latex; it’s all wrapped in a moisture-wicking, organic cotton cover.

Why the topper?

There are a few reasons for the inclusion of this Eurotop. Firstly, the included materials are all breathable, helping sleepers stay cooler as they rest. Secondly, the removable top allows you to easily adjust the firmness levels of your new bed. If you need a softer body-hugging sleeping surface, leave the topper on. Otherwise, easily remove it to enjoy the mattress below.


Now, the cover of the bed itself is made of organic cotton, all held together by hand-tufted wool, not chemical adhesives. Better yet, this cover includes fire-resistant silica sand, making this cover a more natural fire barrier than other beds that use harsh chemicals.

Quilted Panels and Borders

The quilted panels and sides of the bed are also made from organic cotton, a soft, sweat-wicking material.

Sheep Wool

Ethically sourced from New Zealand, this wool is untreated. The result? A natural layer that’s perfect for regulating temperature and adding comfort to this model.

Silica Sand

Hydrated silica sand creates a fire-resistant layer.

Alpaca Wool

An inch of alpaca wool adds softness and added flame resistance to this unit.

Zoned Latex

Next, there’s a layer of breathable, pressure point-relieving latex. This natural material is zoned, meaning it’s cut in such a way to make it extra breathable and supportive to various parts of the body. Best of all, though, is the fact that this layer is made in an especially resource and energy-efficient manner.

5-Zone Innerspring

In this layer, you’ll find thousands of supportive coils. Now, this layer serves several functions. For one, it adds firmness and stability to the entire unit. Secondly, it creates a more breathable base, allowing for plenty of airflow. Additionally, its five zones are optimized to not just uniquely support various parts of the body, but also reinforce the perimeter of the bed.

Coconut-Latex Blend

This half-inch layer is a blend of coconut husk and latex. All in all, it adds extra breathability and antimicrobial features to the Cedar.

Overall, the Cedar Natural Luxe is comprised of eco-friendly, natural materials that environmentally conscious sleepers should love.

How Much Does a Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress Cost?

This brand’s official website proudly says, “Affordable Natural Luxury.” While the Cedar certainly is natural and luxurious, it isn’t exactly the easiest bedding choice on the wallet. The Cedar Natural Luxe is available in three sizes at the following price points:

QueenKingCal King

(Table data based on non-sale prices. Prices subject to change. For current prices, you can click here to see the official website.)


A company can swear up and down that their products are the best of the best. But, without certifications, it’s hard to verify these claims. Fortunately, Brentwood Home mattresses all come with plenty of reputable certifications to back up the company’s claims of offering non-toxic, natural bedding.

The Cedar Natural Luxe mattress specifically comes with the following certifications:

Greenguard Gold

Did you know that the quality of indoor air is typically worse than the quality of outside air? That means it pays to look for bedding that doesn’t worsen your indoor air quality, as many mattresses are known for off-gassing. Now, off-gassing refers to a product’s release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or harmful airborne chemicals and substances. Greenguard is a widely trusted certification program that tests products for VOCs emission levels, and Gold is their highest certification rating.

GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard)

This globally recognized certification signifies the quality of latex products. What does this certification cover, exactly? Production, raw materials, VOCs emissions, and more.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

This internationally recognized certification applies to textiles’ quality and production. Specifically, products with this certification have a high percentage of organic fibers as well meet certain safety and environmental criteria.


This German certification program tests products for VOCs and other harmful substances. So, this label signifies that a product is reasonably safe.

Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 is an industry gold standard for safety testing. When you see this label, you know it’s been rigorously tested by independent parties for harmful substances.


So, this bed is safe. But just what’s in a Cedar Natural Luxe, anyway? Crack open this bed, and you’ll find:

Untreated Sheep Wool

Basket of untreated sheep wool.

Inside this bed, you’ll find natural wool from New Zealand sheep. Why wool? Besides being soft, it’s also incredibly moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, and fire resistant. Best of all, though, is that Brentwood Home ensures their wool is humanely sourced.

Alpaca Wool

pure alpaca wool

Alpaca wool also makes an appearance in this mattress. Like sheep wool, it’s also allergen resistant, comfortable, breathable, and flame resistant.

Natural Latex

Natural latex tapped from tree,

Natural latex is a breathable, soft, and body-hugging material, making it perfect for a pressure-point relieving mattress. Sourced ethically from a factory in India, this latex is GOLS certified.


Mattress filler. Coconut coir. Grated coconut shell for the production of mattresses. Background of Mattress filler.

Coconut fiber is a breathable, antimicrobial material that’s right at home in this bedding. The buttons you see on the sides of the bed? They are made from the shell husks of coconuts. You can also expect a half inch of a coconut husk-natural latex blend inside the mattress itself.

Organic Cotton

Process of making cotton : raw cotton

Soft? Check. Anti-night sweats? Check. GOTS certified? Check.

Recycled Steel Springs

Pocketed coil springs.

The innerspring layer of this mattress is comprised of thousands of 8-inch coils made of recycled tempered steel. How many individually wrapped coils can you expect to find in your bed? If you get a Queen, there will be 1,130; 1,384 in a California King; and 1,414 in the King.

Wool Tufting

a hand lays on a mattress with wool tufting.

Normally, companies use chemical adhesives to keep layers together. Not Brentwood Home. Instead, their comfort layers are held together by hand-tufted wool.

Silica Sand

Bowl of hydrated silica sand

Hydrated silica sand makes for a natural fire-resistant barrier, which is why it is included in both the topper and mattress itself.

Plastic Type #4 (LDPE)

Plastic type #4 LDPE

To clarify, this material is not in the bed itself. Rather, it’s what encases the bed inside the box when it’s shipped and delivered. Now, LDPE is one of the safer types of plastic and easily recyclable, too.

Overall, these materials show that Brentwood Home is committed to crafting environmentally conscious, safe bedding.

Cedar Natural Luxe Report Card

Cedar Natural Luxe
Noise ControlB
Temperature RegulationA
Motion IsolationA
Edge SupportA+
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Brentwood Home prides itself on its California ethos: its dedication to sustainability and offering products to help people live healthier. See why people love the Cedar Natural Luxe hybrid mattress today!

Noise Control

Hybrid and all-innerspring beds are naturally noisier than all-latex or all-foam mattresses. As far as hybrids go, though, the Cedar is fairly quiet. It’s all thanks to its isolated-spring design, which helps reduce noise. So, while this bed isn’t totally silent, it isn’t distractingly loud, either.

Temperature Regulation

It’s hard to sleep when you’re hot and sweaty. Fortunately, the Cedar is engineered to fight the night sweats. It’s all thanks to the inclusion of moisture-wicking materials, like cotton, and its hybrid design, which allows for decent airflow.


Sink refers to how much “give” a bed has when you press down on it. Now, this bed is a little firm, so it won’t have as much give to it as an all-foam or all-latex alternative. However, the included latex and wool in the Eurotop allow the bed to sink a little more than it would otherwise.

Motion Isolation

Disturbing a sleeping partner is never fun. You don’t have to worry about that too much with this option, though; the isolated spacing of the coils helps reduce motion transfer. So, couples with a light sleeper might enjoy this bedding.

Edge Support

Edge support is an important feature that many overlook when they’re mattress-shopping. A reinforced perimeter not only makes it easier to sit along a bed’s edge, but it also makes it harder to slide off when resting at night. Now, the Cedar’s five-zoned support layer is arranged in such a way that the edges of the whole bed are reinforced.

What Type of Sleepers Will this Bed Suit Best?

No single mattress will best serve the needs of every single individual; that’s because different types of sleepers require varying levels of support from their sleeping surfaces. So, just who would the Cedar Natural Luxe suit best?

Side Sleepers

Those who rest on their side typically prefer softer beds, as this extra “give” allows their bodies to comfortably sink into their beds. When this sinkage happens, side sleepers can better align their neck, shoulders, and back, which is crucial for waking up with less aches and pains. Now, the Cedar is a little on the firmer side, being about a medium plush at the softest. So, those who prefer extra soft sleeping surfaces might not like this unit.

Back Sleepers

Unlike side sleepers, those who snooze on their backs often prefer firmer beds. After all, firmer surfaces will help supine sleepers better align their spines. Considering the medium feel to this mattress, it should work well for most back sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers

Like back sleepers, those who sleep face down tend to enjoy firmer surfaces. Once again, that makes the Cedar an option worth exploring for this group.

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Brentwood Home prides itself on its California ethos: its dedication to sustainability and offering products to help people live healthier. See why people love the Cedar Natural Luxe hybrid mattress today!

Warranty, Trial Period, Shipping & Returns

What makes Brentwood Home stand out from its competitors? And why could this particular model be the right fit for you? Let’s break down what this mattress and company offers, so you can make that call for yourself:  


A warranty is a good measure of how confident a company is in their product. Typically, the longer the warranty, the better the product quality. So, just how confident is Brentwood Home in the Cedar? Pretty confident, as they offer a 25-year warranty on this bed. While this warranty isn’t the longest in the industry, it is one of the longest.

Sleep Trial

It’s natural to be a little hesitant before buying a mattress online. After all, you can’t physically test out the model you’re interested in inside a physical brick-and-mortar store. That’s why, as an online shopper, it’s important to look for a quality sleep trial—a period in which you can test out a bed within the comfort of your own home.

Now, the human body takes about 30 days to adjust to a new sleeping surface, so you’ll want to find a trial period that lasts at least this long. The Cedar Natural Luxe’s sleep trial? 365 nights, aka, one full year to test out a bed. So, when it comes to mattress trial periods, Brentwood Home really is an industry leader.

Interested in learning more about this sleep trial’s terms and conditions? You can click here to visit the brand’s official site.

Interested in learning more about buying a mattress online? You can see our in-depth guide to learn more about what to expect when you order a mattress in a box.


Brentwood Home offers free shipping within the contiguous United States (the only place someone can order this model). Once ordered, workers will handcraft the Cedar with natural materials in their Los Angeles factory. After completion, the mattress will ship—about 3 to 5 days after the initial order. Overall, you can then expect your bed to arrive in about 1 to 2 weeks after ordering. Of course, the closer you are to the L.A. factory, the sooner your new mattress in a box should arrive.


What happens if you decide the Cedar Natural Luxe isn’t for you? You can contact the company to initiate a free return process.

Review Summary & Ideal Customer Breakdown

Still wondering if the Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe mattress is the right choice for you? We’ll go over the highlights, so you can make an educated decision about whether you’re ready to try out this bed in a box.

We think you’d enjoy a Cedar Natural Luxe mattress if you:

  • Are an eco-conscious shopper.
  • Want adjustable firmness levels.
  • Value charitable work.
  • Easily overheat and need a cooler sleeping surface.
  • Prefer sleeping on medium-firm mattresses.

This mattress may not be the best for you if you:

  • Have a tight budget.
  • Live outside of the contiguous United States.
  • Enjoy softer sleeping surfaces.
  • Want a vegan bed; in this case, the Brentwood Home Crystal Cove option may be more to your liking.

Points to Consider Before You Buy

Work with Carbonfund

Carbon dioxide is the largest contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. Since Brentwood Home is committed to sustainability, they’ve partnered with Carbonfund, a non-profit that helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint.


When you order a Cedar Natural Luxe, you’re doing far more than upgrading your bedroom. That’s because Brentwood Home is partnered with multiple charities and non-profits. For example, every mattress purchased means enough money donated to the Natural Forest Foundation to plant three trees.

When you purchase a Cedar Natural Luxe model specifically, this company will build a ReliefBed, a specialized bed given to those in need, such as those in shelters. Paying it forward while also treating yourself? Yes, please!


Most frequent Brentwood Home Mattress questions

Who owns Brentwood Home?

Vy Nguyen is the current CEO of Brentwood Home. Now, Brentwood Home is an asset of Avocado Green Brands™, the owner of the Avocado Green mattress.

How long can you leave a bed in a box?

Not long, about 2 weeks at most, although this can vary. Leaving a bed in a box for too long can lead to permanent damage.

How long will a bed in a box last?

These Brentwood Home mattresses should last just as long as their competitors, and potential customers can rest assured that they’re covered by a 25-year warranty.

Should I flip or rotate my mattress?

This particular model should not be flipped. However, it is a good idea to rotate it periodically.

Where is the Cedar Natural Luxe Hybrid Made?

Brentwood Home mattresses are made in the United States in Los Angeles, California. However, the parts themselves are sourced from around the world.

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Brentwood Home prides itself on its California ethos: its dedication to sustainability and offering products to help people live healthier. See why people love the Cedar Natural Luxe hybrid mattress today!

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