Buffy Cloud Pillow Review – The Best Vegan Eucalyptus Pillows?

Buffy Cloud Pillow Review
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    Buffy Pillow Review

    The Buffy Cloud Pillow is Earth-friendly, hypoallergenic, cool-to-the-touch, and cruelty-free. Plus, they offer discounts with the more pillows you purchase.

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    While many of us switch out our mattress after years of use, our pillow is often neglected. When you sleep on your pillow night after night, it’s bound to need a replacement eventually. But with so many options for pillows on the market, finding the right fit for you can be a difficult journey to take on. 

    With the Buffy Cloud Pillow, it’s said to be soft yet supportive, and have an option available for every sleeper. It’s Earth-friendly, hypoallergenic, cool-to-the-touch, and cruelty-free. While that description is definitely enough to catch your eye, is the Buffy Cloud Pillow actually worth the hype?

    We’ve explored the good and the bad of this so-called revolutionary pillow to make the pillow-finding process streamlined. Keep reading to see if this pillow is worth being your next bedtime accessory!


    – Earth-friendly

    – Discounts available

    – Hypoallergenic

    – Cool-to-the-touch

    – Try before you pay


    – Price

    – Short sleep trial

    Best For...

    – Shoppers looking for a hypoallergenic pillow option

    – Eco-conscious shoppers

    – Those who live in the contiguous United States


    Trial Period 7 Nights (Try Before You Pay)
    Shipping Free Shipping
    Returns Free Refund, Full Refund Available
    Materials 100% eucalyptus fiber shell | 100% recycled PET, BPA-free fill
    Dimensions Standard: 20" x 28" | King: 20" x 36"
    Thread Count 300 single-ply thread count
    Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty

    The Buffy Cloud Pillow is Earth-friendly, hypoallergenic, cool-to-the-touch, and cruelty-free. Plus, they offer discounts with the more pillows you purchase.

    The Design

    With a market flooded with options, what set the Buffy Cloud Pillow apart from other platform frames?

    Feel Good Fluff

    Buffy Cloud Pillow Review

    If you’re a fan of fluffy pillows, the Buffy Cloud Pillow may be your perfect match. Filled with recycled, air-blown fiber, the fluff of this pillow is like “sleeping on a cloud,” according to one customer review. This pillow is also covered in breathable 100% eucalyptus fabric that’s naturally softer and more earth-friendly than cotton. Buffy also offers a fluffy down alternative comforter, which you can read our review of here.

    Choose Your Firmness

    The Buffy Cloud Pillow Review

    Most of the time, pillows come in a firmness level of soft, medium, or firm. With the Buffy Cloud Pillow, you can get the pick of the litter because all three are offered. If you prefer some plush give, choose soft. If you want something more balanced, go with medium firmness. But if you crave extra support, a firm pillow may be your best bet.

    Eco-friendly & Hypoallergenic Shell

    Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 10.07.26 AM

    If you’re an eco-conscious shopper, the Buffy Cloud Pillow may be a great addition to your bedroom collection. The shell of this pillow is woven from Oeko-Tex certified, earth-friendly eucalyptus fiber, and its also hypoallergenic.

    The make of the shell allows the pillow to be resistant to dust, mites, and mold. If that wasn’t enough proof for you, each pillow recycles approximately 24-30 plastic bottles!

    All Vegan Products

    Buffy Cloud Pillow Review

    Across all of their products that are offered, Buffy is completely vegan. In fact, they are completely cruelty-free and never use animal by-products. In fact, they never use down in their pillows because they don’t support the live-plucking of birds required to harvest down.

    How Much Does The Buffy Cloud Pillow Cost?

    Discounts Offered

    If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck, the Buffy Cloud Pillow offers many discounts to do just that. The more Buffy Cloud Pillows you buy, the more you save. Here are the discounts offered:

    • Buy 2 Pillows – $20 Off
    • Buy 4 Pillows – $70 Off
    • Sign Up for Email – $10 Off First Order

    Warranty, Trial Period, Shipping & Returns


    Buffy offers a limited lifetime warranty.

    Trial Period

    Buffy offers a 7-night trial, where you try before you buy. With the trial period, you can sleep with the pillow before you commit to buying. 

    Before the trial begins, a temporary hold will be placed on your card, which may appear as “pending” or “processing”. This ensures that your payment method is valid and can be charged once the trial period is over.

    If you decided that the pillow isn’t the right fit for you, Buffy will void the hold on your card and the funds will be released back into your bank account or credit card.

    Depending on which bank you use, this typically takes 1-2 business days. But, you still have 30 nights from the time your order was placed to initiate a free return for a full refund.


    Buffy provides free shipping through FedEx. Orders typically arrive within 3-5 business days.

    Return Policy

    If you decide the Buffy Cloud Pillow isn’t for you, Buffy offers free returns with full refunds available. All returns must be made within 30 days of ordering from Buffy. Once a return is initiated, you will be refunded in your original form of payment within 3-5 days after your pillow is received by their facility.

    If you’ve ever wondered what happens to the product you’ve returned, Buffy offers full transparency on this topic. Buffy never resells returned products. In fact, they donate gently used returns to local shelters and other charities. When items aren’t in condition to donate, they partner with textile recycling facilities. An overall goal for Buffy is for zero of their products to end up in landfills.

    The Buffy Cloud Pillow is Earth-friendly, hypoallergenic, cool-to-the-touch, and cruelty-free. Plus, they offer discounts with the more pillows you purchase.


    Most frequent brand questions

    According to Buffy's website, "Eucalyptus is a renewable resource because it is cut when harvested instead of uprooted. This means the trees can regenerate naturally. Our eucalyptus comes from responsible forests in Austria. It consumes 10x less water than cotton to grow and is transformed into fiber through a closed-loop system that reuses 99% of solvents—meaning it’s made with virtually zero waste."

    While Buffy isn't organic certified, they make their products using Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus regenerates quickly, does not require perfect soil conditions, and requires 10x less water to grow. 

    All of Buffy's products are vegan. Buffy is cruelty-free and they never use animal by-products.

    Final Thoughts

    So you’ve read our review and you’re wondering – Is the Buffy Cloud Pillow the right fit for you?  To help you out, we’ve highlighted some of the main qualities of this pillow so you can better decide if it’s the bedroom upgrade for you.

    We think you’d enjoy the Buffy Cloud Pillow if you:

    A Thuma frame may not be the best for you if you:

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