Country Living Mattress Review – Mckinney, Hudson, Napa

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    Country Living mattresses are a joint project between the lifestyle magazine ‘Country Living‘ and Idle Sleep. In this article we will review the Welcome Home Collection that consists of three mattresses – The Napa, The Hudson & The Mckinney

    Our Country Living Mattress review will breakdown each of the three mattresses, highlight which type of sleeper they are best for and then dig into the construction and materials of each bed.

    What you’ll learn:

    • Which mattress fits your sleeping position
    • Who these mattresses suit
    • The pros and cons for the full range 
    • Our mattress review ratings for each model
    So, let’s dig into the full review.

    Country Living Mattress Pros and Cons


    – Lifetime warranty

    – Made in the USA

    – Free shipping & returns

    – 18-month home trial


    – New brand so not much information on durability over time


    Best For...

    – Hot sleepers

    – Those looking for a stylish option

    – Those with allergies

    Sleep Country Living Overview
    Mattress Type Memory Foam, Coil
    Models 3
    Shipping Free Shipping
    Returns Free Returns, Minimum of 30 Nights Before Return
    Ships in... 6-12 Business Days
    Trial Period 18-month Trial
    Firmness Level Soft, Medium, and Firm Options
    Sleeper Type Stomach, Back, Side, or Combination Sleepers
    Warranty Lifetime Warranty
    Certifications CertiPUR-US Certified

    Country Living mattresses are perfect for sleepers looking for customizable mattress options. We highly recommend both the Napa and the Hudson for those looking for a comfortable yet supportive sleep.

    Model Types

    Country Living carries three mattress models:

    All three mattresses from Country Living feature different characteristics suitable for each type of sleeper. We’ve broken down each model below so you can get the best mattress for you

    Country Living Mattress Review

    The Country Living Napa Mattress

    If you’re looking for a plush and luxurious bed, this first model from Country Living might be the right fit for you. The Napa mattress consists of an impressive 8 layers, a pillow-top style, and a two-coil system, allowing you to get a quality sleep out of your rest each night. 

    Plus, there are even three luxury firmness options available of soft, medium, and firm, as well as six different sizes to choose from including twin size, twin XL size, queen size, and king/California king size.

    In the first layer of the Napa mattress is a cover that feels fresh to the touch. If you tend to sleep hot, this top layer will serve to be extra beneficial to you as it will provide a cooler, more comfortable sleep. 

    After that, there’s a layer of a 2″ quilt that’s added for both softness and comfort. In the third layer, you’ll find 2 inches of Hyperflex foam which features a unique technology that adjusts to your body with each movement, ensuring you’re supported and comfortable all night long.

    In the fourth layer, there’s a 1″ micro-coil unit that works to provide airflow to contribute to a cooler sleep. The 1″ Copper-infused memory foam following that layer also helps draw heat away from your body throughout the night. The last three layers of the Country Living Napa mattress consist of 1″ firm HD poly, an 8″ zoned coil unit, and 1″ base support foam, all contributing to the durability of the mattress.

    The Country Living Napa Mattress at a Glance

    • 16″ Thick
    • 8 Layer Construction
    • Soft, Medium, or Firm Options


    • Twin: $1,873
    • Twin XL: $1,936
    • Full: $2,123
    • Queen: $2623
    • King/California King: $2623
    inside mattress napa new
    1. Cooling Cover
    2. 2″ Quilt
    3. 2″ Titan Hyperflex Foam
    4. 1″ Micro Coil Unit
    5. 1″ Copper-infused Memory Foam
    6. 1″ Firm HD Poly
    7. 8″ Zoned Coil Unit
    8. 1″ Base Support Foam

    The Napa falls firmly into the luxury bedding category. It is an extra deep mattress, with a sewn in pillow top and two zoned coil units. 

    If you select the medium or firm option, this bed suits all sleeping positions and competes with all high end mattresses available today.

    country living home5506 1

    The Country Living Hudson Mattress

    The Hudson mattress from Country Living is made of 6 layers of supportive, cooling, and durable materials. The 13″ Hudson mattress is available in three firmness choices as well as 6 size options for the ultimate customization process.

    In the first layer of the Hudson mattress from Country Living is a cover that you can feel on contact. This cover makes the Hudson mattress perfect for warmer weather, keeping you cool and sweat-free throughout the night. 

    Following that layer is a 2″ quilt that is attached directly to the cover for added softness and comfort. Then, the 1″ copper-infused memory foam layer serves to be moisture-wicking and pressure-relieving.

    In the last two layers of the Hudson mattress, there’s a 1″ poly transition layer that cradles your body’s pressure points and provides you extra deep relaxation, no matter the position you sleep in which allows you to get a good night’s rest.

    The Country Living Hudson Mattress at a Glance

    • 13″ Thick
    • 6 Layer Construction
    • Soft, Medium, or Firm Options


    • Twin: $1,248
    • Twin XL: $1,311
    • Full: $1,498
    • Queen: $1,623
    • King/California King: $1,873
    inside mattress hudson
    1. Cooling Cover
    2. 2″ Quilt
    3. 1″ Copper-infused Memory Foam
    4. 1″ Medium High-Density Poly
    5. 8″ Zoned Coil Unit
    6. 1″ Base Support Foam

    The Hudson is a great hybrid mattress.

    The combination of the foam and the coil unit offer an ideal level of support. 

    For stomach or back sleepers we suggest the ‘firm’ option’, while side or combination sleepers should opt for ‘medium’.

    Frame 2274

    The Country Living McKinney Mattress

    The McKinney mattress is the most affordable option out of the Country Living mattress collection, but the mattress is still high-quality nonetheless. The laid-back design of the McKinney Country Living mattress makes it great for any bedroom, whether it’s the guestroom or master bedroom. 

    The memory foam mattress from Country Living is made up of 4 layers that make the mattress provide optimal comfort for all kinds of sleepers which allows you to get a good night’s rest.

    First, just like the Napa and Hudson models, the McKinney bed features a cover to keep you refreshed and moisture-free throughout the night. After that, a 3″ memory foam layer features super-conductive copper beads that draw heat away from your body for an added layer of cooling. 

    Then, a 1″ gel memory foam layer is infused with a cool gel for more regenerative sleep. Lastly, the 8″ foam core of the bed allows for a perfect balance of comfort, firmness, and give.

    The Country Living McKinney Mattress at a Glance

    • 12″ Thick
    • 4 Layer Construction
    • Medium Firmness


    • Twin: $998
    • Twin XL: $1,061
    • Full: $1,248
    • Queen: $1,373
    • King/California King: $1,623
    layer mattress mckinney
    1. Cooling Cover
    2. 3″ Memory Foam
    3. 1″ Gel Memory Foam
    4. 8″ Foam Core

    The Mckinney should be your go-to mattress if you are looking for an all-foam bed at a budget-friendly price point.

    We found it to sleep cooler than most memory foam mattresses and would be a good choice for most types of sleepers


    Throughout the entire Country Living mattress collection, all of the beds contain a cool layer, gel-infused memory foam, and CertiPUR-US Certified foam. Although these materials are the same throughout, each model contains materials that make them unique in their own way.

    Cooling Cover

    In the top layer of the Hudson, McKinney, and Napa mattress, there are properties that keep you comfortable in warmer climates all throughout the night, making it great for hot sleepers. 

    While this material is great for keeping you refreshed and moisture-free, it’s also smooth and soft to ensure you have premium comfort each and every night which allows you to get a good night’s rest.

    A Blend of High-Quality Materials

    Throughout all of the beds in Country Living’s Welcome Home collection, each mattress is made from a proprietary blend of the highest quality cotton quilting, foam, and poly. When all of these quality materials combine, this means no sweating or overheating and a durable product that is long-lasting.

    The Napa The Hudson The McKinney
    Noise A A A+
    Temperature Regulation A+ A+ A+
    Sinkage A A A-
    Motion Isolation A A A+
    Edge Support A A A

    Noise Control

    As far as noise control is concerned, the McKinney model scores the highest because of its dense foam core. The Hudson and Napa models feature spring support materials, and mattresses that do not contain any springs are usually far quieter than those that do.

    Temperature Regulation

    Each Country Living mattress from the Welcome Home collection is more than capable of keeping sleepers cool throughout the night. With its breathable cover, gel-infused memory foam, and foam layer containing copper beads, each model is a great fit for any hot sleeper.


    Each model in Country Living’s Welcome Home collection features the proper support materials to prevent sinkage from occurring throughout the night. The McKinney design may offer the least amount of support for sinkage out of the three options because of its high-density foam core design. The Hudson and Napa options also have customizable firmness options and the firmer option will provide the most amount of support against sinkage.

    Motion Isolation

    Across the board, none of the models from the Welcome Home collection rank particularly high for motion isolation. The McKinney design from Country Living is thought to offer a little more motion isolation because it doesn’t contain coils, but not by a landslide. If you sleep with a partner, make sure to get a bed big enough for the both of you, as this will help with motion isolation as well.

    Edge Support

    None of these mattresses rank particularly high when it comes to supporting the edge of the bed.

    Best Sleeping Positions

    Whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper, there is likely to be a bed from Country Living that is a great fit for you due to its customizable comfort firmness options.

    Side Sleepers

    If you’re a side sleeper, it’s likely you require significant pressure relief. That being said, an all-foam mattress would be the right fit for you. The McKinney model from Country Living has a dense foam core that makes up its support materials, making it plush and soft enough to comfort side sleepers all throughout the night.

    Best Option: The Country Living McKinney Mattress

    Back Sleepers

    For those who rest on their back, it’s a good idea to choose a firm mattress, as it typically provides a more stable and even surface to rest on. That being said, the Napa model from the Welcome Home collection would be a good fit for back sleepers, as there is a soft, medium, or firm choice to choose from. 

    Plus, there are two layers of support materials including 8-inch zoned springs and a 1-inch micro spring, making the mattress extra supportive.

    Best Option: The Country Living Napa Mattress (choose firm option)

    Stomach Sleepers

    When you rest on your stomach, you require a sturdy support system that helps you maintain an even surface while laying on your stomach throughout the night. Because of this, the Hudson model would be right for stomach sleepers, as it provides the firmness needed to support you as you lay flat all throughout the night.

    Best Option: The Country Living Hudson Mattress (choose firm option)

    Country Living mattresses are perfect for sleepers looking for customizable mattress options. We highly recommend both the Napa and the Hudson for those looking for a comfortable yet supportive sleep.

    Warranty, Trial Length & Return Process

    Buying a bed-in-a-box online can often be an anxiety-inducing experience, as you often can’t try the mattress before you buy it. 

    Free Trial Length – AKA how long is the return window?

    Country Living offers an 18-month home trial, giving you enough time to make sure the mattress is the perfect fit for you. This is equal to the longest mattress free trials available on the market today

    If you decide the mattress isn’t right for you during this trial period, wait 30 days after purchase and you can return the mattress free of charge. 

    After that, Country Living customer service will coordinate the pick-up of your mattress for free, so it can be donated or recycled. You should then receive your refund 2-3 business days after the pick-up of your mattress.


    All three mattresses come with a limited lifetime warranty (read more here)
    A huge positive to this warranty, that you do not get from most mattress brands is that it “includes coverage for wear and for body impressions from use”.

    Country Living states that… “If your Sleep Country Living mattress shows more than 0.5” of “Sag” or body impression at any time during your ownership, Sleep Country Living will recondition and repair or replace your mattress.”
    We have not had to use this process, so we do not know how smooth the process would be but the added peace of mind is a big pro in my book.

    Shipping & Set-Up Process

    After purchase, you should receive your Country Living mattress in 6-12 business days. If you order the McKinney or Hudson model, you’ll be assigned a FedEx tracking number that you can use to track your delivery. 

    If you order the Country Living Napa model, it will ship via Radiant, and you will receive a call to schedule an appointment for delivery once you receive your shipment email. Shipping from Country Living is always free within the contiguous United States.

    Once you receive your mattress, you’ll be able to enjoy your sleep on your new mattress within a matter of hours.

    Because the mattresses from Country Living are made from top-quality materials, they typically have no ‘off gassing’ after unboxing.


    Review Summary & Ideal Customer Breakdown

    Now that you understand all the components of Country Living’s Welcome Home collection, you may still be wondering if one of these mattresses is right for you.

    Good news: we’ve listed some main takeaways that we think will help you decide on the correct mattress for your sleeping needs.

    We think you’d enjoy a Country Living mattress if you:

    A Country Living mattress may not be the best for you if you:

    Points to Consider Before You Buy

    If so, you will probably want to consider purchasing the Hudson or the Napa model, which offers three levels of firmness choices. These mattresses are made with independently pocketed coils that ensures body weight is evenly absorbed throughout the entire mattress.

    All of the mattresses in Country Living's Welcome Home collection accommodate all sleepers, but each model benefits one sleeper type more than another.


    If you sleep on your side, we recommend the McKinney model. If you're a back sleeper, we recommend the Napa model. If you sleep on your stomach, we recommend the Hudson model.

    If you tend to sleep hot or if you live in an area surrounded by warmer weather, you’ll likely enjoy sleeping on a Country Living mattress. These mattresses come with a cooling cover as well as gel-infused memory foam, which helps with temperature regulation all throughout the night.

    Country Living mattresses are perfect for sleepers looking for customizable mattress options. We highly recommend both the Napa and the Hudson for those looking for a comfortable yet supportive sleep.

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