DreamCloud Mattress Review 2022 – Should You Buy It?

Is a DreamCloud mattress really the most affordable hybrid on the market made with premium materials? That’s what we’re here to find out.

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The Value Hybrid

Fans of hybrid beds should find that the DreamCloud mattress is a hard-to-match value in the industry.

Mattress Performance

Edge Support
Temperature Regulation
Motion Isolation
Noise Control

Overall Rating

Love the feel of memory foam but hate how hot it gets or how easily it forms permanent indents? Enjoy the support and durability of innerspring beds but want something a little quieter and slightly softer? Hybrid mattresses may offer the best solution to this dilemma.

By incorporating both foam and coiled springs in their design, they can reap the benefits of both materials while simultaneously counteracting their drawbacks. The result? Bedding that’s comfortable, airy, and durable.

Beds like that are great investments when you consider that we’ll spend roughly a third of our lives asleep. However, this style of mattress is exactly that: an investment.

Hybrids are well-known for being more expensive than other bedding varieties, which can be a setback for those who want better sleep on a budget.

DreamCloud thinks they can help these people out. How? By offering the DreamCloud mattress, made with “premium materials at half the price.” Specifically, the company claims to use “innovative sleep science” to offer a better hybrid bed at a better price.

While DreamClouds are oftentimes more affordable than other hybrid-style beds, are they really as high quality as the company claims? That’s what we’re here to discuss.

DreamCloud at a Glance


  • Extended trial period and warranty
  • White-glove services (WGS) available
  • Great price for hybrid


  • Some edge support complaints
  • Mixed customer service reactions
  • Just 1 option

Best For…

  • Fans of hybrid mattresses on a budget
  • Side sleepers
DreamCloud Overview
Mattress TypeHybrid
Ships in…2-3 Days
Trial Period365 Nights/1 Year
Firmness Level6.5/10
Sleeper TypeWorks Well for Most Sleepers
WarrantyLifetime Everlong Warranty™
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DreamCloud is the hybrid bed in a box that won’t break the bank. See why people love this mattress today!

What Is The DreamCloud Mattress Really Like?

There’s understandably some risk involved when ordering a mattress online. After all, bypassing the brick-and-mortar store means you can’t test anything out before finalizing a purchase.

To help assuage consumer concerns, online mattress retailers often claim to provide better customer services and offers to reduce the risk of digital shopping.

DreamCloud is one such retailer. In reality, though, how does DreamCloud stack up to its claims of it being “easy to feel confident” in choosing them?

We’re breaking everything down here, so you can make that call for yourself.



The DreamCloud mattress has a higher number of layers compared to the majority of mattresses we have reviewed. To get a better understanding of this bedding, let’s take a closer look at DreamCloud’s 8 layers.

Layer 1: Luxury Top

DreamCloud put forth extra effort into crafting the best top layer they can. This handcrafted Eurotop is a blend of tufted cashmere and polyester. Besides feeling soft to the touch, it also helps keep sleepers cooler and drier.

Layer 2: Gel Foam

This memory foam layer incorporates gel, a common industry technique to reduce the heat-trapping tendencies of regular foam. The result is a second layer that’s body-hugging as well cool.

Layer 3: Quilted Foam

Another memory foam layer, this section features a quilted design. The purpose? To increase airflow and breathability for better temperature control while still providing the comfort and support for which this material is known.

Layer 4: Natural Latex

Those with latex allergies or sensitivities might not want to purchase a DreamCloud as its fourth layer is made of natural latex. Latex, like memory foam, is a popular material to include in bedding thanks to its elasticity. Unlike foam, though, latex tends to sleep cooler.

So, this layer is similar to the previous two in that it adds cradling support with built-in temperature-regulating technology. DreamCloud doesn’t cut corners here, as it opts for natural over synthetic latex. Notably, natural latex has enhanced durability when compared to synthetic options.

Layer 5: “Dream Plush” Foam

This fifth layer of memory foam is incredibly dense and won’t offer any temperature control. Instead, it’s included to help increase stability and firmer support for your body and the previous four layers of the bed.

Layer 6: High-density Foam

The sixth layer is more high-density memory foam, which serves a similar purpose to the fifth layer.

Layer 7: Patent-pending Innerspring

DreamCloud’s “BestRest” coils are placed into five distinct zones and wrapped in foam. Innerspring layers typically allow greater airflow to mattresses than foam ones.

The placement of the springs and the addition of foam casing helps reduce noise, making this hybrid mattress relatively silent. Overall, this section of the bed adds stability.

DreamCloud also claims that the added perimeter spring wall increases edge support. Some customers, though, have complained that their beds’ perimeters are too plush.

For most people, though, the edges should be firmer than that of all-latex or all-foam alternatives.

Layer 8: More High-density Foam

More dense memory foam provides greater stability and proper spinal alignment to the bed, crafting a decent foundation for everything above this layer.

Overall, the DreamCloud mattress is mostly memory foam and pocket coils, with an added layer of latex and a top luxury cover to give the bed added spring and softness.

Foam is known for its tendency to trap heat, so some people will rightfully be cautious about investing in this foam-heavy bed. Given the inclusion of several anti-heat measures, though, most people find this mattress to be fairly temperature-neutral.

DreamCloud Metrics

  • 15″
  • 8 layers
  • 6.5 / 10 firmness

How Much Does a DreamCloud Cost?

This brand is available in 6 sizes at the following standard prices:

  • Twin: $699
  • Twin XL: $899
  • Full: $1,099
  • Queen: $1,199
  • King: $1,399
  • California King: $1,399

Prices subject to change; you can see current pricing and sales by going here.

Now, one of the largest selling points for this brand is its affordability. So, is DreamCloud one of the most affordable big-name hybrid mattress in a box brands out there? We’ve compared the company to five competitors that also sell hybrids online.

Hybrid Price Comparison
15″ DreamCloud$1,199
14.5″ Saatva Luxury Firm$1,099

11″ Avocado

14″ Helix Midnight Luxe

11″ Leesa Hybrid

14″ Bear Hybrid

11″ Titan

(Table data based on standard/non-sale prices for Queen sizes listed on each brand’s official site as of 10/24/2019.)

As you can see, DreamCloud is one of the least-expensive options on this list, coming second only to the 14.5” Saatva Luxury Firm. So, the company’s claim of being one of the most affordable on the market holds up. They’re not the most affordable big-name hybrid in the United States, though.

For those who are interested, there is also financing available through Affirm. If someone qualifies and sets the right payment terms, they may receive 0% APR financing, which can increase the overall availability of this bedding.

DreamCloud Mattress by the layers
DreamCloud – Layers

  1. Handcrafted tufted cashmere + polyester Eurotop.
  2. Gel-infused memory foam.
  3. Quilted memory foam.
  4. Natural latex.
  5. High-density Dream Plush foam.
  6. High-density memory foam.
  7. Five-zoned BestRest coils.
  8. High-density foam.

Safety & Materials


Those concerned about safety can rest assured that DreamCloud has received CertiPUR-US certification, a widely used safety standard in the industry. This certification applies to foams and means that they have undergone rigorous testing.

Products that receive this certification are independent-party tested for harmful chemicals like mercury, lead, and formaldehyde. When it comes to this brand’s foams, at least, there’s some legitimate backing for their safety.


DreamCloud proudly states on their website that they use “premium materials” to craft their products. But when you take a closer look at the bed, how does that claim hold up? Decently, as it turns out.

The top layer is where DreamCloud really concentrates on providing the luxury feel to their customers. This handcrafted Eurotop cover is a blend of tufted cashmere, which feels soft to the touch. Okay, so the top layer really is luxurious. But what about the rest of the mattress?

Other layers include natural latex, pocketed coil springs, and various types of memory foam. Natural latex is more durable than regular latex, so once more DreamCloud’s claims of using better materials holds up.

The included quilted and gel-infused memory foam is better than regular foam at wicking away heat and moisture; however, these materials are not unique to this mattress, being found in plenty of other options that don’t label themselves as a luxury or premium bed. Overall, DreamCloud uses a blend of high-quality and standard materials to craft their bed.

DreamCloud Report Card

Ever wonder how DreamCloud would do in school? You’re luck. Here’s how we think this brand would perform.

Noise ControlB+
Temperature RegulationA
Motion IsolationA-
Edge SupportB+

Why did we hand out these grades? Take a closer look below.

Noise Control

One of the drawbacks of innerspring bedding is the noise it generates. So, how does DreamCloud—which has plenty of coils—perform in this area? Surprisingly well. The placement of the inner coils and their foam encasings help mitigate potential noise.

So, while you can expect some noise from this bed, it won’t be too noticeable. Overall, DreamCloud does well here for a hybrid.

Temperature Regulation

When it comes to temperature regulation, DreamCloud once more does fairly well. The innersprings allow for airflow throughout the bed, which can combat the heat. There’s also a layer of natural latex, an elastic material that sleeps cooler than memory foam.

And what about the memory foam?, you may ask. Great question. Its gel-infused design is better at wicking away heat and moisture than standard memory foam, so it will help you rest a little cooler.


Sinkage refers to the dip of the mattress and how well it “hugs” you as you sleep. DreamCloud is a little firmer than all-foam or latex beds, but still conforms to the body decently enough.

Motion Isolation

For those who sleep with a partner, finding a sleeping surface that won’t transfer motion is a must. In this aspect, DreamCloud once more fares well. The plush top will effectively isolate most motion to avoid seriously jostling a sleeping companion.

Edge Support

Edge support refers to how firm the perimeter of a bed is. Those who sit along the sides of their bed or need a firmer surface to push off from when they get up will appreciate bedding with enhanced edge support. So, how is the edge support in DreamCloud? Decent enough for most folk.

Hybrid and all-spring mattresses tend to have better support along their edges than foam or latex varieties. DreamCloud incorporates an additional side wall of springs for added stability here.

There are, however, a few customer reports of sinking edges along their mattresses. For most people, though, their DreamCloud has sufficient edge support for their needs.

How Does DreamCloud Work for Different Types of Sleepers?

How you sleep can make a big impact on how well you react to what you sleep on. To reduce aches and pains, experts recommend properly aligning your spine as you rest.

This position can reduce tension and stress on different parts of the body, so you can wake up actually feeling refreshed.

People usually sleep in one of three ways: on their sides, backs, or stomachs (or some combination). Depending on how you sleep, the firmness and overall construction of your mattress can help you better align everything. How does DreamCloud serve the needs of each type of sleeper? Fairly well.

This bed is rated at roughly 6.5/10 in regards to firmness, which is a medium-plush feel. That middling firmness level can suit the needs of a wide range of sleeping positions.

In other words, many people should find that a DreamCloud works adequately for their needs. Those who crave a bed that’s extra soft or extra firm, though, might not enjoy this bed.

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DreamCloud is the hybrid bed in a box that won’t break the bank. See why people love this mattress today!

Warranty, Trial Period, Shipping & Delivery


Good warranties can help online shoppers feel a little easier about their purchases. After all, extended warranties mean that customers can return or replace their product if something happens. DreamCloud offers a lifetime warranty for their mattresses, one of the few in the sleep industry to do so.

Sleep Trial

Since there’s no physical store in which to try these beds out, you want to make sure that there’s a decent trial period available. This way, you can reliably test everything out in your own home or apartment.

Experts say that it may take your body a few weeks to fully adjust to a new sleeping surface. So, you want to make sure that anything you order online has a sleep trial period that lasts at least this long.

How long is DreamCloud’s sleep trial? A whopping 365 nights, or 1 full year. Rain, sunshine, snow—no matter the weather or season, you’ll get to test it all out on this bed before you decide if you want to keep it.

Shipping and Returns

For those that live within the contiguous United States, both shipping and returns are free. For those that live within Alaska or Hawai’i, there is a $150 shipping charge, which is fairly standard in the industry.


This brand comes delivered in a box. The bed itself can be a little heavy, so elderly individuals or people with back pain need to keep this fact in mind. Fortunately, there are white-glove services (WGS) available, including bed set-up. The first WGS costs $149 with each additional one costing another $45.

Review Summary & Ideal Customer Breakdown

Hybrid bedding can strike that hard-to-find balance between firmness, comfort, and temperature control. They also often come at a higher price tag than innerspring, all-latex, or all-memory foam options.

For mattress shoppers on a budget, this high price tag can discourage them from seeking out the mattress they really want.

Is DreamCloud the solution? There’s no doubt that this brand is more affordable than many hybrid alternatives on the market. However, it won’t work for everyone.

Those with latex allergies or who want an exceptionally firm or soft bed, for instance, likely won’t enjoy this brand.

Who will a DreamCloud mattress work best for? With a luxurious handcrafted top, the bed has a distinctly premium feel that many sleepers can comfortably snuggle up on. So, for bargain hunters and fans of hybrids, this brand is worth further exploration.

We think you’d enjoy a Dreamcloud mattress if you:

  • Are looking for a bargain on hybrid mattresses.
  • Need a mattress with minimal motion transfer.
  • Easily overheat and need a cool sleeping surface.

A DreamCloud mattress may not be the best for you if you:

  • Are allergic to latex.
  • Enjoy either extra-soft or extra-firm bedding.
  • Want a bed made in the USA.
  • Live outside of the United States.

Take a look at some of our other mattress reviews to find a mattress that suits your needs slightly more.

Points to Consider Before You Buy

Do you have a latex allergy?

This hybrid includes a layer of natural latex, which should be taken into consideration for those with latex allergies or sensitivities.

Your location

These beds are only available in the United States (including Alaska and Hawai’i). There is a $150 shipping charge for those living in Alaska and Hawai’i. Notably, shipping excludes US territories like Puerto Rico and Guam.

Mixed Reactions to the Company

This company is relatively new. It’s been in business since late 2017, according to BBB. At the beginning, there were complaints of backlogged orders. The reason? High demand.

There’s a wide range of mixed reactions to the quality of DreamCloud’s customer service. While many have no complaints, those who do by and large take issue with the length of time it takes to initially deliver the mattress or the company’s handling of returns.

So, how trustworthy is this company? Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a trusted organization that rates businesses on several factors, including transparency and working towards resolving customer complaints.

Their official ratings do not factor in the customer reviews shown on their website. BBB gives DreamCloud, LLC. an A- rating. Also on their site, the aggregate of 61 customer reviews is roughly 1.5/5 stars for this brand. On DreamCloud’s official site, however, 2,147 customer reviews average out to roughly 4.5/5 stars. Again—the reaction to this brand’s customer service is mixed.

It’s worth noting that the same people who make Nectar mattresses own DreamCloud. Nectar faced legal trouble in 2018 for claiming that its products were made in the USA when they were, in fact, manufactured in China. Nectar has since had to adjust its labeling practices.

WGS Pricing

White-glove services (WGS) are not free. The first service is $149, and each additional one is $45.

Weight Limits

Officially, the DreamCloud doesn’t have a set weight limit, although the brand’s foundation can support up to 700 lbs. However, given the fact that the top of this mattress is memory foam, it might be best for those over 230 lbs to steer clear of this bed.

Why? Because memory foam tends to trap heat much, much more easily for individuals over this weight—even if the bed includes temperature-regulating technology.

So, taller and heavier individuals wanting a hybrid mattress that can support some extra weight can look into Titan by Brooklyn Bedding; note that this bed is best for stomach and back sleepers.


Most frequent Dreamcloud questions

dreamcloudsleep.xuok.net/RyZL2aDoes DreamCloud come in a box?

Yes, this brand comes delivered to you compressed in a box. You can either unpack it yourself, with a friend, or you can opt for white-glove services to assist you.

Do you need a box spring with a DreamCloud mattress?

Most of the time, no. You will not need a box spring for your new DreamCloud unless you are using a metal bed frame. In order to make the most of your Everlong Warranty™, though, you should double-check with the company that the frame you are using will adequately support you and your new bedding. You can see DreamCloud-brand frames by clicking here.

Is DreamCloud mattress made in USA?

No. DreamCloud is distributed through various centers in the United States. It is made, however, in China.

How long does a DreamCloud mattress last?

The average lifespan of a bed is around 7 years. Hybrids are known for being a little more durable, so this brand should last a little longer, about 8-10 years. The Everlong Warranty™, though, covers you for a lifetime.

How long does DreamCloud take to ship?

When the company first started, there were complaints of backlogged orders due to high demand. Now, 2-3 days is usually how long it takes for the mattress to ship after someone places an order. After that, delivery will take around 2-5 business days. If someone wants white-glove services (WGS), they may need to add another 2-3 days to their delivery time.

Does DreamCloud sleep hot?

No. These hybrids incorporate several layers of cooling technology to ensure that even the hottest sleepers find relief when they slumber. Combining materials like gel foam, airy springs, and latex help these mattresses breathe.

Is DreamCloud mattress toxic?

No, it has received high safety ratings.

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DreamCloud is the hybrid bed in a box that won’t break the bank. See why people love this mattress today!

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