How Much Is A King Size Mattress? Average Price of King Mattresses

How much is a king size mattress? Every king needs a place to sleep, but does that place come at an affordable price?

Well, we aim to answer that question by going over some well-known brands so you’ll no longer be left wondering “How much is a king-size mattress?”

Budgeting for a King-sized Mattress

$500-$800 Range

King-sized mattresses in this range tend to be entry-level, all-foam products that don’t provide the luxury of a hybrid mattress

These mattresses tend not to have any firmness options so there’s usually only one standard choice. 

A typical $500 king-sized mattress can last you up to 5 years. Because they’re aimed at a general audience, these mattresses won’t provide you with targeted support or include considerations like weight or sleeping style. 

Although some mattresses in this range still try to cater for specific weight classes, they’re less effective than premium brands. If you have spinal problems, you should try and avoid these mattresses if possible.

That’s not to say that these mattresses don’t give you a comfortable night’s rest. Many mattresses between $500 and $800 offer decent motion isolation and have low-density temperature foam that allows trapped heat to escape and keeps you cool at night. 

The layers in mattresses of this range can easily distribute weight across its surface and reduce pressure in the hips and shoulders.

These mattresses will need to be replaced after 5 years as the foam inside washes away, which diminishes the support.

Leesa Original

Leesa King Mattress Price
How Much Is A King Size Mattress? Average Price of King Mattresses 6

One example of an affordable but still desirable mattress in this price range is the Leesa Original. 

This mattress starts at around $700 and is ideal for light to midweight sleepers who sleep on their backs. It has hug-like support which contours to your body as you sleep, supporting your shoulders and spine.

However, as found in most mattresses in this range, the lack of strong edge support makes getting in and out of bed a bit of a challenge.

$900-$1500 Range

This price bracket of king-sized mattresses tends to provide stronger structures, comfortable surfaces, and overall higher quality. In terms of bang for your buck, investing in a $900 mattress will be better for you and your sleep if you can afford it.

Some mattresses in this range offer different comfort or firmness levels that best suit your sleeping conditions, whilst others only provide a default level of comfort.

Many mattresses in this range are made from memory foam which is best suited for side sleepers. The sturdy foam keeps you in place while you sleep. If you toss around in your sleep, the motion isolation keeps it from interfering with anyone sharing your bed. 

However, this can compromise your spinal alignment.

Most mattresses between $900 to $1500 offer affordable, and sometimes free, additional accessories like mattress protectors, sheets, and pillows. 

They also tend to last between 8 and 10 years, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your mattress before searching for another one.

Sealy Cocoon Chill

Cocoon by Sealy Mattress
How Much Is A King Size Mattress? Average Price of King Mattresses 7

An example of a mattress with different levels of comfort would be the Cocoon Chill mattress.

This mattress also has Phase Change Material (PCM) allowing the mattress to absorb your body heat and regulate the temperature while you sleep.

It offers two firmness options: The Medium-Soft if you want to sink into your mattress and the Medium-Firm for those wanting something more stable. 

These two levels allow for solid cushioning for the hips and promote good spinal alignment. This makes them great choices for any side sleepers.

Puffy Original Memory Foam

Puffy’s king-size mattresses range from $949 for their base model to $2399 for their high-end, premium hybrid mattress. 

It has a medium-firm construction meaning it’s right in the Goldilocks zone between being too firm and too soft.

Nolah Original

The Nolah Original is another option for a king-sized mattress under $1,000. The Nolah forgoes the memory foam design and instead opts for all-foam support.

It also uses temperature-neutral air foam technology that provides the same bounce found in more expensive latex mattresses. The air foam is good for warm sleepers and the bounce makes for a responsive feel that provides pressure relief. 

Over $2000

This range offers mattresses fit for kings who want nothing but the best in terms of quality and comfort. These are the Rolls-Royces of the mattress world and they cost about as much.

Most mattresses in this range are made of either latex or hybrid materials. The latter combines latex, memory foam, and gel to make a mattress that’s comfortable and regulates temperature.

Mattresses in this range all promote airflow throughout them and provide luxury cooling options.

Don’t be fooled, these mattresses are expensive, but you won’t get any free accessories. 

Brands like Saatva still demand extra fees for adjustable frames or foundations. This can knock what’s already an expensive mattress up to $2500.

These mattresses can last up to 15 years if you take care of them properly. This, along with the lifetime warranty, ensures you remain a comfortable and satisfied king.

Saatva Classic King-Sized Mattress

An example of a king-size hybrid mattress in this range is the Saatva Classic. Saatva’s flagship hybrid mattress has three firmness options and is priced at just over $2000.

The firmness levels include Plush-Soft, designed for lightweights wanting a cushioned surface; Firm, for the heavier body types who don’t want to sink into their mattress; and Luxury Firm, a balance between the two former levels.  

Not only do you get multiple levels of comfort, but Saatva also offers lifetime warranties meaning you won’t have a time restriction when it comes to returning the product. 


The price of a king-size mattress varies depending on the brand and material you plan on purchasing.

All-foam mattresses, like the Nolah Original and the Cocoon Chill, are around the $1000 mark. However, hybrid mattresses such as the Saatva Classic can be upwards of $2000 as they are more of a luxury.

Like anything else, you get what you pay for. Forking out thousands for a premium mattress will have you surrounded in comfort, whereas cheaper products will wear out faster and provide less support.

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