How To Wake Up Early – Tips To Become An Early Bird

Getting up early in the morning always sounds like a great idea. You get quiet time to yourself, you have time to actually eat breakfast for once, and you can even catch a beautiful sunrise if you’re lucky. With all of these benefits and more, you may be wondering how to wake up early. I mean, the early bird gets the worm, right?

Unfortunately, waking up early proves to be a lot more difficult than one would think. When the comfort of your warm, inviting bed begs you to press the snooze button, the unwavering temptation often makes rising early near impossible. Luckily, becoming an early bird is a feasible change you can make in your life to reap the countless benefits. So, what are the steps in becoming the early riser you desire to be?

4 Easy Early Bird Tips

Don’t Go Cold Turkey

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First and foremost, don’t make any drastic changes. Getting into the routine of rising early isn’t something that can be done with the snap of a finger.

To start your journey to early mornings, sleep experts suggest adding 20 minutes to your wake up time every morning until you’ve reached your ideal time. Over time, your body will adjust and begin to fall asleep earlier, making waking up early that much easier. 

Establish A Morning Routine

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When you wake up, what does your morning routine look like? If it resembles something of waking up late, screaming, and going 90 mph in a 45 mph to work, you might want to consider establishing a better one.

In fact, establishing a morning routine helps you be your best all day. Plus, having reasons to get up earlier will help motivate you to get up in the morning. Here are a few suggestions to incorporate into your morning routine:

  • Go for an early morning walk
  • Eat a healthy, hearty breakfast
  • Journal and plan out your day
  • Take a bath

If you like to live an active lifestyle and have a pet, taking them for walks in the morning can also help start off your morning on the right foot. That being said, it’s important to bathe your dog regularly afterwards, especially if you sleep with your dog.

Establish a Night Routine

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Believe it or not, there’s a lot of elements that contribute to keeping you from sleeping at night. But luckily, there are many ways to combat them. Here are a few suggestions to incorporate into your night routine:

Stay Steady

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Above all, it’s important that you stick to these changes if you truly want to go from a night owl to an early bird. Although these changes may be small, they have lasting impacts that will kickstart your journey into becoming an early riser.

Especially on the weekends, it’s crucial you stick to these changes in your morning and night routine. While it may feel good to sleep in during the moment, the benefits of rising early will make you feel even better!

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