How to Wash Bamboo Sheets: Tips & Tricks

Go green: save money and the planet. Discover our easy tips and tricks for how to wash bamboo sheets on a budget.
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    Going green is easy when you rest on bamboo bed sheets; they’re one of the most sustainable textile crops to grow. But they aren’t just good for the environment. They can be great for you, too. That’s because bamboo has natural antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties that make it a great option for sensitive skin.

    If you’re going to invest in bamboo bedding, make sure you take proper care of it. After all, you want everything to last you for years to come. So, if you’re wondering how to wash bamboo sheets correctly—because it’s a different process than washing other kinds of bed sheets—we’ve got a few simple tricks that are both effective and budget-friendly.

    Simple Tricks for Washing Bamboo Sheets

    Some easy, cheap tricks for washing bamboo bed sheets include:

    Reading the Manufacturer’s Label

    Every linen set will be different. That’s why manufacturers include special instructions for washing your sheets. After all, they know better than anyone about the composition of your bedding. Checking the label for recommendations on what to do—or what not to do—on laundry day is the first thing you should do any time you receive a new sheet set.

    Halving Your Detergent Use

    Did you know that most people actually use too much detergent? You could even be one of them. Try halving your detergent use; you’ll likely notice that your sheets will still come out of the washer clean and with less residue to boot.

    You’ll also want to make sure your detergent is gentle and eco-friendly. Using harsh detergents can damage the many wonderful properties of bamboo. So, opt for something that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.

    Using Baking Soda

    Baking soda with detergent and pile of dirty laundry

    Baking soda really can do it all. Adding it to your laundry can help brighten, soften, and clean your load. Plus, it’s gentle enough to use on bamboo without degrading it over time.

    To wash bamboo sheets with baking soda, first put everything into the washer as usual. Next, add your gentle detergent. Then, throw in about a 1/2 cup of baking soda. Now, it’s best to go with something high quality. Trusted brands like Arm & Hammer are usually safe options.

    Never Using Bleach or Commercial Brighteners

    Bamboo fabrics have lots of wonderful natural properties. Harsh chemicals found in bleach or other commercial fabric brighteners can degrade those natural properties. Avoid them when you throw your green bedding into the washing machine.

    Only Washing Bamboo Sheets by Themselves

    Wash likes with likes: dedicate a single load just to your bamboo bed sheets. Why? For one, this will ensure that you don’t overload your washing machine. Overloading can mean that your fabrics don’t rinse all the way out. Secondly, items like towels may leave behind lots of lint on your sheets. Even worse, clothes with hooks, buttons, or zippers can snag on your bamboo bedding, leading to tearing or pilling.

    Cooling the Water Temperature

    Bamboo has plenty of antimicrobial properties. That means you can keep the water temperature cooler when you throw bamboo-based material into the washer. It saves you money, is more eco-friendly, and is gentler on the fabric itself.

    Avoiding Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets

    Bamboo-derived fabrics are already incredibly soft; using fabric softeners or dryers sheets with bamboo textiles can actually make them stiffer. How? By leaving behind chemical residues that degrade the material’s natural properties and make it less breathable.

    Avoiding High Drying Heat…

    Dry heat settings will likewise degrade your bamboo-derived bedding. Keep the dryer’s heat settings lower for better results…

    …Or Air-Drying Instead

    Funny little girl with the clothesline air drying bamboo bed sheets

    …if you want optimal results, though, don’t throw bamboo-based sheets into the dryer at all. If you can, hang them out to air-dry. This process will preserve their integrity and keep them soft.

    Removing Stains with White Vinegar

    Stains happen. Instead of using harsh chemicals to remove stains, try spot cleaning with distilled white vinegar instead.

    Final Thoughts

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    Bamboo bedding is great for both you and the planet. Now that you know how to wash bamboo sheets, you can protect your eco-friendly bedding on wash day.

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