Nature Sounds for Sleep

Can’t rest? You don’t have to start counting sheep. Instead, try listening to these relaxing nature sounds for sleep.

The science is out: background noise really can help us sleep. It all ties back to the concept of sound masking, where one soothing sound can seemingly block unpleasant noises. That makes something as simple as sound a powerful sleep aid for those whose rest is interrupted by unpleasant noises. Whether your upstairs neighbors are making a ruckus or you live next to a highway, adding some white noise into your bedtime routine may help you out.

Soothing Nature Sounds for Sleep

Tunes straight from Mother Nature are some of the most soothing sounds out there. You don’t need to pay for an expensive white noise machine to hear them, either. Instead, you can check out our collection of nature sounds either below or directly on our YouTube channel. Enjoy, and happy slumbering!

Tropical Forest

Even urban dwellers can hear the sweet sounds of the forest with this video.

Gentle Stream

There aren’t too many sounds as calm as the burbling of a gentle forest stream. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own bed to listen to these soothing sounds, either. Instead, you can just hit play on this video.


No fireplace? No problem. Enjoy crackling fire sounds with this video… and risk none of the flame hazards.


You’ll feel like you’re floating on a breeze when you listen to this windy video.


No, this video isn’t a loop of Frosty the Snowman singing. Yes, it is filled with an hour’s worth of gentle snowfall to gently rock you to sleep.


Here comes the thunder (and Z’s).


If the pitter-patter of rain makes you drowsy, you’re in luck. You can enjoy the sound of rain even during the driest spell with this video.


This video is probably the second best thing to hearing to waves at the beach in person.


Mother Nature is an artist. Hear her latest songs with this relaxing video.


Do chirping birds calm you down? If so, this video should be right up your alley.

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