Nectar Mattress Review 2022 – Should You Buy It?

Is a Nectar mattress uniquely suited to meet the needs of hot sleepers who crave pressure relief? We’re giving our honest thoughts here.

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The Bargain Bed

The Nectar is a match made in mattress heaven for fans of memory foam on a budget.

Mattress Performance

Edge Support
Temperature Regulation
Motion Isolation
Noise Control

Overall Rating

When you’re mattress shopping on a budget, it’s easy to become discouraged by the high prices. While there is some truth to the old saying, “You get what you pay for,” there are exceptions to this rule.

What if we told you that you could be the owner of a brand-new, top-notch mattress at an affordable price? That’s the thought process behind the Nectar mattress.

This brand claims their four-layer bed is that perfect balance of comfort, support, and affordability. By working closely with their partners, this company is able to deliver products at reasonable rates. So, Nectar’s biggest selling point may well be how great of a value it is…

…but is Nectar telling the truth when they claim their mattress really is amazing in terms of not just price, but also comfort and support? We’re here to get into the nitty-gritty details so you get an unbiased look at this mattress in a box brand. 

Nectar at a Glance


  • Online or in-store shopping
  • Extended trial
  • White-glove services (WGS) available
  • Price


  • Not for people who dislike the feel of foam or easily overheat

Best For…

  • Bargain hunters
  • Couples with a light sleeper
Nectar Overview
Mattress TypeFoam
Ships in…2-3 Business Days without WGS
Trial Period365 Nights/1 Year
Firmness Level5.5-7.5 / 10
Sleeper TypeWorks Well for Most Sleepers
WarrantyLifetime Forever Warranty™

The Nectar is a match made in mattress heaven for fans of memory foam on a budget.​

Nectar Models

When it comes to making the best bed on the market, it all comes down to the material and construction. Memory foam beds are popular because they’re great at contouring to the human body. This contouring means each body gets unique pressure-point relief for personalized comfort. However, memory foam is also notorious for trapping heat.

Nectar uses lots of memory foam in its construction. However, the brand also claims their two beds are fairly temperature-neutral. How true are these claims?

Let’s take a closer look at both models to find out.

Original Nectar Mattress

The brand’s most popular bed, often called one of the best values in the industry.

A Nectar mattress lays against a pale bedroom.

Layer 1: Comfort and Breathability

This top layer is all about offering a comfortable place to rest with a fair amount of temperature regulation. The top cover is made of quilted gel-infused memory foam, a material that conforms well to the shape of the human body. What’s so special specifically about gel memory foam, though? Well, it’s notably cooler than regular heat-trapping memory foam. The quilted construction only amplifies this cooling effect.

The exterior fabric is made of name-brand Tencel™. This material is well-known for its softness and moisture-wicking abilities. Taken together, this cover does a fairly decent job of adding a layer of softness to the top of the bed without making everything too hot.

Layer 2: Airiness and Durability

It’s not just what your bed is made of, but how it’s made that can have a significant impact on your overall sleep quality. Nectar knows this fact. That’s why the second layer is designed with gel foam that’s “semi open.”

This construction serves two purposes. One, it helps keep this layer a little airier, meaning less opportunity for heat to get trapped. Two, the gel memory foam will quickly bounce back to its original shape when you’re not resting on it. That helps add durability to the overall mattress.

Layer 3: Support, Support, Support

More foam here. This layer is made of what Nectar calls Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam. While the first two layers of this bed are about temperature control, this one is all about making sure your mattress is the right density.

With the right bounce and elasticity, a bed can neatly conform to the unique shape of your body as you rest on it. This layer really is a bit more elastic, meaning it can actually provide more customized pressure relief than traditional innerspring mattresses. Plus, the heavy material Nectar uses is higher-quality than regular foam. In this regard, Nectar outperforms lots of standard foam mattresses.

Layer 4: A Breathable Base

It’s the foundational layer for the whole bed. That means it needs to be durable. As it turns out, this dense final layer does just that. It adequately supports not just the entire three upper layers, but your body weight as well. 

Now, there might be some valid concerns that a denser base automatically means that it’s also heat trapping. This base is surprisingly airy, though. It’s all thanks to the incorporation of molded channels throughout this layer to make it more breathable.

From top to bottom, it really does appear that Nectar has thought of nearly everything to make a comfortable, breathable foam-based bed.

How Much Does a Nectar Mattress Cost?

Nectar is available in the following 6 standard sizes at the following price points:

  • Twin: $499
  • Twin XL: $569
  • Full: $699
  • Queen: $799
  • King: $999
  • California King: $999

How does this pricing stack up to its competition? Pretty well. Many comparable mattresses are much more expensive than this brand. Casper, for instance, sells its Queen for $995, while Tulo price their queen at $699.

(Note that while prices are correct at the time of writing, these prices are subject to change. You can see up-to-date pricing by visiting by clicking here.)

A layered Nectar mattress.

Original Nectar – Layers

  1. Quilted memory foam cover.
  2. Gel-infused memory foam.
  3. Adaptive memory foam.
  4. High-density foam.
  5. Non-slip bottom cover.

The Nectar is a match made in mattress heaven for fans of memory foam on a budget.​

Nectar Lush

A newer 12″ model with enhanced support and cooling technology.

The Nectar Lush mattress.

Layer #1: Cooling Comfort

This top layer is a sleeping surface that’s as inviting as it is comfortable and cooling. It’s thanks in part to both its material and design. Like the Original model, this one is made with natural moisture-wicking materials, helping you to stay drier as you rest. Additionally, the quilted design of this cover means that it’s quite airy, once more helping to keep you cool and dry.

Layer #2: Airy Pressure Relief

This next layer is comprised of specialized open-cell memory foam. Notably, this foam includes premium gel, which works together with the open-cell design to provide greater airflow and heat transfer. The result? The memory foam will hug the body to provide optimized pressure-point relief while staying temperature-neutral.

Layer #3: Added Bounce

This next layer is perfect for increasing the bed’s bounce. This added bounce helps effectively isolate motion, meaning that couples are less likely to jostle each other when they share this mattress.

Layer #4: Stabilizing Base

This final layer supports the entire unit. Its high-density composition means this base layer is firm, perfect for providing your body the stability it needs.

How Much Does a Nectar Lush Mattress Cost?

Nectar Lush is available in the following 6 standard sizes at the following non-sale price points:

  • Twin: $1,099
  • Twin XL: $1,149
  • Full: $1,349
  • Queen: $1,499
  • King: $1,799
  • California King: $1,799

(Prices subject to change. You can see up-to-date pricing by visiting by clicking here.)

Since the Lush model is certainly an upgrade from the base in terms of support and temperature regulation, it should come as no suprise that it is also more expensive. However, these price points mean that the Lush model might not be the best fit for those with tighter budgets.

Interior layers of the 12 inch Nectar Lush mattress.

Nectar Lush – Layers

  1. Cooling cover.
  2. Open-cell CoolFlow Visco foam with AquaCool technology.
  3. Bouncy Energex foam.
  4. High-density support foam.

The Nectar is a match made in mattress heaven for fans of memory foam on a budget.​

Safety & Materials

The quality of materials can have a serious impact on the overall quality of the unit. Nectar claims to use quality items to produce their beds; the most notable materials here are gel-infused CertiPUR-US certified memory foam and Tencel™ fabric in the bed cover.

Safety Certifications

Just what do these terms mean, though? CertiPUR-US certified materials are rigorously tested for harmful chemicals. According to the official site, foam with this certification is made without:

  • Ozone depleters
  • The flame retardants PDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”)
  • Heavy metals like lead or mercury
  • Formaldehyde
  • Certain phthalates
  • More than 0.5 parts per million volatile organic compound emissions.

Gel-infused Foam

So, foam bedding with this certification can provide you with a little extra assurance about their safety. Gel-infused foam is a fancy term for foam that adds a cooling factor—usually some sort of gel bead—in order to combat the material’s heat-trapping tendencies.

Quilted Cover

Tencel™ is well-known for being a soft, moisture-wicking material. Also known by the generic name lyocell, Tencel™ may also have antimicrobial and anti-wrinkling properties. This material is also incredibly eco-friendly to produce. By using less water waste and pesticides, lyocell material already comes out ahead of wasteful fabric bases like cotton. Throw in the fact that this textile is often made from sustainable plant-based sources, and you have an environmentally friendly bed cover.


The Nectar is a match made in mattress heaven for fans of memory foam on a budget.​

Nectar Mattress Report Card

Curious about how Nectar would perform in mattress school? Here’s how we think the brand would perform.

Noise ControlA
Temperature RegulationB
Motion IsolationA
Edge SupportB-

Why did we give out these grades? You can learn more about these marks below.

Noise Control

Looking to keep down the noise? Nectar delivers fairly well on this front. With lots of foam and no innersprings, this mattress is pretty quiet.

Temperature Regulation

Memory foam might be comfortable to the touch, but it’s also notorious for trapping heat. That’s why many are surprised to learn that this foam mattress is actually great at preventing sleepers from overheating. As discussed above, Nectar has optimized nearly every inch of this mattress to be temperature-regulating. This way, it can offset the heat-trapping qualities of traditional foam. So, as far as foam beds go, this one does quite well here.


Screenshot 261

This bed is made of foam, which is known to sink and snuggle right up to the body’s contours. This mattress therefore has a high amount of sink, or “give,” in both models.

Motion Isolation

Did we mention this bed is made of memory foam? This material is great at motion isolation, making Nectar a nice option for couples. You’ll be less likely to disturb a partner if you have to get up and move in the middle of the night when you slumber on this bed.

Edge Support

Few know it, but edge support can offer insight into the overall quality of the bed. Furthermore, entering and exiting your bed can actually wear the mattress down quite a bit over time. That’s why it pays to invest in bedding that has stronger edge support. This way, your bed will be less likely to sag over time and give you a firmer place to rest.

As far as memory foam goes, this bed is a sturdy one. However, there might still be some slight sagging at the edges. Once again, though, the Forever Warranty™ should come in handy if you notice too much sinking here. All in all, Nectar does fairly average in this regard.


The Nectar is a match made in mattress heaven for fans of memory foam on a budget.​

Best Sleeping Positions

Screenshot 260

When it comes to getting better sleep quality and reducing aches and pains, there may be nothing more important than making sure your spine is properly aligned when you rest. Not all beds are created equal, though, and not every bed can best serve the needs of every kind of sleeper.

This brand, however, claims their beds work well for all kinds of sleepers. When taking a closer look, though, just how does Nectar serve the unique needs of side, back, and stomach sleepers?

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers will appreciate this bed’s body-hugging design that can help them get the support they need. However, side sleepers who find they need just a little extra help achieving better back alignment can try adding a pillow between their legs. Those who find they need extra support should consider upgrading to the Lush model.

Back Sleepers

Like side sleepers, back sleepers will appreciate this bed’s body-conforming abilities and firm base. This design can offer them both the comfort and stability they need. Back sleepers who find that their spine isn’t properly aligned, though, can try adding a pillow under their knees.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping is one of the most taxing sleeping positions for the body. Those who find that they can’t fall asleep in any other position therefore need to take special care to ensure that their sleeping surface can better help them align their spine. The Original Nectar falls roughly in the middle of a 10-point firmness scale, being rated between 5.5 and 7.5. That firmness level does work well for plenty of people, but what about stomach sleepers?

Every single body is unique and has special needs; however, stomach sleepers usually need something slightly firmer to help them keep their backs in place. There are exceptions to this general rule, however. For example, those with a little extra weight, especially around the stomach, may find that a bed that’s a little softer to their liking. After all, this quality will give them a place to let their weight sink into the bed in such a way that it better aligns their spine. These types of stomach sleepers may find this brand works well for them.


The Nectar is a match made in mattress heaven for fans of memory foam on a budget.​

Ordering a Nectar: Warranty, Trial Period, Shipping & More

Why do people seem to love Nectar? It has a lot to do with striking that hard-to-reach balance between price, quality, service, and overall value.

So, just what can you expect when ordering from this brand?

Available Online or in Stores

With the included 365-night trial and lifetime warranty, ordering a Nectar online is a lower-risk experience compared to some of their competitors. However, if you really are set on testing everything out before ordering, you can. This brand is available both online and in select brick-and-mortar stores across the United States.


The length of a warranty is a good measure of the quality of a product. Generally speaking, the longer the warranty, the more confident the manufacturer is that the product will last. So, just how confident is Nectar in their mattress? Quite a bit. They offer a lifetime Forever Warranty™.

Trial Period

When you shop for bedding online, it’s important to look for something with a sleep trial. This way, you can test out the bed in your own home before deciding whether or not you want to keep it. Many companies, like Purple, offer a 100-night sleeping trial. That’s not a bad offer. . . but it also means you only get to test out how you sleep in your bed during a single season.

To make sure you get the full experience of sleeping in your new mattress—no matter the weather—Nectar offers a 1-year sleep trial. Spring, summer, fall, winter; you’ll get to slumber away in all seasons with a Nectar during this extended trial period. So, when it comes to trial periods, Nectar really is a leader in the sleep industry and has one of the longest mattress free trials of all the mattresses we have reviewed.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping a bed across the United States has to be expensive, right? Wrong. If you live anywhere within the contiguous United States, you’ll get your Nectar shipped to you completely free of charge. If you live in Alaska or Hawai’i, don’t worry; you can still get a Nectar bed. However, it will come with a $150 shipping fee.


As far as delivery times go, Nectar fairs pretty well. Their mattresses are delivered to your home roughly 2 to 3 business days after shipping. If you add the available white-glove delivery service, you can add another 2-3 business days to that total.

White-glove Services Available

Your new bed is delivered to you in an easy-to-unpack box. However, if you’d like someone else to take care of that for you, you’re in luck. Nectar offers premium white-glove services like mattress set-up and old bed removal. Just know that this service isn’t free. The first service costs $145 and each additional one costs another $45.

Discounts & Financing

Last but not least, there’s no denying that Nectar stands apart from its competition thanks to its price. Free delivery? Check. Low price tags on the finished bed? Check. Free returns? Check. There’s even a 15%-off military discount, which eligible personnel can learn more about here.

If you want it, you can also opt for available financing through Affirm. Depending on your eligibility and the terms you set, you could receive 0% APR financing. When it comes to affordability, Nectar is one of the better options in the industry.


The Nectar is a match made in mattress heaven for fans of memory foam on a budget.​

Review Summary & Ideal Customer Breakdown

There’s a reason why so many people love memory foam. For starters, it’s become more affordable in recent years and is incredibly comfortable. Most importantly, though, this elastic material is great at conforming to the curves of the human body.

Since everyone has a unique shape, memory foam beds are oftentimes the best options to provide the most personalized support and pressure relief to the largest number of people.

However, many people are still hesitant to try out memory foam-based mattresses. Why? Because they can quickly and easily trap heat. Since most people have difficulty sleeping when they’re hot, that can make beds made of this material a no-go option.

What’s a hot sleeper who craves pressure relief to do?

Nectar believes their uniquely constructed bed is the perfect solution. The truth is that these beds do offer a great value. Comfortable, shape-conforming, and temperature-regulating, Nectar mattresses strike that hard-to-find balance between stability, temperature control, and affordability. While these mattresses won’t work well for everyone—especially those who dislike the feel of foam—they can work well for a lot of people, particularly those on a tight budget.

We think you’d enjoy a Nectar mattress if you:

  • Are on a tighter budget.
  • Need a mattress with extra give and softness.
  • Crave pressure relief.
  • Prefer the feeling of an all-foam mattress.
  • Share a bed with a light sleeper.

A Nectar mattress may not be the best for you if you:

  • Dislike the feel of foam.
  • Easily overheat.
  • Need an extra-firm sleeping surface.
  • Want enhanced edge support.

Points to Consider Before You Buy

Your Typical Sleeping Position

Everyone has distinct preferences when it comes to sleeping positions. Not many beds can meet the unique needs of all three of these positions, and how firm a bed is can make a large difference in comfort and support levels.

So, with a firmness level of 5.5-7.5 on a 10-point scale, the Original Nectar is a middling option that a wide range of sleepers should find decently comfortable to rest on.

Your Bedding Preferences

While memory foam is quite popular, not everyone likes it. Those who do not like foam beds likely wouldn’t enjoy this all-foam one from Nectar.

Temperature Considerations

Do you easily overheat when you rest? If so, you might find the added cooling technology inside the Lush model more to your liking than the base Original.

Your weight

According to the official site, a Nectar can support up to 650 lbs total, which translates to roughly 325 lbs per side. Those who need a bed with a greater weight capacity should explore the Titan, which is optimized for taller and heavier folks.


Most frequent Nectar questions

How long do Nectar mattresses last?

Nectar stands by its Forever Warranty™ for normal damages that can occur from regular use of their mattresses.

This warranty doesn’t exactly tell you how long a single model will last you, though. So, how long can you expect a bed from this company to last? Roughly 7 years with normal use.

Do you need a box spring with a Nectar mattress?

No, you do not need a box spring with an Original Nectar mattress if you do not want one. However, you do have the option to buy a specialized bed frame directly from Nectar.

Where is Nectar mattress located?

You can grab a Nectar either online or at select retailers across the contiguous United States. You can see where these retailers are here.

Does Nectar take your old mattress?

Yes. If you want to toss out your old mattress when your new one comes in, you can ask Nectar to do that for you with their available white-glove services (WGS). For the first WGS, it will cost you $145. Each additional WGS adds $45 to that total.

Is Nectar mattress good for side sleepers?

Yes. This brand works fairly well for most types of sleepers, including side sleepers.

What comes with my Nectar mattress?

You can change up your bedding in more ways than one with this company. When you order a mattress from Nectar online, that’s not all you’ll be getting.

You will also receive a free or discounted gift option at checkout and two pillows made of memory foam when you order a regular-price mattress. Your gift options include weighted blankets, mattress protectors, sheet sets, and foundations.

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