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    Shocking Sleep Facts & Statistics in the USA

    1. Only 10% of Americans prioritize sleep when it comes to daily activities.
    National Sleep Foundation

    2. 80-90% of adults with sleep apnea are undiagnosed.
    American Academy of Sleep Medicine

    3. Americans are projected to spend $52 billion on sleep aids by 2020.
    Consumer Reports

    4. Your amygdala, the emotion center of the brain, increases reactivity by 60% as a result of poor sleep.
    Annual Review of Clinical Psychology

    5. After just one night of bad sleep, your pain threshold drops by 15%.
    Psychology Today

    6. One alcohol binging episode can alter the gene that regulates your sleep.

    7. One night of poor sleep can increase anxiety levels by 30%. If not treated, it could turn into a cycle.
    Society for Neuroscience

    8. An estimated 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder.
    National Academies Press

    9. Among adults, around 40% of men regularly snore, while only 24% of women do.
    National Sleep Foundation

    10. 10% of US adults have chronic insomnia.
    American Sleep Association

    11. Approximately 4% of Americans used prescription sleeping pills.
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    12. The CPAP device market is worth $4.3 billion

    13. 8% of Americans use an app to track their sleep.

    14. You would need 4 days of good sleep to make up for 1 hour of sleep debt.
    Scientific Reports

    15. Drowsy driving caused 795 deaths in 2017.
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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