Sleep Music for Kids: 5 Lullaby Playlists to Try

Looking for the best sleep music for kids? We’ve found some of the best soothing playlists that you can add to a bedtime routine right away.

No matter how much they might protest nap time, kids need lots of sleep. When it comes to getting your kid to settle down for naps or bed, nothing works quite as well as a soothing lullaby. Parents and caregivers have been singing to their children for ages, and research shows it’s beneficial for several reasons. From establishing a bedtime routine to creating a bonding experience between parent and child, adding some relaxing background music into your child’s sleeping routine may improve their sleep quality.[1,2,3]

Research suggests that using music to complement a routine—rather than replace a current one—might be best. Why? Because using music only as a sleep-time routine means you cut yourself out of the process. That means you miss out on quality bonding time with your kid![4] So, just make sure that you’re still part of your kid’s sleepytime routine when you add some white noise to it.

Top 5 Sleep Music for Kids Playlists

Looking for the best sleep music for kids that the Internet has to offer? We’ve rounded up five of the best soothing playlists out there that you and your little one can try out today.

1. Relaxing Deep Sleep Music for Kids 🎵

From Mindful Kids comes this 4-hour video. The music is complemented with pleasing nature photos to help promote mindfulness and relaxation.

2. Lullaby for Babies to Go to Sleep 🎵

We feature this hour-long lullaby on our YouTube channel. All in all, we think it’s just perfect for calming down a child before sleepytime.

3. Relaxing SLEEP Music for Children

New Horizon – Meditation & Sleep Stories provides over 2 hours of soothing sounds to help promote deep sleep. This video is perfect for children of all ages; in fact, you may even find yourself winding down when you listen to it yourself.

4. Lullaby for Babies

In this video, Best Baby Lullabies offers over 2 hours’ worth of calming piano and music-box sounds. Simply press play, then let your child fall asleep to some peaceful white noise.

5. 🎧 Stunning Aquarium & The Best Relaxing Music

Amby – Relaxing Music offers something a little different than the other options on this list. Besides calming instrumental music, this video also provides background visuals of a colorful aquarium. All the fun and relaxation of a fish tank without any of the responsibility? Yes, please!

Looking for more playlists? You can check out some of the best lullabies for babies to sleep soundly to right here.


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