The 18 Best Mattress Toppers for Side Sleepers

If you tend to sleep on your side at night, you’d know how difficult it can be to find a comfortable mattress for you. Sleeping on your side means extra pressure on certain parts of the body, such as your shoulders and hips.

In turn, this causes an uneven distribution of weight over the cushioning of a mattress. A practical solution to this problem is a high-quality mattress topper.

Research shows that side sleeping is the most popular position among adults. Luckily, this means that there are a wide-range of products available to improve your sleep, without compromising your current side-sleeping position. Mattress toppers for side sleepers are great as they provide extra support, comfort, and depth to your bed to give you the supportive sleep you need.

Your mattress gets more sink-ability and suppleness, so it is easy for you to distribute your weight around while sleeping. You can even pair one of these high-quality mattress toppers with a mattress specifically designed for side sleepers. This will give you the optimal sleeping experience crafted just for you.

We’ve rounded up 18 of the best mattress toppers for side sleepers as well provided a guide that will aid you in your purchasing process. Read on to find your perfect fit!

The List

1. Puffy Mattress Topper

The best mattress topper for side sleepers is the Puffy Mattress Topper.

It tops our list because it is a perfect solution for people who sleep on their side. The main issue side sleepers face is discomfort due to a mattress that is too firm.

If you select the soft option under the ‘feel’ dropdown it will allow you to soften up that overly firm mattress.

With this model, you can sleep peacefully, knowing that you are resting on a topper made from Oeko-Tex verified materials. Every mattress topper undergoes strict testing to make sure there are no harmful chemicals to inflect your well-being.

With 40% bamboo and 60% polyester material, it can prevent overheating and keep you comfortable and cool through the night.  Its fabric is amazingly breathable,  light, and cool to touch, which means no moving around in search of a cold spot while sleeping.

The Puffy mattress topper is designed and manufactured with durability and longevity in mind. Besides side sleepers, back and stomach sleepers also love this product for its endurance level and exceptional quality.

It features durable stretch pockets that are easy to secure to a bed. These pockets can accommodate mattresses with 15-inch thickness. You can use it with almost all kinds of mattresses like hybrid, latex, and memory foam. 

Another great thing about the Puffy topper is that it is also great for side sleepers with allergies. They can sleep peacefully over this hypoallergenic topper without getting itchy and irritated.

Things We Love:

  • Soft or firm options.
  • Soft option is great for side sleepers who have a mattress that is too firm.
  • 101-night sleep trial is more than enough time to decide if it solves your sleep issues.


  • Designed for different mattresses
  • Washable cover
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Keep out bacteria and dust mites


  • No drawbacks reported

2. Leesa Mattress Topper

mattress topper 1

If you are looking for something to make your mattress soft, thick, and extra supportive, look no further than Leesa Mattress Topper.

Unlike other toppers by the company, this particular model is quite thin and more affordable for people with a specific budget. It is made from Leesa Foam, which is the company’s most comfortable, new-age foam to date.

The materials used in manufacturing are lycra, viscose, and polyester. These materials make Leesa Mattress Topper really soft, light, and suitable for machine washing.

Since it is made of memory foam, it holds a lineation, pressure-relieving feel. It is not like your traditional memory foam; there is a very light syrup-like feel that most of the side sleepers love.

While being light, this neutralized topper can respond to pressure more quickly without giving you a stuck feeling.

People with all-latex foam material or beds that are too firm for daily use must consider purchasing this topper to achieve some very well-deserved pressure relief.

Side sleepers, in particular, must pay close attention to Leesa Mattress Topper as they prefer their mattress to feel softer to avoid waking up with a painful shoulder.

Heavy sleepers over 240 pounds must ensure that their mattress is firm to make this topper addition in their lives.


  • High-quality
  • Support for all body types and sleeping positions
  • Easy to remove, washable cover
  • Perfect amount of bounce


  • May slide off base mattress easily

3. Layla Memory Foam Topper

layla topper on soft side for gallery

If you appreciate the supportive and cooling impacts of Layla mattresses, you will surely love their mattress topper as well. Adding this product in your bedroom is like putting in clouds to a cotton candy bed.

This cooling mattress topper is undoubtedly the coziest one on the list, thanks to its 2 inches thick copper gel-infused memory foam mattress pad that you can conveniently fit over any mattress of our choice.

The topper is enclosed in the same material as the company’s mattress cover so you can stay supported and cool all night long.

The copper gel beads within the foam can pull your body heat away from you and make you feel cooler than cool. Its copper infused memory foam yields a plush layer and recoil deep compression areas like hips and shoulders to keep your body aligned.

The Layla Memory Foam Topper is antimicrobial in nature. It means that this topper acts as a shield to keep bad things out of your body by preventing the accumulation of bacteria in your mattress. 

Side sleepers are advised to drop this topper over the soft side of their mattress to take the firmness to a whole new level.


  • Cool, supportive and plush
  • Features copper infused memory foam
  • Antimicrobial
  • Extreme firm feel


  • Initial smell is strong

4. Natural Talalay Latex Mattress Topper

natural talalay latex mattress topper

If you want to experience the quality feel of latex or simply looking for a product to avoid purchasing a new mattress, Natural Talalay Latex Mattress Topper is an ideal option to go for.

This mattress topper is made with 100% pure Talalay latex material. There are absolutely zero petroleum-based fillers or synthetic additives to harm your health. The manufacturers here only use top-quality natural latex to make this topper. 

With its distinctive features and built, it is one of the most durable products in the market that promises its customers an amazing comfort in every resting position.

The Natural Talalay Latex Mattress Topper can easily absorb shocks due to your body movements. Also, it is a lot softer than its competitors, so an excellent option for people who like soft sleeping surfaces and extra cushioning.

Since it is made from natural latex, the mattress topper is anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant. It features Pincore Ventilation Technology in the manufacturing process to deliver an amazingly cool and relaxing experience to the user.

The topper offers four different firmness options to choose from. It is also a great choice to enjoy superior pressure relief if you have been suffering from intense pain in your knees, back, hips, and shoulders.


  • There is no off-gassing
  • Different firmness options
  • Natural and cost-effective
  • Rigorously tested


  • High price

5. TEMPUR-Topper Supreme

Screen Shot 2020 07 21 at 11.26.11 PM

The TEMPUR-Topper Supreme is designed and created to be the best supportive and pressure-relieving topper of all time. The three-inch thick profile of this product is optimum for users who wish to have extra cushioning or contour over their mattress while sleeping.

Many buyers state that this topper gives a great pressure-relieving feel that enhances the comfort of spring mattresses.

As far as the quality is concerned, the materials used in the manufacturing of TEMPUR-Topper Supreme are the highest-quality constituents available out there. In general, they have longer durability, and more density thus offers more heat retention, which is precisely what many side sleepers look for in a quality product.

There are two layers i.e., a cover layer and a Tempur memory foam layer. The cover layer is made of the synthetic blend, which is removable, washable, and dust mite resistant with less heat retention. Another layer is a three-inch, high-quality, medium-firm Tempur, which is ideal for users in search of support and contour.

The TEMPUR-Topper Supreme is durable, dense, and, at times, feels like a mini-mattress. It weighs around 30 pounds, which makes it a great alternative for mattresses during camping and backpacking. Since it has a slow response to pressure, people who like memory foam feel can enjoy sleeping on this topper the most.


  • Washable cover
  • Proprietary Tempur material
  • Generous thickness
  • Durable and easy to care


  • High Cost

6. The Latex for Less Topper

This natural, pure latex mattress topper is pillow-soft, which is enough to deliver the right amount of support and soothing comfort for a good night’s sleep. With its 3 inches single-origin, pure latex material, you get to enjoy the best relaxing pressure relief during the side sleeping position.

The professional and skilled craftsmen at the company craft every topper with exceptional quality and design. The local manufacturing of the product reduces unsafe emissions, so as a user, you also feel great about investing in a company that helps keep the world healthy.

This latex topper is best known to deliver exceptional softness and support. The manufacturers use a single source for their latex for the precise calibration. Such calibration gives your topper a perfect amount of sink and buoyancy for comfortable side sleeping.

Since The Latex for Less Topper is manufactured from a tough, single-source latex, it will never break down or sag and will always come back to its original shape no matter how rough you use it on a daily basis.

It offers better body weight distribution by decreasing pressure points and delivering unconditional support to your hips, shoulders, knees, and back.

Another feature that makes this topper so attractive is that it is devoid of synthetic additives and fillers. Due to this, The Latex for Less Topper never off-gasses harmful chemicals upon unboxing.


  • Oeko-Tex and Eco-Institute certified
  • Better support and comfort
  • Long-lasting and resilient
  • Provides superior pressure relief


  • May lose shape over time

7. Cedar Natural Luxe Topper

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Safe, eco-friendly, and luxurious,  the Cedar Natural Luxe Topper is the next best thing on our list. This mattress topper has conceded the most strict universal standards of social and ecological responsibility.

Only a few products in the market have been able to pass the verification methods, which shows that this model is not just suitable for you but also for the environment and sharecroppers who harvest its materials.

With this topper, you can now add an extra layer of comfort to your typical mattress. It features GOLS approved wool, latex, and cotton cover to deliver optimum results. There is a 3-inch comfort latex layer for extravagance and fewer motion transfers for couples.

The topper is handmade in California with all-natural materials. It is furnished with four customized and convenient handles. With these handles, you can join this euro-designed topper to your Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress and keep it firmly in its place.

Moreover,  the Cedar Natural Luxe Topper is GG-certified via the UL environment for low emissions.  It shows that the product is scientifically verified in eco-friendly chambers to meet the set emission standards against pollutants and chemical exposure.


  • Naturally antimicrobial
  • Adds plush comfort to the mattress
  • Use certified organic latex
  • No toxins or harmful chemicals


  • Absorbs some body heat

8. Natural Latex Mattress Topper

Screen Shot 2020 07 21 at 11.33.03 PM

This 2-inch Natural Latex Mattress Topper is a convenient solution for all the side sleepers whose current mattresses are in good shape but can’t give enough comfort and support while sleeping. This mattress topper can fix every issue with your mattress and allow you to drift off to a land of relaxed, deep sleep.

This topper is conveniently designed and manufactured to keep you comfortable through the night. The company’s mattress is also available in different sizes and thicknesses to suit your requirement as a side sleeper.

If you are not satisfied with the mattress only, we suggest you do give this 2-inch mattress a chance to achieve better outcomes.

Natural Latex Mattress Topper is a great choice for users who prefer using synthetic materials. It is made with pure, 100% natural latex so you can be sure that no fillers or artificial additives have been used in the manufacturing process.

The maximum breathability with Natural Latex Mattress Topper is maintained via small air channels positioned throughout its designs. The holes in the topper generate air chambers that allow air to ventilate freely throughout its length and keep you more cool and comfortable.

This topper is a softer option that is still able to provide adequate support to the user. Side sleepers can additionally benefit in their shoulders and hips by regular use of this product.


  • The great pressure point for side sleepers
  • Made from natural latex
  • Durable
  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial


  • The smell takes time to dissipate

9. DreamFoam 2″ Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper

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This mattress topper is an ideal option for all those side sleepers who are looking to add extra pressure relief to their mattress. It has the ability to soften the mattress to a fair amount and exert less pressure on your hips and shoulders.

There is a soft and slow-moving feel where the topper’s conformation will make you feel like your body is sinking into the mattress and providing the ultimate support and comfort you wish for.

The DreamFoam Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper is 2 inches thick and is made from open-celled, soft memory foam. This design-assist with breathability and stop the topper from overheating.

Another great thing here is that the memory foam is infused with a gel to facilitate temperature regulation and cooling. It formulates a gel-swirl that ranges throughout the product making it more comfortable and cool than a conventional mattress.


  • Provide ultimate pressure point relief
  • Draws heat away from the body
  • Infused with advanced cooling gel
  • Affordable and durable


  • The initial chemical spell is present

10. LUCID 3 Inch Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress Topper

71VqNFk1nWL. AC SL1500

Save your money and stress and soften up your mattress with this topper instead of changing your whole bed. The LUCID Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress Topper is made with bamboo plants burned at high temperatures and grounded into a powdered form. 

The use of bamboo charcoal helps maintain temperature, moisture, and stink for a peaceful and comfortable sleeping environment.

It features a plush, therapeutic memory foam that helps align your back and spine by eliminating pressure points. The contouring ability of the mattress topper enables you to sleep well and wake up in the morning without feeling any pain.

Unlike traditional memory foams in the market, the LUCID Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress Topper is exceptionally well ventilated for better temperature regulation and airflow.

Though all profiles have the same relaxing feel, the thick topper gives a deeper sink and better cradling.


  • Plush and therapeutic
  • Supports lower back
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Regulate temperature, moisture, and odor


  • Scent needs 48 hours to dissipate

11. Royal Plush Mattress Topper

61OdoUaM2TL. AC SL1000

The all-new Royal Plush Mattress Topper is the ultimate product in the world of luxury. This comfy, extravagant mattress topper has the ability to provide you with the most amazing gentle support and unbeatable comfort through the night.

Filled with 600GSMand 65 ounces of down-alternative fill, this topper helps you stay calm and relaxed as you drift off into deep sleep. Its plush microfiber gel cover is hypoallergenic in nature, so you feel as though you are sleeping on a bed of clouds.

The topper is not only easy to take care of but also machine washable and wrinkle-free.

The hips and shoulders of side sleepers will sink in the softness of this topper while the rest of their body will stay supported and properly aligned. The ventilated design of Royal Plush Mattress Topper allows breathability and airflow to prevent the user from overheating.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Plush and luxurious


  • Needs several hours to recover to its full loft

12. MyPillow Two-inch Mattress Bed Topper

71ZDdp8cjVL. AC SL1500

MyPillow is not just famous for its colorful advertisements but also for the success of its high-quality products. Their MyPillow Two-inch Mattress Bed Topper comes with two layers of foam intending to be moderately cool and warm. 

The zippered removable cover is washable and dryable. There are four corner straps to hold the topper in place.

In terms of quality, the three-inch foam delivers better pressure relieving properties and support as compared to other fast degrading toppers that give body indentations over a short period.

The cover layer is made of a phase changing material for better temperature regulation and to avoid retaining heat against the body. The second layer is of MyPillow patented foam, which is adequately supportive and medium-firm, so it never degrades and supports the spine very well.

The third layer consists of transitional foam to adapt to the side sleeper’s body and relieve pressure points. This foam distributes your body weight and cradles your spine without causing too much contouring.


  • Patented technology
  • Comfortable sleeping surface
  • Washable, dry-able, zippered cover
  • Corner straps to hold the topper in place


  • Quality control issues

13. OrganicTextiles Organic Latex Mattress Topper

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This safe and healthy mattress topper is GOLS certified and environmentally sustainable. It is made from natural, renewable resources without using any toxic chemicals, petroleum-based additives, memory foam, synthetic blends, or vinyl-based extracts.

The OrganicTextiles Organic Latex Mattress Topper is antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistant. It is exceptionally durable and has latex purity that offers a healthy and safe home environment for long-terms benefits to side sleepers.

It features dual-zone innovation technology with a firm and soft side. Simply flip this topper over your mattress and instantly enjoy a soft feel and soundless sleep every night.

Thanks to the bounce back feel of latex material, OrganicTextiles Organic Latex Mattress Topper can contour all 7 points of your body by creating a balanced feel while relaxing. It shapes your body, distributes your weight over the mattress evenly, and removes pressure from pressure points like pelvic, shoulder, hip, back, and upper/lower feet.

As a side sleeper, you can now wake up every morning with brand new energy without worrying about different body aches.


  • Pinhole design for airflow
  • Breathable material
  • Better temperature regulation
  • Noiseless


  • Firmer than others on the list

14. Wayfair Basics 4″ Memory Foam Mattress Topper


Refresh the base of your mattress with this 4-inch memory foam mattress topper. It is made in the USA  from polyurethane material and features a solid cream color with a textured top cover.

The textured top cover can be bull’s eye motifs, dimpled details, or waves to relieve stress and pressure while you catch some sleep.

It is mainly designed for side sleepers who wish to have extra support near their pressure points. The memory foam is temperature, and weight-sensitive so easily adjust to the size and shape of your body.

This topper’s innovative cooling material provides a unique sweat-resistant and comfortable sleep while reducing motion transfer for partners sleeping together.

Delivering great alignment for your hips, spine, shoulders, and back, this product meets the standards set by CertiPUR- program. It can fit with almost any mattress or sheet you are using because it is not heavy and easy to manage.


  • Hypoallergenic and bed bug resistant
  • Perfect for sensitive sleepers
  • High-quality memory foam
  • Good back and side support


  • Strong smell at first

15. Cruz 4″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper


If you are looking for a product to spruce up the comfort level of your mattress, look no further than buying Cruz 4″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper. It comes with two-layered designs that look elegant and attractive and can provide the coolness and support you need for a good night’s sleep.

The foam topper comes coated in a blue/cream color combination. It is available in a variety of different sizes to match your mattresses’ size and shape.

Cruz 4″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper is an ideal choice for circumstances when you wish to add an extra layer of foam to your bed in order to enjoy a perfect relaxing sleep.

Since this product is made of high-density, gel-infused foam base, it is extremely durable and long-lasting. The gel memory foam also adds softness and pressure-releasing comfort to your bed.

The best thing about this topper is that it is exceptionally lightweight and responsive. It helps control the temperature, so you sleep cool and comfortable during the night.


  • Good price point
  • High-quality materials
  • Soft and very comfortable
  • An excellent choice for side sleepers


  • May be too soft to hold a lot of weight

16. Trahan 3″ Down Alternative and Polyester Mattress Topper


Adding a high-quality topper to a bed can create a soft and comfortable layer that is cool, lofty, and breathable. With Trahan 3″ Down Alternative and Polyester Mattress Topper, you can also avail a chance to add an extra layer of luxurious softness to your mattress without worrying about its compatibility with your sheets.

The most noticeable feature of this mattress topper is its baffled box construction. Every square chamber within the product is stitched with a fabric strip between the bottom and top cover. This updated and unique construction method maintains an equal amount of fill in every box for long-lasting quality and reliable comfort.

The pure cotton cover of Trahan 3″ Down Alternative and Polyester Mattress Topper is considered a standard for quality bedding.  The material is very soft and strong, so offer amazing breathable comfort to the user. Manufactured from pure cotton percale, the shell of this topper looks as great as it feels.

Every corner of this product features an elastic anchor band. This feature helps secure the topper in place and make a stable fit over your mattress.


  • Compatible with fitted sheets
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable
  • Exceptional loft and breathability


  • Off-gassing smell

17. Beacon 3″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper


Bring a new life to your old mattress with this 3-inch memory foam topper. With this product, you will be able to enjoy a temperature regulated sleep and a highly responsive pressure relief treatment from the memory foam.

When you lie down on this topper, its gel-infused foam starts to adapt to your body outline, and the gel beads work to relieve pressure points by arbitrating the trapped body heat. The topper’s ventilated design controls the airflow and works to keep you and your mattress fresh and cool. 

The Beacon 3″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper is specifically designed to be an inch narrow and shorter than the typical sizes to deliver a perfect fit to your bedding. 

It is analyzed by independent and highly attributed testing labs to meet the standards and guidelines for durability and content emission.  The topper is hypoallergenic and free of harmful toxins and synthetic additives.


  • Advanced comfort level
  • Revitalizes your mattress
  • Ventilated design
  • Clean and safe


  • It May take 4-5 days to inflate completely

18. Trotter 2″ Down Alternative Mattress Topper


Enjoy a soundless sleep you are craving for with this plush and soft Trotter 2″ Down Alternative Mattress Topper.  This particular product is designed and crafted by using a high-quality microfiber gel. The infusion of durable constituents makes it the most durable product on the market.

Other advanced features of  Trotter 2″ Down Alternative Mattress Topper includes its durability and hypoallergenic nature. It is machine washable and dryable for easy and convenient cleaning.

This topper features an immaculate baffle-box design that supports the overall distribution and shape of 2 inches fluffy, down-alternative fill. The firmness of the topper makes sure that you get maximum comfort and relaxation.

Its durable fabric can retain the effects of fading, wrinkles, and stains. This cozy piece of equipment is extremely breathable and allows air to ventilate effectively for a soft and cool bed. 

So whether you live in a place with balmy summers or crisp winter weather, buying Trotter 2″ Down Alternative Mattress Topper will surely be a perfect addition to your room.


  • Plush and comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic and machine washable
  • Ultimate restful retreat for side sleepers
  • Baffle box construction


  • Tedious washing process

How To Choose The Best Mattress Topper When You Sleep On Your Side

When it comes to sleeping on your side, extra support is needed in order to have a refreshing, rejuvenating slumber. While most mattress toppers for side sleepers promote support and comfort throughout the night, there are bound to be a few duds on the market.

Finding a high-quality, affordable mattress topper for your side-sleeping needs can be a lengthy process. But, it is possible to make this process less daunting with this buying guide.

Read on to learn some of the key factors and features that every potential buyer must acknowledge before investing in a mattress topper for side sleepers.

The Material

Above everything, the material of a mattress topper can make or break the overall quality of the product, especially for side sleepers. When looking for a mattress topper, look for one with a pressure-relieving material so it will support your side sleeping position. The materials and construction of any product define how it feels. 

The material of the mattress topper can also help make your mattress softer or firmer. A soft, foam mattress topper can help soften up a firm mattress or add to an already plush mattress. These mattress toppers are typically ideal for side sleepers as they help distribute your body weight evenly, alleviating pressure from your joints. 

On the other hand, a latex mattress topper can help firm up any soft mattress to help eliminate a sinking feeling that you may currently experience with your mattress.

Most of the mattress topper available in the market are made from two types of materials: memory foam or latex foam.

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Sleeping on a firm mattress may be uncomfortable for those who prefer a softer sleeping experience. Especially for side sleepers, firm mattresses can hinder rather than help improve your slumber. Memory foam mattress toppers combat overly firm mattresses by providing a plush, soft feel that is both comfortable and supportive.

Investing in a memory foam topper can also help reduce pressure points while you sleep, allowing your body to fully rest and recover throughout the night. Memory foam provides a slow response to pressure and a deep sink into the material. 

Memory foam is made up of polyurethane, a polymer that typically produces high-resilience foam products. The combination of polyurethane plus additional chemicals increases its viscosity and density. 

Memory foam has a thicker density than most materials, so if you’re looking for a thin mattress topper, this may not be the best option for you. But, if you’re looking to add a plush, soft feel to your mattress, investing in a memory foam mattress topper may be your best bet.

Latex Mattress Toppers

Latex is an all-natural material that is made from the sap of rubber trees and helps add some bounce as well as support to any of its products. Latex mattress toppers generally range from 1 to 8 inches in thickness. The thinner the foam, the less impact the topper will have on your mattress. So, if you’re looking to completely transform your mattress’s feel, look into investing in a thicker density latex mattress topper. Especially if you sleep on your side, investing in a thicker latex mattress will greatly increase your chances of improving your sleep. 

Not only are latex mattress toppers supportive, they also have cooling properties to help keep you comfortable throughout the night. Latex toppers breathe very well and are a great solution to cooling any mattress that tends to heat up throughout your sleep. Plus, latex mattress toppers are generally made with no extra added chemicals, meaning they’re safe for the planet.

The Cover Fabric

Since mattress toppers are designed to be placed under your fitted sheets, a lot of them lack cover fabrics. But, cover fabrics often aid in keeping your mattress both clean and cool, making them a valuable asset to the topper.

If you’re looking to protect your mattress topper, as well as your mattress, cover fabric is a great solution for both. But if you prefer one without it, you may find it that moves around a little, and that you need to clean your mattress topper regularly so it stays fresh.

These covers are often removable, making it easy to maintain their cleanliness. Be sure to check whether or not the mattress topper includes cover fabric in the purchase to get the best bang for your buck.

The Depth

Mattress toppers tend to fall in the range of between 2 and 8 inches in thickness. If you looking to revitalize an aging mattress, sleep on your side, or if you weigh more than average, you may need to look at thicker options. This is where memory foam and latex mattress toppers come into play, as both materials provide the best range of thickness.

It’s important to take time to ensure you are aware of how much depth you wish to add to your mattress so you can find the best topper for your needs. For side sleepers, a thicker mattress topper can relieve more pressure at delicate regions such as shoulders and hips. Other users only wanting to add a thin layer of comfort are well off with 1-2 inch options.

The Level of Firmness

Mattress toppers generally fall into 3 main categories: soft, medium, and firm. However, it is very important to note that the firmness of your chosen product is only intended to complement the firmness of your mattress and not to change it entirely.

For instance, if you own a very firm bed, opt for a soft mattress topper and check if it can balance the feel as per your liking. 

As mentioned previously, investing in a thicker, softer mattress topper can help dramatically improve your slumber if you’re a side sleeper. These toppers help reduce pressure points while you sleep so you can wake up with your body replenished and ready to take on the day.

The Initial Smell

While there are many positives of memory foam mattress toppers, there is one common drawback: the initial smell. Amongst all the different types of mattress toppers available out there, models with memory foam have a smell that can be a bit hard to bypass even with a mattress cover on.

Typically, the initial smell with go away after some time, but it’s important to find a product that offers no off-gassing and doesn’t need to be aired out for days.

Heat Retention

Heat retention is on of the biggest problems that most of mattress topper users encounter. Especially in memory foam mattress toppers, they can trap heat, making your sleeping experience uncomfortable. If you live in a hot, humid area, buying a cheap product with little to no ventilation is not a sensible choice. You might feel stuffy throughout the night, making your slumber uncomfortable.

Many manufacturers today have significantly improved the airflow and ventilation within their products. Their toppers can now release heat more quickly and easily while improving the airflow under your covers.

You can also opt for gel-infused mattress toppers as they can evenly distribute body heat and make you feel extremely comfortable while resting. As mentioned previously, latex mattress toppers are also a great choice as far as temperature regulation goes, as the material has properties that will keep you cool throughout the night. Plus, it’s important to look at the mattress topper’s features, as some will be good for hot sleepers or partners, like the Perfectly Snug Smart Topper.

Maintenance And Cleaning

Many mattress toppers are not waterproof, so they cannot be washed in a washing machine. Doing so may damage the construction of the mattress topper and make the product unusable.

So, if proper maintenance and cleaning are your concern, opt for models that are machine washable and dry-able and have a waterproof cover. Plus, finding cover fabric that helps protect and keep your mattress clean can make the overall maintenance of the product effortless.


What Thickness Of Mattress Topper Is The Best?

Purchase a mattress topper that is thick enough to provide you with an ultimate comfort and relaxation level. 3-inches is usually considered as an ideal thickness for average-weight people.

However, when required, you can also purchase a topper up to 4-5 inches of thickness if you need extra support and comfort.

Should I Be Worried About VOCs With Mattress Toppers?

Many mattress toppers today are being manufactured without using petrochemicals that may cause volatile organic compounds to emit into the air.

It means that with most of the available products, you don’t have to worry about breathing in harmful substances and chemicals while sleeping and resting.

How Can A Mattress Topper Help Improve Sleep?

There are multiple ways of how a mattress topper contributes to a good night’s sleep for you and your partner. Some of the sleep benefits that all mattress toppers provide are:
      – No sagging
      – Pressure relief
     – Zero odor
      – Cooler rest and sleep
      – Anti-microbial and hypoallergenic
      – Mildew and dust-mite resistant

All these benefits allow you to sleep without worrying about any allergies and breathing problems that might be related to your mattress topper.

Are Mattress Toppers Worth the Money?

Without a doubt, mattress toppers are an amazing way to improve your sleeping experience. With a number of different sizes, thickness levels, and firmness options, there is a topper to meet every individual’s requirements. Also, they are an ideal choice to prolong the life of your old mattress.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best product for side sleepers can be quite challenging. There are a number of factors you must ponder over, such as comfort, thickness, and density. 

The Puffy Topper is a clear winner out of all 18 of the mattress toppers on the list. The support is outstanding, and it can adapt to the shape of your body to release pressure points more effectively than others. With this mattress topper, you will wake up well-rested every morning without any pain due to the side sleeping position. 

Macie Maislin

My mother told me to follow my dreams, so I took a nap.