Thuma Bed Review: Functionality Meets Minimalism

The Thuma Bed is a well designed, sturdy, platform bed frame that puts minimalism and quality craftsmanship at the forefront. By using traditional Japanese joinery the bed is easy to put together, extremely solid while in use and adds a clean look to your bedroom.

Minimalism is in. If you’re trying to declutter your living space, there’s no better place to start than in the bedroom—especially your bulky bed frame.

What if we told you that you could have a sleek, sturdy, and attractive wooden bed frame that frees up space underneath your bed and eliminates the need for a box spring? It’s all possible with the Thuma bed frame.

The Thuma Bed – Who is it for?


  • Easy assembly
  • Made with recycled materials
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 1,500-lb weight limit


  • No storage solutions included

Best For…

  • Minimalists
  • Eco-conscious shoppers
  • Those who live in the contiguous United States


Trial Period 100 Nights
Warranty Lifetime
Delivery Typically 1-5 Business Days
Returns Full Refund Available
Headboard Color Options 2
Weight Capacity 1,500 pounds
Slat Spacing 3″
Clearance 9″

The Thuma platform bed frame is functional and sustainable, a worthwhile addition to any minimalist bedroom.

The Design

With a market flooded with options, what sets Thuma apart from other minimalist bed frames?

The Base

Thuma platform bed frame isolated against gray background.

Affectionately known as “The Bed,” this platform frame is based on the idea that simple designs can also be elegant and refined.

A Stylish Space-Saving Solution

Need a place to put your extra suitcase or yoga mat? Don’t want to clutter up your closet or just throw everything in a corner? Try sliding everything underneath The Bed. Why? Because with up to 9″ of under bed clearance, you’ll have enough room to slide a few items underneath a Thuma—all without sacrificing closet space or your room’s aesthetics.

Support You Can Count On

In this life, there are a few things you can count on, like taxes and the stability of The Bed from Thuma. With a weight capacity of 1,500 lbs, this frame is as functional as it is sturdy.

Eco-Friendly Has Never Looked So Good

This frame is handcrafted from repurposed wood, making it a great choice for the environmentally conscious. Even better, the sourced trees are geographically close to Thuma’s factories. This closeness means The Bed’s wood travels less distance to be processed, reducing Thuma’s overall carbon footprint.

Two Color Options

The Thuma is available in two colors, walnut, and natural. By giving you a choice of finish they are allowing you to match your bedroom aesthetic. We prefer the darker, walnut finish paired with the dark charcoal headboard but that’s just our opinion.


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The Headboard

Thuma Headboard 1
Light colored Thuma PillowBoard.

A 35″-tall headboard, or PillowBoard, is included with every Thuma. Available in two colors – dark charcoal or light linen – this headboard is filled with plush foam that’s encased in soft polyester. All in all, it can provide an aesthetically pleasing backdrop to your bed while also giving you a comfortable place to rest.

The Thuma platform bed frame is functional and sustainable, a worthwhile addition to any minimalist bedroom.

The Edges

Rounded corner of Thuma bed.

Stubbing your shins against the harsh edge of your bed is annoying. You can say goodbye to this annoyance when you bring home a Thuma, though. Why? Because its edges are rounded, to minimize pain upon accidental impact.

The edges of this bed frame are also home to the minimalist Japanese joinery that both allows Thuma stand out from the crowd and makes it incredibly easy to put together.

How simple? The joints of this frame slot together to form a sturdy, noise-free structure. In fact, only two hand-tightened screws are used in the entire frame.

Easy Assembly


Ease of assembly is just another reason to love this product. Specifically, this frame doesn’t require you to grab a screwdriver and bucket of bolts. Instead, The Bed’s pieces are meant to easily slide together without the use of metal screws or nails by using Japanese joinery craftsmanship.

The result? A practically seamless design. If you enjoyed playing with Lincoln Logs as a kid, you’ll probably enjoy the set-up for this frame.


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♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

Eco-friendly Packaging


Each Thuma bed arrives in three recycled cardboard boxes, expertly packed to void the need for eco-unfriendly protective packaging materials like Styrofoam.

The Thuma platform bed frame is functional and sustainable, a worthwhile addition to any minimalist bedroom.

How Much Does Thuma Bed Cost?

Twin$695Dimensions: 44″W x 80″L
Full$895Dimensions: 59″ x 80″
Queen$995Dimensions: 65″ x 85″
King$1095Dimensions: 81″ x 85″
California King$1095Dimensions: 77″ x 89″

Warranty, Trial Period, Shipping & Returns


Thuma offers a lifetime warranty.

Trial Period

100 night, risk-free trial. 


The Thuma bed ships in three, fairly easy to maneuver boxes from southern California. The total weight of the 3 boxes ranges from 119 lbs to 141 lbs with no one box weighing more than 66 lbs. Ship times range from 1 business day to 5 business days, and transit times increase as you move east of California. Fortunately, Thuma offers free shipping.

Return Policy

The Thuma bed return process is very straightforward: you have 100 nights to determine if this is the bed frame for you. If you decide you do not like the frame, simply contact the company here to initiate your free return. They do ask that you hold onto the original packaging if you are considering a return, as they will send you prepaid shipping labels to attach to the boxes.

The Thuma platform bed frame is functional and sustainable, a worthwhile addition to any minimalist bedroom.

Thuma Bed Alternatives

Helix Bed Frame

Helix Minimalist Thuma Bed Alternative
  • More affordable
  • Uses similar Japanese joinery
  • 2 color options
  • Appalachian Maple Legs
  • Handmade in the USA

Keetsa Bed Frame

A golden steel bed frame with gray and white bed sheets and two white pillows.
Thuma Bed Review: Functionality Meets Minimalism 13
  • Brushed steel
  • Minimalist design
  • Metal alternative
  • Higher weight limit

Avocado Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame

Avocado Mid Century Modern Bed Frame
  • 100% reclaimed walnut wood
  • Handmade in LA
  • Modern design
  • Zero-waste production

Avocado City Bed Frame

Avocado City Bed Frame
Thuma Bed Review: Functionality Meets Minimalism 14
  • Handcrafted minimalist platform bed
  • Made In USA
  • Better storage options
  • Made with renewable timber
  • Optional platform shelf add-on
  • Optional book nook add-on
  • 2 Color options


Most frequent Thuma questions

Is the mattress included? Are platform beds good?

Yes, they can be good if they are properly made and have support slats no more than 3″ apart. Any farther apart, and you risk damaging the integrity of your mattress.

Where is the Thuma bed frame made?

This frame is largely made in Vietnam and the USA.

How far apart are the support slats?

The support slats are 3″ apart.

Do I need a box spring?

No. The support slats are 3″ apart, so no box spring is necessary.

Do I need to keep the original packaging?

If you might return this product, then yes, keep the original packaging. It will be needed for the return process.

Is the mattress included?

No. You can check out our guide for finding mattresses online for more information on completing your new bed set.

Is the Thuma Bed quiet?

Yes, the Japanese joinery used to assemble the Thuma bed prevents any types of speaking or creaking.

The quality of the wood also keeps the bed quiet, giving you a more peaceful sleeping experience.

Is Thuma a real company?

Yes, a definitive yes on this one. Thuma is a direct to consumer furniture manufacturer that was incorporated on the 26th of September 2016.

Their mailing address is 1592 Union St. San Francisco, CA 94123.

What mattress goes with Thuma?

You can use any mattress with a Thuma bed but we’d suggest one of our favorite mattresses – the Cocoon Hybrid by Sealy.

How much weight can a Thuma bed hold?

The weight limit is 1,500 pounds.

What kind of wood is used for the Thuma bed?

Thuma use repurposed rubberwood from rubber tree plantations to craft The Bed.

The wood comes from trees that have reached the end of their life-cyle of producing latex and would otherwise be discarded.

How do I contact Thuma?

You can reach out to the Thuma team via email at or via the contact page on their website

How do you clean a Thuma headboard?

The PillowBoard has a removable, washable cover. Simply unzip the cover, wash cold and hang dry to return your PillowBoard to its original glory.

How fast does the Thuma bed ship?

The Thuma bed typically ships within 1-5 business days.

The Thuma platform bed frame is functional and sustainable, a worthwhile addition to any minimalist bedroom.

Final Thoughts

So you’ve read our review and you’re wondering – Is The Bed from Thuma the right fit for your living situation? To help you out, we’ve highlighted some of the main qualities of this platform frame, so you can better decide if it’s the bedroom upgrade for you.

We think you’d enjoy a Thuma bed if you:

  • Want a frame made with recycled and sustainable materials.
  • Enjoy a minimalist aesthetic.
  • Need extra underbed storage.
  • Want to get rid of your box spring.
  • Want a wobble free bed frame

A Thuma frame may not be the best for you if you:

  • Live outside the contiguous United States.
  • Don’t like minimalist furniture styles.

The Thuma platform bed frame is functional and sustainable, a worthwhile addition to any minimalist bedroom.

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