Tulo Mattress Review 2022 – Should You Buy It?

The Tulo mattress is one of the most customizable budget mattresses on the market today. Our Tulo mattress review digs into all three firmness options to find out how this mattress in a box stacks up against the competition.

Firmness in 3 Levels

Tulo offers budget-friendly mattresses in three firmness options.

Mattress Performance

Edge Support
Temperature Regulation
Motion Isolation
Noise Control

Overall Rating

What’s in a name? For Tulo, there are two meanings. In Chichewa, the name means “sleep.” Even better, it means “income” in Finnish. As a mattress-in-a-box company, Tulo has found a way to provide three levels of firmness for their customers: the Soft, Medium and Firm mattresses.

Each mattress, no matter how firm, comes with great cooling capacities that work well for sleepers of all kinds, including couples who share a bed.

One main difference between Tulo and other mattresses we have reviewed is that you can test out their mattresses in person at your local Mattress Firm. This is extremely helpful for customers who are wary about purchasing a new mattress online or worry about navigating the trial period.

Of course, it’s important to first confirm if your nearest Mattress Firm has Tulo mattresses in stock before you make the trip to try one out. You can do this by giving the store a call or going to Tulo’s website and searching for your nearest store.

Tulo mattresses are generally perfect for sleepers who share a bed and/or prefer a firm support system. Though the brand offers a soft option, it is not the same as a traditional memory foam mattress or a mattress that includes a soft pillow top.

The Tulo Soft will still feel firm, just not as firm as the Tulo Medium or the Tulo Firm. Take a look at our mattress review to find out which Tulo mattress would work best for you!

Tulo Pros and Cons at a Glance


  • 3 firmness levels
  • Each firmness level costs the same
  • Budget-friendly
  • Quick shipping
  • Available to try at Mattress Firm stores


  • No hybrid options
  • Not ideal for heavier people
  • Not ideal for sleepers who prefer thick mattresses (above 10″)

Best For…

  • Couples
  • All sleeping positions
  • Sleepers who prefer foam mattresses
Tulo Overview
Mattress TypeFoam
ModelsSoft, Medium, Firm
Ships in…1-10 Days
Trial Period120 Nights
Firmness LevelVaries
Sleeper TypeAll Sleeping Positions
Warranty10-Year Limited
Tulo Mattress Logo 600x400

Tulo offers budget-friendly mattresses in three firmness options

Model Types

If you generally have a difficult time determining the ideal level of firmness for your mattress, then Tulo may be the best mattress in a box brand for your sleeping needs. Tulo offers three different mattress models, each ten inches high and each with their own level of firmness: the Tulo Soft, the Tulo Medium and the Tulo Firm.

Tulo Options

Which one do I choose?

So, which model is the best mattress in a box for you?  Remember, each model serves the best support for very specific sleeping positions. Tulo’s website will tell you that in general, side sleepers enjoy the Tulo Soft, stomach sleepers prefer the Tulo Medium and back sleepers benefit best from the Tulo Firm. If you want to be certain you’re buying the right mattress, either stop in your local Mattress Firm or commit to the 120-night trial period Tulo offers when you order online. Still not sure? Try out their online quiz linked here.

The Structure

The all-foam structure of each model only differs at the final layer, where Tulo determines the exact firmness level, based on the density. Before the final foam layer comes three foam layers, each with its own responsibility for supporting your body through a quality night’s sleep.

At the surface, Tulo wraps their mattresses with a soft outer cover. You can remove the cover, but it is not necessary, as it can be pretty difficult to put back on. Underneath the outer cover, you’ll feel the very first layer of memory foam that comes with two inches of ventilation and is made with titanium particles that assist in cooling the mattress.

Peak-and-Valley Foam

Next comes a 1.5-inch layer made for preventing body heat buildup. This layer is made in a “peak and valley” design, as Tulo’s website calls it, which keeps air from staying in one place. This feature is especially helpful if you tend to sleep hot, live in a place where the climate is warm or share a bed. If you don’t move around a lot during your sleep, the likelihood that you’ll wake up in a sweat is higher, as heat will stay in one place. This layer combats that issue head-on.

Pressure Relief

The following layer, at two inches, is where you’ll find the true backbone of the mattress. This layer not only holds everything above it in place, but it also provides your body with pressure relief. It also keeps your mattress intact over a long period of time.

The Base

Finally, we’ve reached the base layer of foam. This is the layer that will differ among the three models. At 4.5 inches high, the foundation layer will provide your body with the support it needs, based on how firm you prefer your mattress to feel. This layer is made with polyurethane foam, and its density will differ among each model: soft density for Tulo Soft, medium density for Tulo Medium and firm density for Tulo Firm. This is the layer that will help you decide which model is right for you.

Best Sleeping Positions

Tulo accommodates all sleeping positions, and that’s because they offer three different models, each with a different firmness level. For best results, they recommend the following mattresses for your specific sleeping position, based on the firmness level:

This is not a definitive recommendation, though. You’ll want to think about your sleeping history and which mattresses you have and haven’t felt comfortable on. If you’re a side sleeper, you will most likely require some degree of softness, so that is part of the reason Tulo recommends the Tulo Soft to side sleepers. In other words, you won’t want to wake up with your hips and shoulders in pain because you’ve slept on a mattress that is too firm.

Stomach and back sleepers are different in that, they require support in different areas on their bodies. Generally speaking, medium-firm and extra-firm mattresses work best for these sleeping positions since the strain will not be on the hips or shoulders. That’s why we’ve rated the Tulo firm as one of the year’s top beds for back sleeping.

If you typically prefer a mattress on the softer side, though, even if you’re a back or a stomach sleeper, then try out the Tulo Soft. It’s still firm, but it includes an element of softness the other two models do not.


Tulo offers supportive, all-foam mattresses at an affordable price. Even more, pricing does not differ among the three models Tulo carries. Here is a breakdown of each mattress’s price, based on its size and before any discounts:

  • Twin: $499
  • Twin XL: $599
  • Full: $649
  • Queen: $699
  • King: $899
  • California King: $899

If you’d prefer to pay for your mattress in segments, you can set up your preferred payment period during your ordering process. Tulo offers 0% APR financing through SetPay, where you can pay monthly installments over a set period of time, depending on if and how you qualify.

Tulo Soft – Layer Materials

  1. Knitted Cover
  2. 2″ Cooling Titanium Memory Foam
  3. 1.5″ Airflow Foam
  4. 2″ Responsive Foam
  5. 4.5″ Soft Base Foam

Tulo Medium – Layer MaterialsTulo Firm – Layer Materials

  1. Knitted Cover
  2. 2″ Cooling Titanium Memory Foam
  3. 1.5″ Airflow Foam
  4. 2″ Responsive Foam
  5. 4.5″ Medium Firm Base Foam

Tulo Firm – Layer Materials

  1. Knitted Cover
  2. 2″ Cooling Titanium Memory Foam
  3. 1.5″ Airflow Foam
  4. 2″ Responsive Foam
  5. 4.5″ Firm Base Foam
Five layers of a Tulo mattress in white, gray, green and yellow.


At all firmness levels, each Tulo mattress includes four layers of foam, each layer providing a different kind and level of support to your body while you sleep.

Tulo mattresses include memory foam, and the foundation foam layer is made with polyurethane foam. All foam is CertiPUR-US certified, which means no ozone depleters, harmful flame retardants or heavy metals.

To cover the foam interior, Tulo uses a comfortable and soft fabric. If needed, you can request a replacement cover online or by phone.

The second layer of foam, otherwise known as the breathable foam layer, has a unique texture. It’s made with lumps of foam throughout the surface area.

This not only regulates temperature but also provides a perfect gateway for air to travel through your mattress. Generally speaking, foam mattresses are perfect for sleepers who want to avoid motion transfer.

Tulo Mattress Logo 600x400

Tulo offers budget-friendly mattresses in three firmness options

Tulo Report Card

The SoftThe MediumThe Firm
Temperature RegulationAAA
Motion IsolationAAA+
Edge SupportAAA

How did Tulo earn these scores? See our breakdown below.

Temperature Regulation

If you tend to sleep hot, then you will appreciate the various foam layers within each Tulo mattress that work specifically to address body heat buildup. Each Tulo mattress model comes with a layer of ventilated memory foam with titanium particles, which work to cool you throughout your night’s sleep. Plus, just beneath this memory foam layer comes a responsive foam layer that creates a space for proper air flow.


When it comes to sinkage in a mattress, there are a couple of factors to consider: the sleeper’s weight and the firmness level of the mattress. With Tulo mattresses, you can determine the level of sinkage based on which firmness level you choose.

Side sleepers, who may choose the Soft Tulo or the Medium Tulo, should expect some sinkage with these two models. The Firm Tulo, however, will have minimal sinkage because its main goal will be to provide the sleeper or sleepers with as much firm support as possible.

Motion Isolation

With Tulo mattresses, you’ll find the most important support at the bottom layer. This foundation layer found in each Tulo mattress provides a solid base for each foam layer above it. The firmer the mattress, the less motion transfer will occur, simply because the foundation layer will be higher in density.

When it comes to motion transfer, you need to consider a few factors. For one, whether or not you share your bed. If you do, then you’re probably already well aware that you partner’s tossing and turning can make or break your sleep cycle each night.

If you share a bed and you both prefer a mattress on the firmer side, then you will most likely want to opt for the Tulo Medium or the Tulo Firm. Each of these mattresses will have less motion transfer than the Tulo Soft, which has the least density at the base foam layer.

Having said that, each mattress still maintains a very low rate of motion transfer, based on the solid support all four layers of foam provide.

Edge Support

Sometimes good edge support is not always a guarantee with foam mattresses, but the opposite rings true for Tulo mattresses. Each mattress, made with four separate foam layers, comes with a final layer of responsive foam.

This layer’s role is to respond to your body’s movements and promote pressure relief at the same time. The higher the firmness your mattress has, generally the better the edge support will be.

But because Tulo’s firmness will be dependent on its lowest layer, you’ll find quality edge support on all three models-great news for couples or sleepers who frequently toss and turn!

Warranty, Trial Length & Return Process

Tulo offers a 10 year limited warranty for their mattresses. This warranty works for the original owner of the mattress and covers body indentations greater than ¾ of an inch, cracks in the foam or manufacturing defects that are not the fault of the owner.

It’s important to provide your Tulo mattress with a proper foundation that prevents it from slipping through to the floor. Remember that if you need warranty coverage, you must provide Tulo with your receipt as proof of purchase.

Similar to other mattresses, Tulo recommends you take at least 30 days to test out their mattress. This is to ensure you are giving your body enough time to fully adjust to a new mattress.

It’s difficult to rush this process, so 30 days is the general rule of thumb when it comes to testing out a new mattress.

If, even after 30 days, you’ve decided to return your Tulo mattress, someone will come to your home to pick it up, even if it is still on your bed. Just make sure your return frame is within the 120-night trial period.

It’s important to schedule a set day and time for someone to come to pick up your mattress because you will need to let the person inside your home. Expect to be fully refunded after about 7-10 business days, so long as there are no major damages to the mattress. If the length of the free trial is a determining factor in choosing your mattress then take a look at our list of who has the longest trial period.

Shipping & Set-Up Process

Once you’ve confirmed your order, Tulo will deliver your new mattress straight to your door. You are required to choose a date and time to schedule your delivery. The best part? The delivery team will set up your new mattress and remove your old one, free of charge.

If you’d rather set up your new Tulo mattress on your own, directions are straightforward, and it’s usually a quick process to prepare your new mattress.

Plus, Tulo mattresses work well on all kinds of bed frames, including flat or slatted, box spring and adjustable bed frames. You can also place your Tulo mattress on the floor without a frame if you choose.

To start, carefully unbox your new mattress. Next, place the rolled mattress at the end of your bed frame and cut the outer plastic. Carefully unroll the mattress and it should expand quickly. You’ll be ready to sleep on your new bed in no time!

Tulo Mattress Logo 600x400

Tulo offers budget-friendly mattresses in three firmness options

Review Summary & Ideal Customer Breakdown

Now that you understand all the components of a Tulo mattress, you may still be wondering if one of these all-foam mattresses is right for you. Good news: we’ve listed some main takeaways that we think will help you decide on the correct mattress for your sleeping needs.

We think you’d enjoy a Tulo mattress if you:

  • Share a bed with a partner. You can choose your firmness level and expect to receive cooling temperature relief, no matter which model you choose.
  • Need a mattress with quality edge support and minimal motion transfer.
  • Enjoy the benefits of cooling components within a mattress.
  • Prefer the feeling of an all-foam mattress.
  • Prefer sleeping on firm mattresses.

A Tulo mattress may not be the best for you if you:

  • Prefer a high-end luxury-like mattress.
  • Enjoy the feeling of mattresses with coil spring support.
  • Prefer sleeping on soft mattresses.

Points to Consider Before You Buy

Do you share your bed?

If so, you’re in luck because Tulo offers three different mattresses (the Tulo Soft, the Tulo Medium and the Tulo Firm), each with its own level of firmness. Plus, each Tulo mattress comes with a foundation layer meant to provide ample support at the base and reduce motion transfer throughout.

If you share a bed, we recommend looking into the Tulo Medium or the Tulo Firm, as both options provide a bit more support than the Tulo Soft, which is ideal for side sleepers. Plus, the Tulo Medium and the Tulo Firm will support more weight because their lowest foam layer is high in density.

Do you have a difficult time determining the proper firmness level of your mattress?

If so, then have no fear. Firm mattresses can be difficult to adjust to. Tulo has made their mattresses to address this very problem, with three different mattress models, starting from soft support and ending with firm support.

Plus, if you prefer to actually try a mattress in-store before you buy it, you can. Mattress Firm carries Tulo mattresses in their stores, so check with your local store to see if they have Tulo mattresses in stock to test out before you confirm a purchase.

This makes shipment quick, too, as soon as the day after you submit payment, depending on if and where the mattresses are available.

If you’re on a budget

If you’re shopping on a budget, then you’ve come to the right place. Tulo mattresses are priced well, so that customers don’t end up feeling like they’ve shelled out a ton of money in exchange for a nice place to sleep.

Plus, prices don’t change between models. One consideration with this point, though, is that all-foam mattresses may not be ideal for you if you sleep with pain points in your body and require extreme pressure-point relief, or if you’re used to soft memory foam.

To take good care of your mattress, make sure to spot clean it as needed, rotate it every few months and ensure you choose the correct layer of firmness based on your sleeping position, your weight and whether or not you share your bed with a partner.

You can also cover your mattress with a mattress protector to keep it clean.


Most frequent Tulo questions

Is Tulo owned by Mattress Firm?

In 2017, Mattress Firm launched Tulo, their very own mattress in a box to keep up with the trend of buying products online.

If you’d prefer to try a Tulo mattress out before ordering one, you can visit your local Mattress Firm, and you’ll likely find one there.

What is Tulo mattress?

Tulo mattresses come in a box and can easily be ordered online and delivered right to your door. Tulo mattresses are made with foam and come in three different firmness levels: soft, medium and firm. They are ideal for couples who share a bed or customers who prefer all-foam mattresses.

How long does a Tulo mattress last?

There are many determining factors when it comes to your mattress’s lifespan. Luckily, Tulo provides a 10-year warranty on their mattresses.

For starters, if you sleep with a partner or rarely rotate your mattress, your Tulo mattress may not last as long as you’d hope. You can take precautions to elongate your mattress’s lifespan, though.

Where is Tulo mattress made?

All Tulo mattresses are made in the United States.

Can you flip a Tulo mattress?

In short, no, you should not flip a Tulo mattress. This is because Tulo mattresses are strategically made so that the firm support comes from the bottom. It would simply be uncomfortable and incorrect to sleep on a flipped Tulo mattress.

You can, however, rotate your mattress every few months to reduce the amount of body indentation that naturally appears after sleeping on a mattress for a while.

How thick is the Tulo mattress?

The Tulo mattress is 10″ thick. This is correct for the soft, medium and firm Tulo mattresses

How big is the Tulo box?

The Dimensions of the box that the Tulo mattress is shipped in are 19″ x 19″ x 42″

How do I return a Tulo mattress?

If your mattress is still within the 120 night free trial simply visit this page to begin your return. If you are outside of the free trial window you should email support@tulo.com to see what they can do for your specific case. 

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