The Best Wrought Iron Bed Frame

A wrought iron bed frame is one of the sturdiest and most reliable options on the market when it comes to providing support for your mattress. Not only are these metal beds durable, but they’re also lightweight, affordable, and feature a sleek and attractive design.

Wrought iron beds last so long, there are even guides on how to determine their age!

In your shopping search for the best wrought iron bed frames, it can be hard to find the right one for you due to a market flooded with options. Below, we’ve rounded up our top picks for the best wrought iron beds so you can get the best bang for your buck.

Read on to find the best iron bed frame to add to your sleeping sanctuary.

The List

Ackerman Low Profile Standard Bed

The Ackerman Low Profile Standard Bed Frame from Three Posts is a great addition to any bedroom’s modern farmhouse aesthetic. The elegant curves and understate side rails of the metal bed frame results in a simple, classic design that gives a floating bed frame effect.

This bed frame is constructed of metal and sports a headboard and footboard with spindles and ball-joint accents. Upon delivery, the metal bed frame arrives with a slat kit and center support legs that give the frame added reinforcement for durability.

For best results, it’s recommended that you use a box spring for even more support.

This metal bed frame is available in full, queen, or king sizes as well as an Antique White or Antique Dark Bronze color. The bed frame comes with free shipping, a 90-day warranty, as well as free instructions for easy assembly.

Key Features

  • Modern Farmhouse Style
  • Spindles and Ball-Joint Accents
  • Slat Kit/Center Support Legs Included
  • Bed Box Spring Required


  • Antique White or Dark Bronze Color
  • Full, Queen, or King Size
  • Free Shipping
  • 90-Day Warranty

Wrought Iron Bed FrameBarbera Low Profile Wrought Iron Bed

Next up is the Barbera Low Profile Iron Bed from Laurel Foundry. This charming metal bed sports a combination of straight and curved lines and a bronze finish that makes the frame able to complement any bedroom aesthetic. 

This metal bed frame is designed to be used with a box spring in order for your mattress to be supported while the frame is in use.

This metal bed frame is available in four sizes including a twin, full, queen, and king sizes. Upon purchase of your order, this bed frame comes with a 90-day limited warranty along with an optional 5-year Protection Plan for an added price. 

This stylish bed frame also has room for storage underneath the frame, as it’s lifted off the ground. Plus, the bed frame provides free shipping and delivery after shopping so you can get the best bang for your buck on the online store.

Key Features

  • Constructed of Sturdy Metal
  • Includes Headboard, Footboard, and Three Metal Slats
  • Bed Box Spring Required for Use
  • Classic Curved Design


  • Smooth Black Finish
  • Available in Full & Queen Sizes
  • 90-Day Limited Warranty
  • Weight Capacity – 500lbs

Nashburg Queen Metal Bed

Capture 13

The Nashburg Queen Metal Bed features a matte black frame that includes a headboard, footboard, rails, and slats. This combination results in a minimalist bed frame that can fit in any modern farmhouse or cottage aesthetic.

This wrought iron-styled bed frame is only available in a queen size, but it’s able to be used by all different types of mattresses. The bed frame measures out to have a height of 50″, a width of 65″, and a depth of 84″, which results in a weight of 103 pounds total. 

The bed frame has a delivery option of free shipping as well as an optional 5-year warranty that can be added for an extra cost.

Key Features

  • Metal Bed Design
  • Includes Headboard, Footboard, Rails, and Slat Items
  • Bed Box Spring Required
  • Open Frame Bed Frame Design


  • Queen Size
  • Free Shipping
  • Optional 5-Year Warranty
  • 84″ L x 65″ W x 50 x H

Monticello Wrought Iron Bed

TWI MC 70 137 BED 2T

The next wrought iron bed on our list is a great option to consider in your search for the best new bed frame for you. The Monticello Wrought Iron Bed features a unique design with a rustic appearance that makes the bed stand out among the rest.

This iron bed frame includes the headboard, footboard, bed frame, and rails. Upon purchase in your shopping process, you can order the beds in multiple finishes including Natural Black, Aged Rust, Aged Pewter, or Aged Bronze.

The beds also come in two sizes including a king and queen, and a box spring is required for both frames. Upon purchase, customers receive free shipping on their order for delivery from the online store.

Key Features

  • Wrought Iron Frame for Beds
  • Includes Headboard, Footboard, and Rails
  • Box Spring Required
  • Rustic Design


  • Available in 4 Finishes
  • Available in King and Queen Size
  • Free Shipping
  • 30-Day Return Policy

There you have it, our full list of the best wrought iron bed frames on the market today. If you’re looking for even more options – check out the availability at Charles P. Rogers.

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