Best Pillow for Migraine Sufferers

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    Having a migraine is no fun. When they are severe, migraines can leave you bedridden and extremely sensitive to light and noise. The best pillows for migraines are usually designed to realign your spine while offering comfortable support to your neck and head with the aim of providing pain relief and reducing your symptoms.

    To keep your health in check, it is critical to seek medical help if your migraine symptoms worsen or persist over days, weeks or even months. If you are concerned you may be suffering from a migraine, it is important to take action quickly so that it does not get worse. Some of the most common migraine symptoms include, but are not limited to:

    • Throbbing or pulsing pain in face, neck and/or head
    • Sensitivity to light or noise
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Blurred vision
    • Dizziness

    Keep in mind that a migraine is different than a headache, as the symptoms are typically more severe and usually last longer. Worst case scenario, you just have to suffer through a migraine until it passes. But, it’s always worth it to go through all measures when you’re in that much pain, and that means using pain-reducing products to attack the migraine head-on.

    What’s the best way to sleep with a migraine?

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    We know, sleeping with a migraine can seem impossible, especially when it is so severe you can hardly think about anything but the pulsating pain. There are a few ways to make sleeping easier when you’ve got a migraine, though:

    • Make your room dark. If the light from a lamp strains your eyes or makes sitting in the room unbearable, it’s time to go lay down in your bed and turn off the lights. Another common symptom of a migraine is noise sensitivity, so make sure you rest in a quiet space.
    • Drink fluids. Taking care of your body can feel impossible when you have a massive headache. Sipping on a glass of water or a bottle of Gatorade when you have a migraine is an easy way to make sure your hydration is up, and your body will appreciate the extra fluids.
    • Listen to your body. A migraine may be a sign of a deficiency in your body. If you’re already pretty in tune with your body, then you’ll probably be able to discern what type of food you need to reduce the pain. Some foods that are thought to trigger a migraine include alcohol, caffeinated beverages, certain fruits and pizza. Everyone’s body is different, though. Skipping meals can also lead to migraines for some people, so be sure you have a proper meal schedule to avoid migraines.
    • Take deep breaths. Focusing your mind on something other than the pain is key to falling and staying asleep with a severe migraine. Try the 4-7-8 method, a common breathing technique used to center the breath and reduce your heart rate. As you breathe in for four counts, hold the breath for seven and release it for eight, you can make your headspace a bit calmer, too.

    Can your pillow give you headaches?

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    Because staying in bed is frequently the only way we can find migraine relief, we’ve reviewed some of the best pillows for migraines to keep your mega-headache at bay. It is important to use a pillow that aligns your body properly, otherwise you might wake up with tension from your shoulders up. Even worse, if you already have a headache or a migraine, using the wrong type of bed pillow can make the pain feel more severe.

    What do migraine sufferers need in a pillow?

    When a migraine hits, usually all we can think about is the excruciating pain we feel in our head. The proper bed pillow can help alleviate some of the pain that comes with such a headache. Migraine sufferers should look for a pillow with cooling properties and memory foam support, and our list includes all types of pillows to accommodate everyone’s needs.

    Whether you suffer from migraines chronically or only experience a migraine headache every once in a while, it’s crucial to take them seriously. Migraines can be a sign of a separate, serious health problem, so be sure to keep track of when you have them and keep your doctor informed. In the meantime, being prepared can alleviate or even prevent a migraine from reaching its peak severity.

    Check out our pillow reviews to discover which pillow you should have at home to prevent a migraine.

    Best Pillow for Migraine - Overall

    Milemont Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

    If you’re looking for a good pillow for pain relief that you can also use every day, this pillow from Milemont will do the trick. Made with 100% CertiPUR-US certified shredded memory foam, it provides a soft, contouring surface to rest your head on while you sleep and is a step up from an ordinary bed pillow. If you frequently suffer from headaches or migraines, this pillow might be the go-to option for help with pain relief.

    This shredded memory foam pillow will feel great for headaches, as it provides support that doesn’t feel too firm. For added alleviation, the outer cover is soft and hypoallergenic, so you’ll never have to worry about feeling discomfort or smelling the memory foam. And, no matter what position you sleep in, this pillow will keep you comfortable while relieving pressure throughout your neck, shoulders and head.

    Key Features

    • Suitable for All Sleeping Positions
    • Promotes Spine Alignment
    • Textured Cover
    • Great for Relieving Neck Pain


    • Made by Milemont
    • 28″ x 18″
    • 2 Colors Available
    • 100% CertiPUR-US Certified Shredded Memory Foam

    Best Contoured Pillow for Neck Pain

    Polar Sleep Contoured Neck & Cervical Pillow

    With a migraine often comes neck pain, and that’s why we’ve included this support pillow from Polar Sleep. Unlike most memory foam pillows, this pillow is designed to provide targeted neck support through its special curved design while it also keeps your head in place and your spine aligned.

    If you feel pain in your neck and shoulder area, it’s important to make sure your posture is as aligned as it can be, and this pillow can help with that. As you rest your head in the curved middle portion of the pillow, your shoulders will feel firm memory foam support from the rest of the pillow. This way, you are bringing comfort to all areas that may be feeling the effects of your migraine. You won’t feel the need to toss and turn so much with a curved neck pillow, especially one that offers temperature-regulating memory foam.

    Key Features

    • Removable Cover
    • Ideal for Back and Stomach Sleepers
    • Promotes Temperature Regulation
    • Targets and Relieves Neck Pain


    • Made by Polar Sleep
    • 23.5″ x 13.5″ x 4.2″
    • CertiPUR-US Certified and OEKO-TEX Certified Memory Foam Interior
    • Cover Material: 60% Polyester, 40% Bamboo

    Side sleepers commonly toss from one side to another throughout the night, which is why it is critical for them to find a pillow that will adjust to their every move. Mediflow’s water pillow is the perfect option for side sleepers looking for an elevated comfort experience, especially when they feel the effects of a migraine headache.

    Sleepers will benefit from the water pillow’s unique structure. The pillow is built with a water base, followed by a fillable layer, where sleepers can choose the firmness level and the support type they want: memory foam, down and so forth.

    A pillow with a water base, like this one from Mediflow, works carefully to support the head and neck by creating a flowing foundation that moves with the sleeper’s movements. Side sleepers who suffer from migraines will find the Mediflow water pillow to improve their sleep through its nonstop effort to provide contouring support to the neck, shoulders and head. This will also come in handy for pain relief and help promote proper posture during rest.

    Key Features

    • Uses Water-Based Technology for Neck Pain Relief
    • Suitable for All Sleeping Positions
    • Great for Headaches


    • Made by Mediflow
    • Standard Size
    • Available in Single, Twin and Value Packs
    • Hypoallergenic Cotton Cover
    • 3-Year Warranty

    Gel Cooling Pillow for Migraine Relief

    Classic Brands Cooling Gel Pillow

    Applying cool pressure is one of the most common migraine remedies, and it can be extremely effective. Even science says so. A cooling pillow like this one from Classic Brands can bring instant relief when you have a migraine, as it promotes constant temperature regulation. The cooling side comes with a textured gel layer that will ensure body heat does not build up. It’s a great alternative if you’d rather avoid having cold, wet washcloths in your bed. Plus, if you change your mind and don’t want to feel the cooling effect, you can simply flip your pillow over, as this pillow comes with just one side of cooling gel.

    The pillow’s hypoallergenic cover ensures the pillow stays sanitary and can be washed as needed. As a medium-firm pillow, this is one of the best pillows for all sleeping positions and is perfect for sleepers who sleep hot. Sleeping with a migraine can be achievable with this cooling pillow.

    Key Features

    • Removable Cover
    • Suitable for All Sleeping Positions
    • Cooling, Textured Gel Layer


    • Made by Classic Brands
    • 24″ x 16″
    • 3″ Memory Foam Interior
    • 3-Year Warranty

    Best Pillow for Back Sleepers

    LUXFFY Adjustable Contour Pillow

    Back sleepers, like stomach sleepers, require firm support at their shoulders and neck to prevent physical strain from taking over throughout the night. This memory foam pillow from LUXFFY comes with a special feature that most memory foam pillows do not have: its height can be adjusted. To optimize sleep and neck support for all sleeping positions, this pillow has an interior built with three separate layers of foam. To adjust the height, simply remove or add a layer and zip up the cover.

    Because neck support is such an important part for the back sleep position, we recommend this pillow for back sleepers who need that extra elevation between their upper neck and head. Plus, it’s easiest to use when you’re sleeping on your back because it will not require you to remove the middle layer. This pillow may feel too firm for side sleepers, but will still feel helpful for when a migraine strikes.

    Key Features

    • 3-Layer Structure with Adjustable Firmness
    • Removable Cover
    • Suitable for All Sleeping Positions
    • Great for Head and Neck Pain


    • Made by LUXFFY
    • 14.5″ x 7.8″ x 7.7″
    • Cover Material: 60% Polyester, 40% Viscose-Rayon
    • 5-Year Warranty

    If you still need more information to help you find the best pillow for migraines then take a look at this forum thread over at, a community designed to empower migraine and tension headache sufferers.

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