Sweetnight Mattress Review 2021 – Should You Buy It?

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    With four mattress styles available, our Sweetnight mattress review breaks down each model to see which one suits your sleeping style. If you’re looking for a mattress in a box on a budget, then this brand might be for you. 

    When it comes down to it, there are estimated to be over 175 online mattress companies at your disposal. This means that the journey between you and your dream mattress can become clouded by all of the different features that these brands have to offer. 

    To make the selection process easier, we’ve sorted through the details to make sure you have everything you’d ever need to know about the four mattresses they offer. Now, Sweetnight mattresses have a large number of positive reviews on Amazon… but do they live up to the hype? We’re here to answer those questions.

    Sweetnight Pros and Cons


    – Budget-Friendly

    – 10-Year Warranty

    – Great Motion Isolation

    – Appropriate Back Support & Alignment


    – Possible Off-Gassing Smell at First

    – Available in the US Only

    – Online-only retailer

    Best For...

    – Side, Back, or Stomach Sleepers

    – Those Who Prefer a Medium-Firm Feel

    – People with Allergy Issues

    Sweetnight Overview
    Mattress Type Gel Memory Foam, Hybrid
    Models 4
    Shipping Free Shipping
    Returns 30-day Full Refund Policy
    Ships in... 4-7 Days
    Trial Period 100-day Trial
    Firmness Level Medium-Firm
    Sleeper Type Side, Back, or Stomach Sleepers
    Warranty 10-year Warranty
    Certifications CertiPUR-US Certified

    Sweetnight mattresses are perfect for sleepers who prefer a medium-firm feel. Take a look at the latest offer on each of the models.

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    Model Types

    Sweetnight carries four mattress models: 

    All four of these mattresses have unique features that contribute to the quality of your sleep. We’ll break down each model in more detail below.

    Which is the best Sweetnight mattress for me?

    A Sweetnight queen sized mattress.

    Sweetnight Breeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress

    If you’re a hot sleeper, this first model mattress may be the perfect fit for you. This mattress contains gel infused memory foam and has an open cell breathable cover to help keep you cool all night long. Plus, it even contains targeted support that adapts to the size, shape, and weight of any body to provide the perfect level of support. 

    This mattress is made up of 3 layers, similar to the Puffy mattress. The top level consists of 3″ of gel-infused memory foam that works to slowly adjust to your body weight and temperature. This provides a cooling, comfortable sleep that will help you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

    In the second layer of the mattress lies 3.5″ of air flow foam that provides a mix of cushioning comfort and enhanced support. This layer being included means the difference from a helpful sleep to a harmful sleep in terms of support.

    Finally, the third layer of this mattress is made of 5.5″ high-density foam that provides solid-edge seating support. This helps the mattress resist sagging and rolling-off, so you remain comfortable throughout your entire sleep. If you need additional help staying cool while you sleep, check out our BedJet 3 Review

    Breeze Memory Foam Mattress at a Glance

    • 12″ Thick
    • 3 Layer Construction
    • Medium Firmness


    • Full: $488
    • Queen: $568
    • King: $698
    The inside layers of a Sweetnight mattress.
    1. 3″ Gel-infused Memory Foam
    2. 3.5″ Unique Air Flow Foam Design
    3. 5.5″ High-Density Foam

    The Breeze Memory Foam Mattress is a good choice for sleepers who prefer a medium-firm feel and sleep hot. The cooling properties of the gel-infused foam combined with the rayon cover provide a cool nights sleep for a great price.

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    Sunkiss Memory Foam Mattress

    Just like all Sweetnight’s mattresses, this model provides a cooling sleep, targeted support, and a hypoallergenic design. So, what makes this model different? This mattress is two sided, making it flippable for a soft side and a firmer side.

    Depending on what side of the mattress you prefer, you have multiple options when it comes to your firmness experience. On the top side, the mattress has a softer feel, while the bottom has a firm side. While this feature of the model makes it unique, what lies within this mattress makes it stand out even more.

    First, there’s a 2″ layer of gel infused memory foam that works to keep you consistently cool throughout the night, followed by a 1″ layer of ventilated comfort foam.

    In the model’s third layer lie four inches of a unique three-zone air-flow open-cell comfort foam. Finishing the mattress up are three inches of a high-density support foam that makes this mattress extremely durable and helps resist sagging and rolling-off. This mattress can be used with a traditional box spring or a modern minimalist platform bed.

    Sweetnight Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

    Sunkiss Gel Memory Foam Mattress At A Glance

    • 10″ & 12″ Options
    • 4 Layer Construction
    • Flippable Firmness – 1 Soft Side & 1 Medium-Firm


    10″ Prices

    • Twin: $318
    • Full: $398
    • Queen: $438
    • King: $548
    12″ Prices
    •  Queen: $528
    • King: $658
    best queen mattress under 500
    1. 2″ Gel Infused Memory Foam
    2. 1″ Ventilated Comfort Foam
    3. 4″ Open-Cell Comfort Foam
    4. 3″ High-Density Support Foam

    The Sunkiss Memory Foam Mattress is a great option for those looking for a flippable mattress on a budget. The soft side suits stomach sleepers while the firmer side is perfect for those that sleep on their stomach or back. 

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    SweetNight Twilight Hybrid Mattress

    This model is big on one thing: motion isolation. Especially if you sleep with a partner, this mattress is packed with pocketed-coils that prevent motion transfer all around.

    Within the layers of this mattress lies a 3-zone independent pocketed spring design that ensures your body weight is evenly absorbed from head to toe. 

    While it’s evident that the Twilight Spring Hybrid Mattress is great for motion isolation, it’s also great for cooling. Other features include knitted fabric, air-flow high density foam, gel memory foam, air-flow density foam, and wrapped pocketed steel coils.

    While this model may have a plethora of benefits, it’s only available in a queen or king size. So, if you’re looking for a twin or full, you may have to look into the other models as a more suitable option. But since this model is perfect for sleeping with a partner, the smaller sizes may not be needed. 

    klu6t 1

    Twilight Hybrid Mattress at a Glance

    • 12”
    • 5 Layer Construction
    • Ideal for Sleepers Who Share a Bed


    • Queen: $498
    • King: $598
    Sweetnight Spring Hybrid Mattress
    1. Knitted Fabric
    2. Air-flow High Density Foam
    3. Gel Memory Foam
    4. Air-Flow Density Foam
    5. Wrapped Pocketed Steel Coils

    For sleepers looking for a traditional mattress experience at a great price point should look at the Twilight Hybrid Mattress. The combination of the pocketed coils and 3 layers of memory foam will work well for those looking for a medium to soft mattress.

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    Sweetnight Innerspring Mattress

    Sweetnight Island Innerspring Mattress

    If you’re looking for plush comfort with maximum support this next model might be a good fit for you. While this mattress has a sleep-cool design, targeted support, and is completely hypoallergenic, it also adapts to the size, shape, and weight for different types of bodies.

    This makes a big difference in terms of relieving pain and stiffness, offering better contour around your shoulders and back. Inside this spring mattress is steel coils and gel memory foam that work independently to provide localized bounce in different zones of the mattress. 

    Another feature of this model is its great motion isolation. When you sleep with a partner, the pocket coil design and thick layer of padding will work to restrict movement. So when your partner tosses and turns, the circulation of the vibrations will become minimal, allowing you to sleep soundly through the night. 

    Island Innerspring Mattress at a Glance

    • 12”
    • 5 Layer Construction
    • Plus Comfort, Maximum Support


    • Full: $349
    • Queen: $398
    • King: $459
    This is the lowest cost per queen size mattress that the company offers.
    Sweetnight Innerspring Mattress
    1. Knitted Fabric
    2. Air-flow High Density Foam
    3. Gel Memory Foam
    4. Air-Flow Density Foam
    5. Wrapped Pocketed Steel Coils

    The Sweetnight Island Mattress support primarily comes from the encased tempered steel coils. It will work well for side sleepers looking for a new mattress on a budget. 

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    Throughout all of the models, all Sweetnight mattresses contain gel-infused memory foam and an open-cell breathable cover, targeted support, and CertiPUR-US Certified foam. While this is the same across the board, there are other materials in each model that make it unique.

    Cooling & Soft Cover

    In each model, there is a cooling and soft cover that’s designed to be completely hypoallergenic while keeping you cool all throughout the night. This mattress cover is detachable and opposes dust mites and bacterial growth that can cause your mattress to smell or have apparent stains. 

    Supportive Memory Foam

    The makeup of the memory foam in each mattress is US certified and made without harmful substances like formaldehyde, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. This memory foam is also cool-sleeping, sagging-resistant, and super supportive for issues such as back pain relief. 

    Motion Isolating Design

    If you sleep with a partner, the motion isolation in each Sweetnight mattress makes it the ideal sleeping situation. Each mattress is constructed with 775 individually-wrapped innerspring coils for definitive support and containing movement within each section. 

    Gel Memory Foam Cool Gel Memory Foam Spring Hybrid Innerspring
    Noise Control A A A+ A-
    Temperature Regulation A+ A+ A+ A+
    Sinkage A A A+ A-
    Motion Isolation A+ A+ A+ A+
    Edge Support A A A A

    Noise Control

    The two memory foam options score best when it comes to noise control, mattresses that do not contain any springs are usually far quieter than those that do. 

    Temperature Regulation

    When it comes to temperature regulation, each Sweetnight mattress is fully equipped to keep you cool all night long. With its gel-infused memory foam and open cell breathable yet plush cover, each model is fit to make your sleep comfortable if you’re a hot sleeper. 

    Each model is consistent across the board when it comes to temperature regulation, making this brand perfect for you if you sleep hot.


    The Sweetnight Spring Hybrid Mattress ranks highest in the terms of preventing that sinking feeling during sleep. Each mattress is equipped with 775 independent pocketed coils, providing all around support. This ensures you don’t get that sinking feeling that is sometimes found in  overly soft mattresses.

    The Spring Hybrid model ranks higher than the rest because it’s designed for dual sleepers and it has extra support that limits sinkage. The Innerspring model may be less supportive though, because it’s a softer, more plush design.

    Motion Isolation

    As mentioned previously, each Sweetnight mattress is great for motion isolation. This mattress is designed so that all of the 775 coils move independently to prevent motion transfer for an undisturbed night of rest.

    Whether it’s your pet or your spouse in bed with you, it’s unlikely that you will feel them move or wiggle throughout the night.

    Edge Support

    None of these mattresses rank particularly high when it comes to supporting the edge of the bed.


    Best Sleeping Positions

    In short, this mattress brand is likely to be enjoyed by side, back, or stomach sleepers. This means that across the board, you’re likely to be supported by each mattress no matter your sleeping position.

    Side Sleepers

    If you’re a strict side sleeper, you may want to flip the mattress to the softer side for best results. While both sides have the proper tools to keep you supported all throughout the night, the softer side is more likely to keep your joints relaxed throughout your entire slumber.

    Best Option: The Spring Hybrid

    Back Sleepers

    When you’re an avid back sleeper, it can be difficult to get the support your body craves when you sleep. Good news, though, because each Sweetnight mattress helps evenly distribute your body weight resulting in even pressure, making it a comfortable yet supportive sleep.

    Best Option: The firm side of the flippable Cool Gel model

    Stomach Sleepers

    Stomach sleepers require a lot of support from their mattress so their body can remain in good alignment all night long. When you lie on your stomach, the Sweetnight mattress works to keep your hips aligned and keeps your back from misaligning itself. But in terms of which side of the mattress is best for stomach sleepers, the firmer side may be more comfortable because it has the tools to handle more pressure. 

    Best Option: The firm side of the flippable Cool Gel model

    Sweetnight mattresses are perfect for sleepers who prefer a medium-firm feel. Take a look at the latest offer on each of the models.

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    Warranty, Trial Length & Return Process

    One of the common fears about purchasing a mattress online is the fact that you can’t try it before you buy it. Luckily, you get 100 nights to decide whether or not the Sweetnight mattress is for you.

    If you decide that it’s not for you during this trial period, the company has a 100-day full refund policy. This means that you can return it for free within the 100 days just by contacting their support team to get the process started. In order to qualify for a return, you must ensure the mattress is in good condition, as well as provide the proof of purchase. Then, you can return the mattress and take your money back.

    Shipping & Set-Up Process

    When it comes to the shipping, it takes around 4-7 days for the mattress to arrive at your front door if ordered through the website. Luckily, these mattresses are available on Amazon if you’re looking for a quicker way to receive your new mattress.

    When it comes to setting up your new mattress, all you have to do is slide the mattress out of the box and you’re done! The mattress is compatible with all set ups including a foundation or box spring, a platform or slatted base, or an adjustable base.

    Review Summary & Ideal Customer Breakdown

    Now that you understand all the components of a Sweetnight mattress, you may still be wondering if one of these mattresses is right for you. Good news: we’ve listed some main takeaways that we think will help you decide on the correct mattress for your sleeping needs.

    We think you’d enjoy a Sweetnight mattress if you:

    A Sweetnight mattress may not be the best for you if you:

    Take a look at some of our other mattress reviews to find a mattress that suits your needs slightly more.

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    Points to Consider Before You Buy

    If so, you will probably want to consider purchasing the Sweetnight Spring Hybrid Mattress, which prevents motion transfer between partners. This mattress is made with independent pocketed coils that ensures body weight is evenly absorbed throughout the entire mattress.

    Sweetnight mattresses accommodate all sleepers, but they’re ideal for stomach sleepers who typically benefit most from a mattress that provides ultimate support for their entire body. The great thing about Sweetnight mattresses is that they offer cooling pressure relief, so even if you sleep in multiple different positions throughout the night, you can still find comfort.

    If you sleep hot or if you live in an area where the weather tends to reach high temperatures, you’ll likely enjoy sleeping on a Sweetnight mattress. These mattresses come with gel-infused memory foam, which helps with temperature regulation all throughout the night. You won’t have to worry about getting foam support accommodated by unbearable heat.


    Most frequent brand questions

    All Sweetnight mattresses are compatible for each type of set up. Whether you have a box spring, slatted base, flat platform, or an adjustable bed, you can set up your mattress with ease.
    Each Sweetnight mattress can be used in all sorts of frames for your convenience. This includes adjustable frames, making the set up process seamless.
    There are many determining factors when it comes to your mattress’s quality. With all of the great features in a Sweetnight mattress such as motion isolation, edge support, and temperature regulation, it's safe to say that most users will enjoy this mattress.
    When considering a 10" or 12" mattress, it all boils down to whether or not you want the mattress to be flippable. With the 10" mattress, you get 2-sided firmness that gives you ultimate customization. But with the 12" mattress, you get a more luxurious feel that may not be felt in the 10" option.
    All of these mattresses are in a similar price range that all fall into the "budget mattress" category. Of these three brands, our most recommended option would be the Tulo Firm, followed by the Sweetnight. If you're on a shoestring budget, though, Zinus is tough to beat.

    Sweetnight mattresses are perfect for sleepers who prefer a medium-firm feel. Take a look at the latest offer on each of the models.

    Enter our exclusive promo code AUTHORITIES at checkout to receive the highest discount on all Sweet Night Products

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