Helix Mattress Review 2021 – Should You Buy It?

Is a Helix mattress right for you? With 14 options tailored to specific sleeping preferences, it's likely this brand has something for you.
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    The Brand That Has It All

    No matter your sleeping position, Helix is sure to have a mattress for you. Explore their extensive collection to find your perfect match.

    Mattress Performance
    Quality Selection 100%
    Edge Support 100%
    Temperature Regulation 90%
    Noise Control 95%
    Motion Isolation 95%
    Overall Rating 96%

    Everyone has different sleeping preferences. Some are back or stomach sleepers. Others like to rest on their side. Certain people enjoy firmer sleeping surfaces while others would like nothing more than to cozy up on the softest bed possible. Larger individuals might need beds built a little differently than ones designed for shorter people. Can one mattress really cater to each sleeping position and body type?

    Helix Sleep doesn’t think so. That’s why they’ve designed 14 different types of mattresses, each one specialized to suit someone based on factors like their size, sleeping position, and bed firmness preference. They even offer split beds for couples and an all-natural option for eco-conscious shoppers.

    Can a Helix mattress really offer you the most personalized night of sleep ever? Keep reading to find out. We’ll go into greater detail about the company and each style of bed they offer so you can decide if this brand is right for you.


    – 14 options optimized for all sleeping positions and body types

    – Organic option available

    – Handmade


    – Higher-end models pricier

    Some models contain latex, which may deter some with allergies

    Best For...

    – Sleepers of all sizes

    – Back, stomach & side sleepers

    – Eco-conscious shoppers

    – Those who need personalized relief

    The Models

    Visual representation of the Helix mattress color match system.

    Helix offers three lines of mattresses: Helix Standard/SpecialtyHelix Luxe, and Birch by Helix. The Standard has the greatest variety of offerings, with seven available beds in the lineup. The Luxe offers six choices, while Birch currently only offers one organic mattress. All three offer unique bedding in an effort to meet the needs of a wide range of sleepers. We’ll break each down in further detail below, starting with the Standard.

    Helix Standard & Specialty Models

    In this line, there are six Standard options (Sunset, Moonlight, Midnight, Dusk, Twilight, and Dawn) and one Specialty option (Plus; the Dual Balanced and Dual Extra models are discontinued). Each one is a highly specialized sleeping surface engineered to help a certain demographic achieve the sleep their bodies need. Helix offer more options than most brands, rivaled only by the Keetsa mattress models. Do these designs actually accomplish what they’re supposed to do? You’ve come to the right place to find out.

    Helix Standard and Specialty Basics
    Mattress Type Hybrid
    Models 7
    Shipping Free in US; $250 + Customs Tax in Canada
    Returns Full Refund
    Ships in... 2-4 Business Days
    Trial Period 100 Nights
    Firmness Level Varies by Model
    Sleeper Type Varies by Model
    Warranty 10 Years
    Certifications Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, CertiPUR-US

    Helix Standard Model Comparison

    Standard Helixes are sorted by firmness levels and whether they would work better for side sleepers or back and stomach sleepers. Specialty Helixes are further optimized to meet specific sleeping needs. The Plus is engineered for taller and/or heavier people while the Dual Balanced and Dual Extra models are designed for couples with different bed-firmness preferences. We included the standard Helix in our list of best mattresses under $1000.

    Firmness Sleeper Type Specialty
    Sunset Soft Side Pressure Relief
    Moonlight Soft Back and Stomach Body Contouring
    Midnight Medium Side Pressure Relief
    Dusk Medium Back and Stomach Body Contouring
    Twilight Firm Side Pressure Relief
    Dawn Firm Back and Stomach Body Contouring
    Plus Medium Plus Size and Tall Max. Support, Body Contouring

    What’s Inside a Standard Helix?

    Multicolored stack of Helix mattresses.

    While each Standard model is optimized for a certain demographic (more on that later), there are some similarities in design across this line, including:

    Temperature Control

    All nine models incorporate cooling technology to fight night sweats. The interior coiled springs provide a decent amount of airflow that would otherwise be lacking inside an all-foam bed. Furthermore, the top cover is breathable, providing a moisture and heat-wicking surface.

    Edge Support

    Innerspring and hybrid bedding is well-known for having superior edge support; Helix is no exception. There is a special perimeter of wrapped springs in each Standard and Specialty model to enhance each one’s edge support.

    Soft Touch Cover

    Helix’s specialty cover is light and airy, which adds a soft cooling effect.

    Wrapped Innersprings

    Each Standard and Specialty unit features hundreds of wrapped pocket springs. Their mission? Support your body, reinforce edges, increase motion isolation, and improve airflow.

    DuraDense Foam

    The bottom layer of every model in this lineup is made of the same “DuraDense” foam. It increases the durability and stability of the overall bed.

    Memory Plus Foam

    Some models will feature Helix’s unique blend of memory foam to provide relief to various pressure points along your body. Depending on the model you opt for, this material will be soft, medium-firm, or firm.

    High-grade Polyfoam

    Some models feature polyfoam in their transitional layers, which can again vary in firmness levels based on the model you choose.

    Helix Dynamic Foam

    What’s this material, you ask? Fair question. It’s Helix’s special blend of latex and foam, designed to provide cushioning and support for the body. Firmness varies between soft and firm, based on the model.

    Helix offers an extensive line of mattresses suitable for nearly every sleeping preference. You can take their quiz to see which bed will work best for you!

    What’s So Special About the Helix Specialty Model?

    Helix Plus Mattresses Layer by Layer Breakdown.

    The whole idea behind Helix is that each body has a unique set of needs, and no one mattress can meet the needs of everyone, no matter how great said mattress is. If a Standard model doesn’t work for you, Helix also offers a Specialty unit that may be better suited for your sleeping situation.

    The Plus is specially designed for individuals who are taller and/or heavier. Each extra-durable layer is arranged to carefully cradle and fully support the bodies of this demographic. Featuring polyfoam with a high IFD*, extra-large innersprings, and more, this mattress is thoughtfully designed for the unique needs of larger individuals.

    Helix offers an extensive line of mattresses suitable for nearly every sleeping preference; the Plus model is optimized for taller and heavier sleepers.

    Helix Material Comparison by Model

    Want to quickly cross-compare the composition of the nine Standard and Specialty Helix models? Say no more.

    Sleeper Transitional Layer Transitional Layer
    Sunset Memory Plus Foam (soft feel) Helix Dynamic Foam (low IFD)
    Moonlight Helix Dynamic Foam (soft feel) Helix Dynamic Foam (low IFD)
    Midnight Memory Plus Foam (med. feel) High-grade Polyfoam (med. IFD)
    Dusk Helix Dynamic Foam (med. feel) Memory Plus Foam (med. IFD)
    Twilight Memory Plus Foam (firm feel) High-grade Polyfoam (high IFD)
    Dawn Helix Dynamic Foam (firm feel) High-grade Polyfoam (high IFD)
    Plus Helix Dynamic Foam (med. feel) + Memory Plus Foam High-grade Polyfoam (higher IFD)

    (*IFD = Indentation Force Deflection, which tests for how firm a material is. The higher the IFD, the firmer the bed/more force required to push down on it.) 

    Now, the top cover on every version has a soft feel. Additionally, the Body Shape layer in each of these models includes wrapped innersprings; the Plus includes XL springs. Each Base layer is made of DuraDense foam. You can learn more about these materials by visiting HelixSleep.com.

    How Much Is a Helix?

    Standard models (Sunset, Moonlight, Midnight, Dusk, Twilight, and Dawn) come at the following price points:

    • Twin: $600
    • Twin XL: $700
    • Full: $850
    • Queen: $995
    • King: $1,245
    • California King: $1,245

    The Plus will cost:

    • Twin: $700
    • Twin XL: $850
    • Full: $995
    • Queen: $1,190
    • King: $1,440
    • California King: $1,440
    The Plus has similar pricing to other mattresses for plus-size sleepers like the Titan.
    (Note that these are non-discounted prices from the official Helix Sleep site on 10/24/2019. To see more current pricing, you can visit the site by clicking here.)

    Helix Standard Report Card

    We’re taking Helix Standard and Specialty to school. See how each model fares below.

    Sunset & Moonlight Midnight Dusk Twilight & Dawn Plus
    Noise Control A A A- A A
    Temperature Regulation A A A A A
    Sinkage A B B C B+
    Motion Isolation A A B A- A
    Edge Support A A A A A

    Why did these models receive these scores? Keep reading to learn more.

    Noise Reduction

    When it comes to noise reduction, all models in this line perform well. These hybrids incorporate innersprings, which can generate noise. However, given the even placement of these coils and their exterior casings, noise is significantly diminished.

    Temperature Regulation

    In this area, Helix really excels with their Soft Touch Design. Hybrid and all-innerspring mattresses are known for allowing greater airflow than all-foam or all-latex ones, and these models are no different. The addition of the airy cover only increases overall breathability.


    Here’s where there’s some pretty significant differences between the Standard models. The Sunset and Moonlight options both feel soft to the touch with significant give. Moving up to the next level of firmness, the Midnight and Dusk are both comfortable with a medium-firm feel. Twilight and Dawn models, by contrast, are designed to have little to no sink for firmer support.

    The Specialty models also offer a wider range of firmness options for larger individuals and couples. The Plus model has a medium feel with average levels of sink.

    Motion Isolation

    Most Standard models offer a fair amount of motion isolation.

    Edge Support

    All Standard models come with reinforced edge support to provide firmer perimeters. That means you can easily sit along the edges of these beds.

    Helix offers an extensive line of mattresses suitable for nearly every sleeping preference. You can take their quiz to see which bed will work best for you!

    Stepping it Up with the Helix Luxe

    A hand presses on a firm Helix Luxe mattress for stomach sleepers.

    The Helix Luxe line is the “luxurious” step up from the Standard one. It’s a little more expensive, although the bump in price is warranted for the increase in value. These models offer more in terms of lumbar support and temperature regulation, among other added features.

    Helix Luxe Basics
    Mattress Type Hybrid
    Models 6
    Shipping Free in US; $250 + Customs Tax in Canada
    Returns Full Refund
    Ships in... 3-5 Business Days
    Trial Period 100 Nights
    Firmness Level Varies by Model
    Sleeper Type Varies by Model
    Warranty 15 Years
    Certifications Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, CertiPUR-US

    Helix Luxe Model Comparison

    Like the Standard line, Luxe models also vary based on firmness levels and the sleeper type they’re optimized for. You can quickly see which one might suit you below.

    Firmness Sleeper Type
    Sunset Luxe Soft Side
    Moonlight Luxe Soft Back and Stomach
    Midnight Luxe Medium Side
    Dusk Luxe Medium Back and Stomach
    Twilight Luxe Firm Side
    Dawn Luxe Firm Back and Stomach

    What’s Inside a Luxe?

    What’s up with the Luxe? This line features some of the same materials as the Standard and Specialty options, such as the bottom DuraDense foam, Memory Plus Foam, Polyfoam, and Dynamic Foam. What sets this line apart from the Standard, though, are its additional “LUXE Upgrade Features.” These features include a better top layer, two extra inches/one extra layer, and zoned support within the body shape layer.

    Enhanced Temperature Regulation

    Luxe models take the basic temperature-regulating technology of the Standard models, then move them a step further. The occasional layer of gel visco, for example, not only increases support, but also has a cooling effect.

    Upgraded Top Cover

    The top of this line is slightly different than that of the Standard one. This cover is quilted, feeling like a soft breathable pillow. The result? An airier, more comfortable sleeping surface.

    Zoned Coils

    There’s even more coils in Luxe models—over a thousand of them, in fact. Besides there being more springs in these models, they’re also placed differently in the Luxe line. You see, Luxe models place their coils in such a way that there’s a reinforced section in the middle of the bed that offers increased lumbar support. That means the Luxe models could be better options than Standard ones for those who experience lower back pain.

    Superior Edge Support

    With more coils and zoning naturally comes better edge support. Most customers report sufficient support along their beds’ perimeters. Overall, enhanced edge support is great for those who like to sit at the edge of their beds; this feature may also help reduce the chances of sliding off the bed.

    Helix Luxe Material Comparison by Model

    Need to quickly compare the composition of the six Luxe models? You’ve got it.

    Comfort Layer Support Layer Transition Layer
    Sunset Luxe Memory Plus Foam (soft feel) Helix Dynamic Foam (low IFD) High-grade Polyfoam (low IFD)
    Moonlight Luxe Helix Dynamic Foam (soft feel) Helix Dynamic Foam (low IFD) High-grade Polyfoam (low IFD)
    Midnight Luxe Memory Plus Foam (med. feel) High-grade Polyfoam (med. IFD) Gel Visco (med. IFD)
    Dusk Luxe Helix Dynamic Foam (med. feel) Memory Plus Foam (med. IFD) High-grade Polyfoam (med. IFD)
    Twilight Luxe Gel Visco (firm feel) Memory Plus Foam (high IFD) High-grade Polyfoam (high IFD)
    Dawn Luxe Gel Visco (firm feel) Helix Dynamic Foam (high IFD) High-grade Polyfoam (high IFD)

    Each Luxe model sports an upgraded quilted top for the Cover. Additionally, all Zoned Body Shape layers are comprised of wrapped innerspring. Like the Standard and Specialty models, Luxe models feature DuraDense foam in their Base layers.

    How Much Does a Helix Luxe Cost?

    Luxe models are available at the following prices:

    • Twin: $995
    • Twin XL: $1,245
    • Full: $1,495
    • Queen: $1,795
    • King: $2,195
    • California King: $2,195

    These prices are based on non-discounted prices from the official Helix Sleep site on 10/24/2019. To see updated pricing and potential sales, you can visit the official site by clicking here.

    Helix Luxe Report Card

    The Standard line did well. What about the Luxe? The grades are out.

    Sunset & Moonlight Luxe Midnight & Dusk Luxe Twilight & Dawn Luxe
    Noise A A A
    Temperature Regulation A+ A+ A+
    Sinkage A B C
    Motion Isolation A A A-
    Edge Support A A A

    Check out our grading breakdown right here.

    Noise Reduction

    Like the Standard line, the Luxe models all fare well when it comes to noise reduction. By wrapping their innerspring coils and spacing them just so, Helix ensures that their mattresses generate a negligent amount of noise by typical hybrid standards.

    Temperature Regulation

    Standard models? Fairly cool. Luxe models? Extremely cool. The Luxe upgrade includes a more breathable, quilted top cover that adds an new cooling element to this line.


    Similarly to Standard ones, Luxe models differ greatly in terms of sinkage. The soft-feeling Sunset Luxe and Moonlight Luxe offer the greatest amount of sink whereas the firm Twilight Luxe and Dawn Luxe offer little to none. Medium-firm Midnight luxe and Dusk Luxe offer an average amount of sink.

    Motion Isolation

    All beds in this line offer a fair amount of motion isolation, with the Dawn, Dusk, and Moonlight Luxe models being particularly great for couples that have differing sleeping positions.

    Edge Support

    The reinforced springs along the perimeter of this line, like the Standard, offers great edge support, even by hybrid standards.

    Helix offers an extensive line of mattresses suitable for nearly every sleeping preference; their Luxe line adds lumbar support and advanced temperature-regulating features. You can take their quiz to see which bed will work best for you!

    Layer analysis of the organic Birch mattress by Helix Sleep.

    When it comes to making bedding that’s better for you and the environment, you need to start with better materials. That’s the thought process behind the all-natural Birch by Helix. This hybrid mattress is made with sustainability and ethical sourcing in mind. Given all that it has to offer, it’s one of the top beds to explore in 2021.

    Birch Living
    Mattress Type Organic Hybrid (contains latex)
    Models 1
    Shipping Free (US Only)
    Returns Full Refund
    Ships in... 4-6 Business Days
    Trial Period 100 Nights
    Firmness Level Medium-firm
    Sleeper Type Most Sleepers
    Warranty 25 Years
    Certifications GreenGuard Gold, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, Wool Integrity NZ™, Rainforest Alliance Certified™

    What’s inside a Birch Living Organic Mattress?

    Let’s break this 6-layer hybrid mattress down.

    Layer #1: Cotton Cover

    Let’s take it from the top—literally. The first layer of this mattress incorporates organic cotton sourced from the United States. Why cotton? Well, it’s:

    1. cheap to produce, which means more savings for you;
    2. soft, making the top layer you sleep directly on more comfortable;
    3. moisture-wicking, so you can say goodbye to night sweats; and
    4. breathable, so you know you’re in for a cool night’s sleep.

    Layer #2: Wool Cover

    This next layer contains natural wool, a breathable and elastic material that’s perfect for adding some extra softness and spring to your bedding. Best of all, the incorporated wool and rayon are naturally fire retardant. So, you get safer bedding that doesn’t use fire-retardant chemicals like many popular products on the market do. Safer in more ways than one? Yes, please.

    Layer #3: Comfortable Birch Wool

    More wool here. Besides the other beneficial properties of wool mentioned above, this material is also incredibly sustainable, making it a better choice for planet Earth. New Zealand provides this Birch wool, which carries the Wool Integrity NZ™ certification. This way, you know the animals that provided the wool for your bedding are cared for in an ethical manner.

    Layer #4: Pressure-relieving Latex

    Latex is known for its elastic properties, making it a more breathable alternative to materials like heat-trapping memory foam. Birch uses natural Talalay latex sourced from Southeast Asia.

    Layer #5: Supportive Springs

    US-manufactured steel pocket coils comprise the fifth layer of this bed. These durable springs offer incredible support for the whole bed and your body. The placement of these coils furthermore promotes greater airflow than an all-foam bed would, helping keep you cooler.

    Layer #6: Wool Base

    More organic wool? You bet. This final stabilizing layer helps round out the rest of this environmentally friendly bed.

    Overall, this mattress really does take sustainability, ethical sourcing, and your safety in mind. The thoughtful design strikes a nice balance between softness and firm support to create a medium-firm bed that sleeps cool. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly bedding option, the Birch is worth looking into.

    How Much Does an Organic Birch Mattress Cost?

    Birch is available in six standard sizes at the following non-sale prices (as of 10/24/2019):

    • Twin: $1,049
    • Twin XL: $1,099
    • Full: $1,299
    • Queen: $1,499
    • King: $1,799
    • California King: $1,799
    For more up-to-date prices and potential sales, you can visit the official Birch Living by Helix site.

    Helix offers a wide selection of beds suited for the needs of most sleepers. Their Birch Living organic mattress is the perfect hybrid for eco-conscious shoppers craving a luxurious night of sleep.

    Birch Report Card

    The last of the Helix lineup. How does Birch perform?

    Noise Control A-
    Temperature Regulation A
    Sinkage B
    Motion Isolation A-
    Edge Support A+

    Let’s break the grades down of this all-natural bedding.


    How noisy is the all-natural Birch? Not very. The wrapped coils—coupled with layers of latex, cotton, and wool—mitigate the noise generated from the steel innersprings. Overall, this mattress is fairly quiet for bedding that contains coils.

    Temperature Regulation

    Like other Helix beds, the Birch also offers temperature regulation. The top layer of cotton is breathable and moisture-wicking, providing sleepers with a cooler and drier place to rest. The inner latex layer is springy (like memory foam), yet allows for a decent level of airflow (unlike memory foam). Hot sleepers will also appreciate the added airflow the innerspring layer provides.


    This bed has a medium-firm feel that provides adequate pressure relief without being too soft.

    Motion Isolation

    With properly spaced coils and layers of cotton, wool, and latex, Birch beds offer a fair amount of motion isolation. So, not only should they appeal to nature-lovers, but also couples with a light sleeper.

    Edge Support

    Similarly to the other 15 models by Helix, the Birch offers a perimeter reinforced by sturdy springs. The result? Enhanced edge support.

    Helix offers a wide selection of beds suited for the needs of most sleepers. Their Birch Living organic mattress is the perfect hybrid for eco-conscious shoppers craving a luxurious night of sleep.

    Warranty, Sleep Trial & Affordability

    Helix certainly offers a lot, but is what they offer any good? Plenty of people seem to think so. In 2019, CNN named this brand the “Most Comfortable Mattress” and GQ named them their Best Overall Mattress. It’s not just mainstream media outlets that are raving about this relatively new company, though. There are also thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers. Perhaps most trustworthy of all is Helix Sleep’s A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

    Why exactly has Helix as a company earned such high praise? Let’s break it all down.


    Each Helix line offers a different warranty. The Standard beds all come with a 10-year warranty. Luxes are back by a 15-year warranty, and the natural Birch comes with a 25-year warranty. These warranty periods are fairly standard in the industry, particularly for organic and hybrid options.

    Sleep Trial

    Each Helix bed comes with a 100-night sleep trial period. Lasting over three months, this period is long enough for most people to adjust to a new sleeping surface and decide if it’s right for them. 100 nights is a common sleep trial period in the industry, although it’s certainly not the longest one.

    Pricing and Financing

    Prices for Standard models are all incredibly affordable. Even the pricier higher-end models, like the Twilight Luxe and Birch, are still reasonable considering their handcrafted construction and materials. For those who are interested, financing is available through Klarna. Active military and veterans can also receive a one-time 15%-off discount. Overall, Helix beds are reasonably priced with a wide range of options to fit most budgets.

    Review Summary & Ideal Customer Breakdown

    Every single body is unique. So, should we really expect a single mattress to adequately support the needs of everyone? Not if you think the same way as Helix Sleep. With 14 options to cater to the needs of a wide variety of people, there’s no doubt that this brand is leading the industry in personalized options.

    Who won’t Helix work well for, though? Those who live outside the United States and certain parts of Canada, for starters. Those who have sensitivities to latex must also consult their doctors first before they order certain Helix models, as some contain this substance.

    For many people, though, Helix has plenty enough options to explore. Those who have a lower budget will enjoy the affordable Standard line. Larger individuals should look into the Specialty Plus model. Those with a larger budget, hot sleepers, and those with lower back pain may find the enhanced Luxe line to their liking. Lastly, eco-conscious shoppers will appreciate the all-natural Birch. When it comes to variety and ultimate customization, a Helix mattress truly is the way to go.

    We think you'd enjoy a Helix mattress if you:

    A Helix mattress may not be the best for you if you:

    Points to Consider Before You Buy

    When it comes to variety for mattresses in a box you can order online, Helix is tough to beat. This brand won’t work well for everyone, though. Those who are interested in buying from this company should know a few facts first.

    The latex layer within the Birch should be sufficiently sealed so that people won’t come into direct contact with it. However, those with latex sensitivities should play it safe and consult with their doctors first before ordering this mattress.

    There’s a small, important caveat to the 100-night sleep trial: you must wait 30 days before attempting to return your bedding.

    Standard Helix and Luxe models are available in all fifty US states and some parts of Canada. The Birch, by contrast, only ships to the United States.


    Most frequent brand questions

    No, it does not need a box spring, although you can use one if you want. You can also use a platform frame or a Helix-brand foundation for one of these mattresses. Wherever you place your bed, make sure that the supporting slats are no more than 5” apart. If they are, you will need to either buy a new foundational surface or supplement your current one with something like a bunkie board.

    No, you are not supposed to flip these mattresses as they have specialized tiers.

    Any Helix mattress will last you for years to come. The original Helix line offers a 10-year warranty, the Luxe line a 15-year warranty, and the Birch a 25-year warranty.

    Helix sources materials for their bedding from across the world. Manufacturing, though, takes place in the United States.

    Concerned about your new bedding? Look for the right certifications for independent verification of their safety. Helix has earned plenty. Their certifications include Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, CertiPUR-US, Wool Integrity NZ™, GreenGuard Gold, and Rainforest Alliance Certified™. Let’s break these down.

    Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certifications are one of the gold standards of the industry. With 18 independent research and testing facilities in Japan and Europe, this organization tests products for harmful substances. Standard 100 is their highest certification, which signifies that a product is safe for human use.

    CertiPUR-US is the sleep industry’s gold-standard safety certification for foams. Like OEKO-TEX, this certification signifies that a product has undergone testing for harmful chemicals like ozone depleters and formaldehyde as well as toxic metals like mercury and lead. The not-for-profit Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam, Inc. is responsible for this certification.

    Wool Integrity NZ™ is a program dedicated to ensuring a supply chain that values animal welfare. In other words, wool with this certification comes from an ethical and sustainable source.

    GreenGuard Gold is the highest level of GreenGuard certifications. UL Environment is responsible for these certifications, which tests for harmful substances that could negatively impact the quality of air indoors. The Gold level refers to rigorous testing of products that would be safe to use in places where people could have compromised immune systems, like schools or healthcare facilities.

    Rainforest Alliance Certified™ is all about creating an ethical supply chain. According to the Rainforest Alliance official site, items with this seal meet requirements of “environmental, social, and economic sustainability.”

    Helix offers an extensive line of mattresses suitable for nearly every sleeping preference. You can take their quiz to see which bed will work best for you!

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