Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers: Get the Shut-Eye of Your Dreams

If you’re a stomach sleeper, you’re in the minority: research shows that stomach sleeping is the least popular position people use to catch some Z’s. Some suggest this preference is instinctual, as sleeping incorrectly face-down can lead to neck and back pain. That’s why most experts advise against using this sleeping position.

If you’re a stomach sleeper who can’t seem to switch sleeping positions, though, don’t worry. Investing in a quality mattress can help you reduce the risk of waking up with aches and pains. Not sure where to start? Not a problem.

We’ll walk you through our picks for the best mattresses for stomach sleepers, and then guide you through exactly what to look for when mattress shopping.

Our Top 3 Picks

Helix Dawn LuxeTitanAvocado Green

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For Those Who Love Extra-Firm BedsFor Taller and Heavier FolksFor Eco-Conscious Shoppers
For those who enjoy extra-firm sleeping surfaces, this Helix model could be worth exploring.Taller and heavier individuals’ bodies have unique needs that the hybrid Titan mattress can support.Avocado Green brings eco-friendly shoppers bedding that’s ethically and sustainably made.

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Helix Dawn Luxe

A hand presses on a firm Helix Luxe mattress for stomach sleepers.


  • Great body-contouring abilities
  • Cooling technology
  • Enhanced edge support
  • Decent motion isolation


  • Online-only retailer
  • Shorter trial period

Best For…

  • Those who love extra-firm beds
  • Those who easily overheat
Helix Dawn Luxe Overview
Mattress TypeHybrid
ShippingFree in the US; $250 + Customs Tax in Canada
ReturnsFull Refund
Ships in…3-5 Business Days
Trial Period100 Nights
Firmness LevelFirm
Warranty15 Years
CertificationsCertiPUR-US, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX

Helix believes that no one bed can best suit the needs of every single sleeper. That’s why this brand offers a lineup that includes 14 unique models; each one is made to suit the needs of a specific group of people. The Dawn Luxe is a luxurious firm hybrid optimized for back and stomach sleepers.

This model is part of the Luxe line, Helix’s top-tier offerings. So, why is this Dawn Luxe so luxurious? For starters, it features an advanced design that wicks away moisture and allows for maximum airflow. The result? You’ll sleep cooler and drier.

That’s not all this model offers, though. Its innerspring layer offers zoned lumbar support, meaning it provides extra support for the lower back. This same layer also reinforces the perimeters, making it easier to sit along this bed’s edges.

Lastly, this bed is extra-firm, making it perfect for stomach sleepers, since this group often needs firmer sleeping surfaces. The quilted Tencel top means sleepers stay comfortable all night long while getting the stability they need.

You can see our review of all Helix mattresses to learn even more.

Helix Mattress Logo 600x400

Helix offers an extensive line of mattresses suitable for nearly every sleeping preference. You can take their quiz to see which bed will work best for you!

Titan by Brooklyn Bedding

A Titan mattress in a neutral colored room.


  • Enhanced edge support
  • Cooling option available
  • Great motion isolation
  • Custom sizes available


  • Not ideal for lighter sleepers
  • Shorter warranty

Best For…

  • Heavier people
  • Taller individuals
  • Couples
Titan by Brooklyn Bedding Overview
Mattress TypeHybrid
ShippingFree (Contiguous US); Hawai’i & Alaska (Starts at $125); Canada (Starts at $250)
ReturnsFree (Contiguous United States)
Ships in…1-3 Business Days Processing; 3-5 Business Days Shipping
Trial Period120 Nights
Firmness LevelFirm
Warranty10 Years

Every single body has unique needs, which is why individuals have their own sleeping preferences. Some people prefer softer beds while others can only doze on firmer surfaces. Shorter and slimmer people will naturally need different support from their beds than taller and heavier individuals do. Now, a Titan mattress by Brooklyn Bedding could be the solution for stomach sleepers who are heavier and/or taller.

This 11″ hybrid includes specialty foam and top-notch coils to efficiently support extra weight, offer customized pressure-point relief, and effectively isolate motion. Since this bed is firmer, it will best suit the needs of those who slumber on their backs and stomachs. Additionally, couples with a light sleeper should appreciate the reduced motion transfer. Those who want a slightly less firm sleeping surface are in luck, too, as the optional pillow top increases the comfort level of this mattress.

Perhaps best of all, Titan mattresses are fairly budget-friendly, being hundreds of dollars cheaper than their plus-size bedding competition. All in all, this brand is worth exploring for those who haven’t yet found a bed that supports the unique needs of their bodies.

You can see our in-depth review of the Titan hybrid for more information.

Titan Mattress Logo 600x400

The Titan mattress is a great option for big & tall individuals who require a higher level of support along with targeted pressure relief.

Avocado Vegan

Screenshot 192


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Certified vegan
  • Durable
  • Optional pillow top


  • Price
  • Contains latex, so it may not work for those with allergies

Best For…

  • Eco-conscious shoppers
  • Vegans
  • Those who want the option of a softer bed
Avocado Vegan Overview
Mattress TypeHybrid
Ships in…1-9 Business Days
Trial Period365 Days/1 Year
Firmness Level7/10, 6/10 with Optional Pillow Top
Warranty25 Years
CertificationsGlobal Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), GreenGuard Gold, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Vegan, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Member, 1% for the Planet Member

Eco-conscious shoppers often have a hard time finding products that fit into their environmentally friendly lifestyle. Fortunately, green mattress shopping is easy thanks to Avocado. This certified vegan bed is perfect for those who want to sleep well while also reducing their environmental impact.

Inside this bed, you’ll find only organic and non-toxic materials, making it safer both for sleepers and the planet. Don’t just take our word for it, though; this bed has the certifications to prove it really is as good as it says.

The vegan-friendliness of this bed isn’t all that makes it stand apart from the crowd, either. For starters, this company offers a 365-night sleep trial, meaning you’ll get a full year to try out this model before deciding if it’s the right fit for you. Secondly, its breathable design means you won’t be fighting the night sweats when you slumber on this mattress. All in all, this bed could be a match made in mattress heaven for vegan shoppers.

You can see our review of both the Avocado vegan and original Avocado Green mattresses to learn more.

avocado logo

The Avocado mattress is a popular option for eco-conscious sleepers looking for a hybrid mattress made from 100% certified organic materials.

What Type of Mattress Do Stomach Sleepers Need?

It’s vital that your spine is properly aligned when you slumber. Otherwise, you risk developing aches and pains from resting in strenuous positions all night long. Since incorrectly sleeping on the stomach can mean extra neck, shoulder, and back pain, it pays to ensure your mattress facilitates proper spinal alignment.

So, which mattresses will help stomach sleepers properly line up the neck, shoulders, and back?

Look for a Bed with Less “Give”

Woman's hands pressing on white mattress. Checking hardness and softness. Choice of the best type and quality. Side view. Close up.

“Give” refers to how much a bed sinks when pressing down on it. Now, those who rest face-down often do best with firmer beds, or those with less give. After all, beds with too much give can make stomach sleepers’ backs curve uncomfortably, increasing the odds of pain.

However, prone sleepers should make sure their beds aren’t too firm, either; otherwise, their beds won’t curve to certain parts of the body as needed. Now, heavier individuals will probably need mattresses with slightly more give than lighter individuals. This way, their beds can let their extra weight sink a little easier, helping to better align the spine.

You can see our guide to discover some affordable, easy ways to firm up your bedding.

Woman lying on her stomach, incorrect sleeping posture for neck and spine, unhealthy sleeping position vector Illustration

Avoid mattresses that are too soft, as it can uncomfortably curve the spine, meaning unnecessary muscle strain.

Woman lying on her stomach, side view, incorrect sleeping posture for neck and spine, unhealthy sleeping position vector Illustration

Avoid mattresses that are too firm for similar reasons; some parts of the body need to sink a little to achieve spinal alignment.

Woman lying on her stomach, correct sleeping posture for neck and spine, healthy sleeping position, orthopedic mattress and pillow vector Illustration

Go for beds that are firm—just not too firm. This way, the neck, shoulders, and back can align in a comfortable way.

Explore Hybrid and Innerspring Options

Mattress structure with pocketed spring

So, just what types of beds should stomach sleepers explore? Often, hybrid and all-innerspring options are firmer than all-foam or latex ones, meaning they’re better suited for this demographic. Fortunately, these kinds of beds are often quite airy, making them great options for those who constantly fight the night sweats. Unfortunately, however, hybrid beds are typically some of the most expensive in the industry.

Now, it is possible to find foam or latex bedding that’s firmer, as is the case with the reverse side of the cooling Layla all-foam mattress. These options may work better for those on tighter budgets. However, hot sleepers should check for added cooling technology, as foam bedding tend to trap heat.

Okay, but what about combination sleepers, or those who shift positions as they slumber? These folks will likely enjoy medium-firm mattresses rated at about a 7 out of 10—most hybrids fit this bill.

Don’t Forget Your Pillow

Beautiful woman sleeping with orthopedic pillow on bed against white background

Where and how the head rests can play a major role in how refreshed you feel in the morning. Namely, when the head is at too high or too low of an angle, neck and shoulder muscles will strain. The result? Aches, pains, and cricks in the morning.

The solution? Investing in a quality pillow. Now, stomach sleepers should opt for a pillow with a lower loft, or a pillow that’s slimmer. An orthopedic pillow with specialized dips and curves is best, as it can comfortably cradle the head while optimally supporting the neck.

Need to find a pillow that works for you? Check out our reviews of some top-notch memory foam pillows and down-filled cushions.

Upgrade Your Sleeping Position with Pillows

Full length side profile body size photo beautiful she her lady super power flight hold between legs down pillow funny satisfied wear sleeping mask pants tank-top pajamas isolated violet purple background.

Don’t underestimate the value of a quality pillow. Why? Because strategically adjusting pillows can significantly impact sleep quality. Namely, placing cushions at optimal positions can help align the neck, shoulders, and back.

So, where can stomach sleepers use pillows to their advantage? Options include under the stomach and hips, under an arm and between the knees, or between the knees and ankles. Which position works best varies by individual.

sleep stomach pillow

Putting a pillow under the stomach/hips may alleviate lower back pain.

Best and worst positions for sleeping, illustration, vector

Placing a longer pillow under one leg and arm may help align the spines.

correct stomach sleep pillow

Having a pillow between the legs and ankles may help with neck and back pain for combination sleepers.


Final Thoughts: What Mattress Will Suit Stomach Sleepers Best?

The right mattress can help facilitate proper spinal alignment, meaning less aches and pains upon awakening. That makes the hunt for a proper bed an important health consideration. For those who rest on their stomachs, it pays to invest in bedding made with this unique sleeping style in mind.

Stomach sleepers should look for:

  • A bed that is firmer. Just make sure that’s it’s not too firm, or the back could uncomfortably curve.
  • A pillow with a lower loft. An orthopedic pillow, with specialized dips to optimally support each area of the head and neck, is best.
  • A pillow that fits under the hips and/or legs to alleviate back pain.

Stomach sleepers should avoid:

  • Sleeping surfaces that are too soft.
  • Pillows with too high of a loft.

Medical Disclaimer

This article is for reference purposes only. It should not replace the advice of a licensed professional. Do not use this article to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. Any and all health concerns should be directed to a doctor or other healthcare professional.

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