Mattress Free Trial – Who Has The Longest?

Mattress free trials are the biggest perk of the boom in online mattress sales.

Here is a comprehensive list of which mattresses have the longest free trial periods along with a feature on the brand that has by far the longest trial………Idle Sleep.

Which Mattress Brand Has The Longest Free Trial?

The explosion of the mattress in a box industry in recent years can make the job of choosing a new mattress a daunting task. 

With the rise in online only mattress brands came a problem, how can you find the best fit for your specific sleep needs when you can’t lie on the mattress before buying it?

To counter this issue the online bedding companies introduced lengthy at-home trial periods that allowed customers to try their mattresses for several weeks, even months at a time. 

Mattress Free Trial

Mattress firms lowered the risk factor of investing in a new mattress by simply refunding customers who did not like their new purchase, provided they returned the item within the set time frame. 

So which mattress has the longest free trial period and how do they stack up to the rest of the industry? Take a look at our sortable list below to find out.

The 365 Day Mattress Trial Group

These 9 mattress companies all offer a whole year (365 days/nights) for customers to try their mattresses at home and still be eligible for a refund.

Mattress BrandFree Trial PeriodPrice (Queen)Warranty

365 Night Free Trial$999Lifetime

365 Day Trial$799Lifetime

Avocado Mattress
365 Day Free Trial$139925 Years

120 Days$999Lifetime

120 Days$89415 Years

Tulo Mattress
120 Days$69910 Years

120 Days$119915 Years

Purple Mattress
100 Nights$109910 Years

100 Nights$89925 Years

101 Nights$99520 Years

101 Nights$1150Lifetime

100 Nights$99910 Years

100 Nights$99910 Years

120 Nights$99910 Years

Tuft & Needle
100 Nights$59510 Years

100 Nights$24610 Years

Bear Mattress
100 Nights$80010 Years

100 Nights$94910 Years

100 Nights$129920 Years

WinkBed Mattress
120 Nights$1599Lifetime

Level Sleep
365 Night Free Trial$1199Lifetime

Brentwood Home
365 Day Free Trial$59910 Years

Cocoon by Sealy
100 Nights$93010 Years

365 Night Free Trial$1199Lifetime

Nest Bedding Mattress
100 Nights$1499Lifetime

Bloom Mattress
120 Nights$224910 Years

Allswell Mattress
100 Nights$37510 Years

Zoma Mattress
100 Nights$85010 Years

Molecule Mattress
100 Nights$949Lifetime

OkiOki Mattress
365 Night Free Trial$50010 Years

MemoryLux Mattress
120 Nights$1599Lifetime

EightSleep Smart Mattress
100 Days$249510 Years

Latex For Less Mattress
120 Nights$144920 Years

090 Nights$219910 Years

*All prices are correct as of 2/26/20.

*Prices are based on a queen-sized mattress with no discounts or coupons added.

Purple Mattress Trial
Which Mattress Has The Longest Trial Period?


Which Mattress Has The Longest Trial Period?

Idle Sleep & Haven Mattress have the longest mattress trials period at 540 nights.

How Do Mattress Free Trials Work?

The mattress industry has some of the most straightforward free trial programs.

Due to the incredibly competitive nature of the industry, companies try to separate themselves from the crowd by offering ever-increasing trial periods.

The majority of free trial periods range from 90-365 days/nights, you pay for your mattress upfront when you order it and your free trial begins when your mattress is delivered.

You are eligible for a full refund of your purchase price if it is initiated during the stated trial period. Simply visit your mattress manufacturer’s website, navigate to the return page and follow the steps to return your mattress.

*Disclaimer – All mattress companies return policies are different, review your mattresses specific terms and conditions prior to purchase

How Do You Return A Mattress If It’s Not A Good Fit?

Each mattress brand has its own return policies specific to them. The majority of companies will fully refund the cost of your mattress if it falls within the designated trial period. Visit your mattress companies return policy page to initiate the refund/return process.

What Happens To A Mattress After You Return It?

When it comes to the return process itself most companies will arrange to pick up of your unwanted mattress and either donate it to relevant charities, recycle it for parts or dispose of it at local landfill sites. Review the return policy page of the mattress you decide to purchase for specific details.

How Long Should You Try A Mattress Before Returning It?

It is commonly recommended to sample a new sleeping surface for at least 30 days. This time frame gives your body an adequate chance to adapt to the new mattress while also letting the mattress settle after the shipping process.

Longest Mattress Free Trial

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