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FluffCo Pillow Review – Sleeping in your bed might not hit the same after an overnight stay at a hotel. With unbelievably plush pillows cradling your head and neck with support, this memorable sleeping experience is truly unmatched. Or is it? 

With FluffCo’s Hotel Pillows, it’s said that you can recreate that highly-desired hotel pillow experience right in the comfort of your own home. By working directly with the same manufacturer of the hotel pillows that you’ve come to know, FluffCo strives to give you the same quality and support that hotel pillows offer on a nightly basis.

So, are these pillows worth the hype? We’ve sorted through the inn-s and outs of FlufCo’s Hotel Pillows to provide you with everything you need to know to see if these unique bedding essentials are right for you.


  • Comes in two firmness options
  • 30-night free trial
  • Free shipping & returns
  • Reasonably priced


  • Shipping isn’t free outside the US
  • Down & Feather option isn’t machine-washable
  • No warranty offered

Best For…

  • Sleepers who prefer plush pillows
  • People looking for a pillow with loft options
  • Animal-conscious shoppers


Trial Period30 Days
WarrantyNo Warranty
DeliveryOrders placed after 3 pm ET will be shipped the following business day.
ReturnsFull Refund Available
Quantity Options2, 4, or 6 Pillows
Pillow TypesDown & Feather, Down Alternative

FluffCo’s Hotel Pillows help recreate the highly-desired hotel sleeping experience right in the comfort of your own home.

Pillow Types

FluffCo carries two Hotel Pillow models:

Both of these pillow options feature different characteristics suitable for each type of sleeper. We’ve broken down each model below so you can pick the best option for you.

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FluffCo’s Down Alternative Hotel Pillow

FluffCo’s Down Alternative pillow provides you with the same benefits as a Down & Feather pillow in a 100% vegan way. Using microfiber materials as the fill, this animal-friendly model provides a soft and fluffy experience that is just as high quality as natural down.

The pillow is made up of 50% cotton and A 50% Tencel cover, adding up to a 300 thread count. Because the microfiber materials aren’t natural products, the pillow is reduced in price, making it an affordable option.

Also featured in this product is double-needle edge sewing that enhances its durability, allowing it to last through years of use. The pillow also features light grey cording, giving it a minimal and sleek look on the outside.

With the purchase of FluffCo’s Down Alternative Hotel Pillow, you can choose from two firmness options of Soft Fluff and Firm Fluff. The firmer option is recommended for side sleepers, as it provides a high loft and extra supportive sleeping experience. If you’re a stomach, back, or combination sleeper, go for the softer options as it gives the pillow more “squish”.

Capture 7

FluffCo’s Down & Feather Hotel Pillow

With the pillow-in-pillow design that the Down & Feather Hotel Pillow option features, you get the same hotel experience that you’ve been craving. This pillow features 50% cotton and a 50% Tencel cover on the outside, making for a soft foundation to rest your head each night.

In the outer pillow, there’s a 600 fill power white duck down and on the inner pillow, there’s a white duck feather fill. Both of these materials in the pillow are sourced via the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). Plus, the pillow also features double-needle edge sewing for a longer-lasting pillow as well as light grey cording for a stylish look.

The down & feather filling that this pillow option offer makes the pillow extremely fluffy as well as insulating. If you’re a hot sleeper, you can be sure you’ll sleep cool throughout the night with this type of fill. Similarly to the Down Alternative option, this pillow is available in both a firm and soft option.

The Materials & Design


Within every pillow there are materials that determine the quality of the overall product. The materials used can determine how eco-friendly the pillow is, the quality of the product, and even the price point. That being said, what lies within these Hotel Pillows that makes them stand out among the rest?

Tencel Fabric


Within both options of Hotel Pillows available, each are made of Tencel fabric. Derived from Eucalyptus, this fabric is made using fully sustainable practices, making the pillows great for animal-conscious shoppers.

Plus, the cooling nature of this material adds breathability effects to the pillow which is great for those that sleep hot. Tencel is  also wrinkle-resistant, easy to clean, and durable.

Microfiber Filling (Down Alternative)


In FluffCo’s Down Alternative pillow, there is a 100% microfiber fill, which is an animal-friendly alternative to natural down. The microfiber filling in the pillow is soft and fluffy, making it just as high quality as natural down but in a vegan way. 

Each strand of microfiber is incredibly thin in nature. Despite this, it’s still very comfortable even though it’s entirely synthetic. Microfiber is also extremely breathable which aids in regulating your temperature throughout your rest. 

White Duck Down Filling (Down & Feather)


The white duck down within FluffCo’s Down & Feather pillow creates a soft to the touch outside with a fluffy inside that provides you with the comfort you need to rest well. Down consists of many long fibers to expand within the pillow, creating great insulation for those who sleep hot.

How Much Do FluffCo’s Hotel Pillows Cost?

Down AlternativeDimensions: 20’’ x 28’’$45
Down & FeatherDimensions: 20’’ x 28’’$65

Warranty, Trial Period, Shipping & Returns


FluffCo currently does not offer a warranty.

Trial Period

30-night free trial.


FluffCo offers free shipping anywhere in the US. If you live outside of the US, FluffCo will provide you with shipping options during your checkout process. It’s important to note that some destinations outside of the US may be subject to additional customs charges upon arrival.

Any orders placed after 3 pm ET on FluffCo’s website will be shipped the following business day.

Return Policy

If you decide that FluffCo’s Hotel Pillows aren’t the right fit for you, not to worry, returns are free. Simply email hello@fluff.co within 30 days of receiving your order and a prepaid shipping label will be sent to you via email. 

If you decide to return your item, it must be received in condition fit for donation. If there are stains or tags removed, you will not receive a refund. 


FluffCo’s Hotel Pillows help recreate the highly-desired hotel sleeping experience right in the comfort of your own home.


Most frequent brand questions

What makes these “hotel” pillows?

FluffCo works directly with the same manufacturer of hotel pillows, allowing them to provide the same product at half the price. 

What is Tencel?

Tencel is a fabric derived from Eucalyptus. Using Tencel in the materials of these pillows allows for the addition of sustainable practices, as well as the enhancement of the breathability of the pillow. 


Final Thoughts

So you’ve read our review and you’re wondering – Are the Hotel Pillows from FluffCo the right fit for your living situation? To help you out, we’ve highlighted some of the main qualities of these pillows, so you can better decide if it’s the bedroom upgrade for you.

We think you’d enjoy FluffCo’s Hotel Pillows if you:

  • Prefer plush pillows.
  • Are looking for a pillow with loft options.
  • Are looking for a budget-friendly option.
  • Are an animal-conscious shopper.

A FluffCo Pillow may not be the best for you if you:

  • Prefer a lifetime warranty.
  • Live outside the contiguous United States.
  • Don’t like minimalist pillow styles.
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