Simulated Sounds for Sleep

Can’t rest? Click “Play” on these videos and you’ll catch some Z’s in no time with these soothing sounds for sleep: fans, trains & more.

If you need a little background noise to fall asleep, you’re not alone. Plenty of people enjoy a little noise to help them slumber. If you’re looking for new tunes to help you rest, you’ve come to the right place.

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Best Simulated Sounds for Sleep

If you find that nature sounds don’t lull you to sleep, don’t worry. The following videos below might contain sounds more to your liking. (You can see even more relaxing music for sleep on our YouTube channel.)


Choo choo—that’s the sound of you falling asleep. Drift away as your hear the sounds of trains gently rolling over tracks.


No box fan? No problem. You can simulate your old box fan with this video.


If instrumental music calms you down, these piano tunes should help you get some shut-eye in no time.

White Noise

While white noise is often used interchangeably with background noise, they technically aren’t the same thing. If you’re looking for some genuine white noise, this video has you covered.

Soothing Music

More piano music? Yes, please!

Black Screen Sleep Music

When you’re trying to listen to music for sleep, the last thing you need is to see a bright screen. Fall asleep to some instrumental tunes with this black-screen video.


Have your head in the clouds with these soothing airplane sleep sounds. You’ll be falling asleep in no time.

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Kristen Greif

Napper extraordinaire. Side/stomach sleeper. 25 solid years of experience with sleeping.