Bear Mattress Review 2022 – Should You Buy It?

If you have sleep-disrupting pain, you may be in need of a new mattress. Bear mattresses offer optimal pressure relief to all kinds of sleepers.

The Pressure Reliever

The Bear mattress brings pressure-point relief to athletes, exercisers, and all sleepers alike.

Mattress Performance

Edge Support
Temperature Regulation
Motion Isolation
Noise Control

Overall Rating

If you glance over the Bear mattress homepage, you’ll notice rave reviews from publications like Sports Illustrated and Runner’s World. That’s because Bear is known for its crazy ability to promote muscle recovery during sleep.

This is partly true due to each mattress’s medium to high firmness level. If you’re an athlete, a gym rat, or a habitual runner, then you’re probably well aware of the wear and tear your muscles experience as you exercise more.

What better way to relieve that pressure than with a supportive mattress?

Based on the principle of providing quality customer service by putting the customer first, Bear has created a mattress industry of its own with an impressive collection of professional athlete sponsors.

What makes these mattresses stand out from their competition? Bear mattresses are known for their cooling properties, as well as their medium to high firmness levels.

This is why Bear mattresses are especially great for athletes, who require pressure relief and muscle recovery that all-foam mattresses can provide. For sleepers who’d prefer to sleep on a hybrid mattress, have no fear. Bear has a hybrid model, too.

Bear also has a partnership with Good Sports, an organization dedicated to providing children with the proper equipment for various sports.

The organization donates to a wide variety of organizations and schools, where kids who play sports receive sports equipment and apparel.

Bear Mattress Model Reviews – Jump to section

14″ Hybrid

12″ Pro

10″ Original

Bear Pros and Cons at Glance


  • Great temperature regulation
  • Good for all sleeping positions
  • Made in the USA
  • Supportive & responsive


  • Not ideal for those looking for a soft mattress
  • No old-mattress pickup
  • Online-only retailer
  • Can’t try it out before purchasing

Best For…

  • Sleepers looking for pressure relief
  • Athletes
  • Those who sleep hot
Bear Overview
Mattress TypeFoam; Hybrid
ModelsBear Hybrid, Bear Pro, Bear Mattress (Original)
ShippingFree for Continental US; Additional Fees May Apply for Alaska, Hawai and Puerto Rico
Ships in…2-7 Business Days
Trial Period100 Nights
Firmness Level5.9-7.1
Sleeper TypeAll
Warranty20 Years for Hybrid, 10 Years for Pro and Original
Bear Mattress Logo 600x400

The Bear mattress is a great option for those looking for a hybrid mattress with great temperature regulation.R

Model Types

Bear offers three mattress models for you to choose from. You will notice the main differences between each model to be their foam types, their height and their firmness levels. We will break down each model below to help you discover which mattress will help you get your best night’s sleep.

Bear Hybrid-14 inches

A gray and white Bear hybrid mattress on a gray bed frame.

Of the three models, the Bear Hybrid mattress is the most expensive and the only mattress that provides support with coils. It comes with five layers and fourteen inches of luxurious comfort.

At the top layer on the Bear Hybrid, you will find a hand-quilted Celliant cover. Right under the mattress covering is a layer of gel foam. Best for temperature-sensitive sleepers, this foam layer provides cooling properties to sleepers with its super-soft feel. If you’re a side sleeper, you will appreciate the softness that comes with this cooling layer.

The next layer is where the foam support begins. The next two layers are made with foam and provide just the right amount of support for all types of sleeping positions. For sleepers who need pressure relief during sleeping hours, these are the layers they will find most comfortable.

The final two layers are where the Bear Hybrid truly differentiates from the other Bear mattress  models. The quantum edge coil system provides both edge support and an adjustable feel, perfect for sleepers who are looking for that added moveability. Finally, a layer of high-density foam completes the hybrid mattress to increase its lifespan.

One more major difference about the Bear Hybrid mattress? It comes with a 20-year warranty.

The Bear Hybrid at a Glance

  • 14”
  • 5 layers
  • 20-year warranty
  • Includes coil support system and foam
  • Ideal for: side and back sleepers

How much does the Bear Hybrid mattress cost?

  • Twin: $1,090
  • Twin XL: $1,190
  • Full: $1,290
  • Queen: $1,390
  • King: $1,690
  • California King: $1,690

Bear Hybrid – Layer Materials

  1. Celliant Fiber Top
  2. Cooling Gel Foam
  3. Comfort Foam
  4. Transition Foam
  5. Quantum Edge Coil Support
  6. Support Foam
Bear Mattress Logo 600x400

The Bear mattress is a great option for those looking for a hybrid mattress with great temperature regulation.R

Bear Pro-12 inches

A gray and white Bear Pro mattress on a gray bed frame.

A step up from the Bear Mattress, the Bear Pro provides twelve inches of cooling support. Each of the four layers brings a new zone of pressure relief, too. Here’s a breakdown of the layers you’ll find in the Bear Pro:

Underneath the Celliant cover comes a special cooling foam infused with natural copper, similar to the Layla Mattress. Not only does the copper work to reduce the amount of body heat at the surface of your mattress by deterring it, it also creates a clean surface for your mattress.

Natural copper is notably naturally antibacterial, so you can rest knowing your mattress will be pure, too. You’ll find your natural body heat will not build up in one place, but rather dissipate naturally throughout each layer.

Following the top cooling layer is a thick sheet of gel memory foam, another cooling property to prevent too much heat from building up.

Hot sleepers generally opt for mattresses with gel foam for this exact reason.

The final two layers are where you will find pressure relief and support. This is where Bear’s long-term durability proves true.

The Bear Pro comes with a medium firmness, so if you tend to sleep on your side, this may be the model for you. All in all, we think that the Bear Pro is one of the top foam mattresses of the year.

The Bear Pro at a Glance

  • 12”
  • 4 layers
  • 10-year warranty
  • Includes cooling copper-infused foam
  • Ideal for: side and hot sleepers

How much does the Bear Pro mattress cost?

  • Twin: $940
  • Twin XL: $990
  • Full: $1,040
  • Queen: $1,090
  • King: $1,290
  • California King: $1,290

Bear Pro – Layer Materials

  1. Celliant Cover
  2. Copper-Infused Foam
  3. Gel Memory Foam
  4. Transition Foam
  5. Support Foam

Bear Mattress (Original)-10 inches

A gray and white Bear mattress on a gray bed frame.

Looking for something more basic and extremely firm? The Bear Mattress, or, the original Bear mattress, will bring you temperature regulation and a high level of firm support, the best type of mattress for back sleepers. With three layers and ten inches of cooling pressure relief, it’s also a comfortable mattress for stomach sleepers who prefer highly firm mattresses.

A notable difference with the Bear Mattress is its cooling graphite-gel memory foam layer. After the Celliant cover on this model comes a layer aimed at reducing temperature by a wide margin. The graphite gel actually disperses the heat your body creates and pulls it away from you to decrease heat buildup.

The final two layers work to relieve pressure throughout your body and create support at the base of the mattress. Take note that the Bear Mattress is on the firmer side, with an average rating of 7.1 out of 10, based off of Bear’s website and customer feedback.

Higher firmness also means lower motion transfer. So if you sleep on your stomach or back, you’ll appreciate the way the three layers adapt to your shape without leaving you sinking.

The Bear Mattress at a Glance

  • 10”
  • 3 layers
  • 10-year warranty
  • Includes cooling graphite gel
  • Ideal for: back and stomach sleepers

How much does a Bear Mattress cost?

  • Twin: $590
  • Twin XL: $690
  • Full: $790
  • Queen: $890
  • King: $990
  • California King: $990

Bear – Layer Materials

  1. Celliant Cover
  2. Cooling Graphite Gel Memory Foam
  3. Transition Foam
  4. Support Foam


Each Bear mattress comes with a covering of Celliant fiber. What is Celliant fiber? In short, it’s a special fiber that interacts with your body’s natural heat to create a more breathable fabric. It’s a great top layer for a mattress whose goal is to promote quality temperature regulation.

You may also wonder which types of foams come with Bear mattresses. As a reminder, here is a breakdown of the different foams in each mattress model:

  • Bear Hybrid: hypersoft cooling-gel foam layer
  • Bear Pro: copper-infused memory foam layer
  • Bear Mattress: graphite-gel memory foam layer

Each type of foam is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning the foam contains no ozone depleters, harmful flame retardants or various heavy metals. A CertiPUR-US certification is an indication the foam mattress is made safely. It’s also good to know that this certification carries the responsibility to ensure the foam has low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions, which means good indoor air quality in your home.

Let’s not forget the coiling support system included in the Bear Hybrid mattress. The coils create a full-edge support for the mattress. Plus, the Bear Hybrid is Greenguard Gold Certified, which confirms it is made with few harsh chemicals.

Bear Report Card

The HybridThe ProThe Original
NoiseRow 1Row 1Row 1
Temperature RegulationA+AA
Motion IsolationAB+A+
Edge SupportA+AA
Bear Mattress Logo 600x400

The Bear mattress is a great option for those looking for a hybrid mattress with great temperature regulation.R

How did Bear earn these scores? See our breakdown below.

Best Sleeping Positions

We’ve established which sleeping positions would be best for each model (side sleepers, stick to the Bear Hybrid or Bear Pro and back and stomach sleepers go with the Bear Mattress). As far as overall? Bear mattresses are ideal for stomach and back sleepers because of their medium to high firmness levels.

Pressure relief is also key here. From the initial Celliant cover to the innermost body-contouring foam layers, each Bear mattress will provide its own way of reducing the amount of distress your muscles feel after long workouts or athletic activity.

Once more, if you’re a hot sleeper and often wake up from overheating, you’ll appreciate the temperature-reducing foam layers in each mattress model.

Temperature Regulation

All Bear mattresses are made with Celliant, the material that covers each mattress and helps regulate your body’s temperature by working directly with its natural heat.

To further promote temperature regulation, each Bear mattress comes with a unique layer of cooling foam after the initial Celliant cover.

Bear insists on using unique cooling properties in their foam layers, like natural copper and graphite-gel, both materials you can’t find in most foam mattresses. Bear mattresses also include layers of gel memory foam, another wonderful tool that assists in temperature regulation.

Among the three models, the Bear Pro mattress is the best for temperature regulation because of its gel foam layer, which specifically works to eliminate excess body heat throughout the night.

If you’re a hot sleeper, you will also appreciate the copper-infused foam layer beneath the Celliant cover.

Motion Transfer

Bear’s multi-layer foam mattresses work hard to reduce the amount of motion transfer sleepers will feel. Each model comes with a final layer of high-density foam that strictly works to reduce movement and increase long-term use.

Generally, before the final foam layer comes a transition foam layer, which is another tool Bear uses to decrease excess movement. Instead, the foam is engineered to relieve pressure points throughout your body while also balancing your movements.


Bear’s Quick Response Foam layer allows each mattress to relieve pressure while also maintaining a firm body alignment without creating a mattress so soft you’ll feel your body sinking.

The best mattress for low sinkage? We suggest the Bear Mattress, whose height reaches ten inches. Though it’s only composed of three foam layers, the amount of firm support you’ll get is ideal in comparison to the other two models. Because it’s on the higher side of firmness, the foam won’t totally encompass your body’s shaping, but rather, adjust to your body at just the right amount to provide proper support for your back and spine.

Edge Support

With foam mattresses, edge support can sometimes be in question, depending on each individual mattress’s firmness level. Bear mattresses tend to have rounded edges, which offer soft edge support for sleepers who typically roll around their beds at night.

Each Bear mattress provides proper edge support, both through their Celliant covers and their unique secondary foam layers, but perhaps the model with the best edge support is the Bear Hybrid mattress. The inner coil system on the Bear Hybrid allows support to fluctuate to each edge of the mattress, which also prevents too much weight from staying in one place.

Unlike Bear’s other two models, the Bear Pro and the Bear Mattress, the Bear Hybrid adds a unique bounce. The pocket coils follow your body’s movement, ensuring the sides surrounding it will only move where they are supposed to, which is not off the bed. Plus, hybrid mattresses are well known for creating optimal edge support, so you can feel confident knowing Bear’s hybrid model will do the same.

Warranty, Trial Length & Return Process

Bear offers a 100-night trial period. Like with all mattresses, it will take more than a few days or a couple weeks to fully adjust to your new mattress. If you’re unsure of the support a Bear mattress provides, wait at least 30 nights before you return the mattress. Returns apply on gently used mattresses between 30 and 100 days after your purchase.

If, after your trial period, you’ve discovered a Bear mattress is not for you, someone will come to your home to pick up the mattress, free of charge. Bear will then look for a nearby charity to take your returned mattress.

You can also exchange your Bear mattress for another one. The same 100-day rule applies.

Warranty periods differ from model to model. The Bear Hybrid mattress offers a 20-year warranty, while the Bear Pro and the original offer 10-year warranties. These warranties will cover manufacturer flaws in the mattress, as well as permanent body indentation that exceeds one inch. Bear’s warranty will not cover any personal damage to the mattress. You must also provide proof of purchase for warranty eligibility.

To best care for your Bear mattress, only spot clean the surface with water and detergent, as needed. Bear mattresses should not be flipped, as their layers are designed in a way where flipping would not work. To reduce wear and tear,  you can simply rotate your mattress every few months.

Shipping & Set-Up Process

Shipping for Bear mattresses is free, with the exception of shipments to Alaska and Hawaii.

For customers who would prefer someone else set up their new Bear mattress, the company offers a White Glove Delivery service for $100. This service includes delivery and set up. For $150, you can have your old mattress removed and disposed.

Just like with any other mattress in a box, you will need to be careful when first setting up your new mattress. First, make sure you are unboxing the mattress in the room you intend to use it. After you’ve unboxed the mattress, place it on your bed frame and carefully cut the outer layer of plastic wrap. You will notice your new mattress slowly expanding. Finally, remove the second layer of plastic wrap and watch the mattress expand fully onto your frame.

Bear recommends not to use their Bear and Bear Pro mattresses on box springs specifically because all-foam mattresses do not coincide well with coils that could potentially unevenly distribute the mattress surface area.

As far as how long you’ll have to wait to first sleep on your new Bear mattress? It should expand fully right after you set up, but the website states that, depending on how long the mattress has been stored in its shipment box, it may take a full 24 hours to fully decompress.

Financing Available

If you’d prefer not to pay the full mattress price in one go, you’re in luck. Bear offers 0-30% financing through Affirm. During your ordering process, you can select the financing option and choose whether to pay in a 6-, 12- or 18-month pay period. Plus, you can prepay without penalty.

Review Summary & Ideal Customer Breakdown

Need a quick and easy way to tell whether or not a Bear mattress is right for you? Here’s a breakdown of if it would be a proper fit.

We think you’d enjoy a Bear mattress if you:

  • Exercise enough to where your muscles need pressure relief.
  • Live in a warm climate or generally sleep hot.
  • Are looking for a temperature regulating hybrid mattress (Hint: check out the Bear Hybrid mattress).
  • Are a back or stomach sleeper.

A Bear mattress may not be the best for you if you:

  • Are a side sleeper, through and through.
  • Want a mattress that is extremely soft. Bear mattresses average on the medium to high firmness level.

Also Recommended:

Points to Consider Before You Buy

If you’re an athlete or exercise frequently

Bear’s central marketing focuses on the immense amount of pressure relief their mattresses offer. This means extra support for athletes, who often experience changes in their body that can come with pain.

If you exercise frequently, we recommend the Bear Pro mattress because of its cooling and pressure relief properties. Plus, the natural copper at the top layer promotes a clean surface area. It’s important to take quality rest seriously, especially if you carry out an active lifestyle.

Bear discounts

Bear offers a 25% discount for all of their products for those who have served. This discount also applies to military families and veterans.

If you want a hybrid mattress

Bear offers a hybrid mattress, which is ideal for customers who share a bed with a partner or who want a more springy feel. The Bear Hybrid mattress also promotes great spinal alignment with a full layer of coil support.

Their hybrid model also reduces the amount of motion transfer-another bonus for people who share a bed with a restless partner.


Most frequent brand questions

What is a Bear mattress?

Bear mattresses are all-foam medium to high firm mattresses. Each of the three models comes with a Celliant cover followed by a layer of cooling gel. Should you buy a Bear mattress?

If you are looking for firm pressure relief and cooling temperature regulation, you will want to research the three Bear mattress models to find which one best suits your sleeping needs.

How long does a Bear mattress last?

The lifespan of your Bear mattress will vary depending on the model, size, and whether or not you share your bed with a partner. If you put a lot of weight on your Bear mattress, it will wear quicker.

Keep in mind that Bear mattresses have warranties that cover manufacturing flaws and body indentation that exceeds one inch. Expect your Bear mattress to bring quality comfort, but if you feel you might need to replace it, reach out to a customer representative.

Is Bear mattress good for side sleepers?

Bear has three different mattress models: Bear Mattress, Bear Pro, and Bear Hybrid. Of the three, the best one for side sleepers is the Bear Pro, which reaches a 5.9/10 rating for firmness.

The gel and memory foam combination creates enough softness for side sleepers who require extra support for their shoulders and hips.

The Bear Hybrid is another great option for side sleepers, and its firmness rating is a 6.3/10. It offers two extra layers of support with coils if you prefer a bouncier mattress.

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