Keetsa Mattress Review 2020: Practical & Eco-Friendly

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    The Practical Eco-Friendly Sleeper

    With a commitment to green bedding guided by practicality, Keetsa is a modern mattress solution.

    Tea Leaf Dream Performance
    Firmness 65%
    Edge Support 90%
    Temperature Regulation 90%
    Sinkage 90%
    Motion Isolation 90%
    Noise Control 90%
    Overall Rating 90%

    Keetsa mattresses are born from the philosophy that eco-friendly products need to be practical. That’s why each bed strikes a balance between sustainability and performance, using as many eco-friendly materials as sustainably-made as possible without sacrificing comfort or durability.


    – For all sleeping positions

    – Philanthropic company

    – Green-minded brand


    – Most models lack added edge support

    – Short trial period for the industry

    Best For...

    – People who want greener bedding

    – Fans of memory foam

    Keetsa offers 6 practical mattresses made with sustainability and individual sleeping preferences in mind. I found the Keetsa Pillow Plus to suit my side sleeping needs the best.

    Keetsa Overview
    Mattress Type Foam, Hybrid
    Models 6
    Shipping Free (Contiguous United States)
    Returns 90% Refund
    Ships in... 1-2 Business Days
    Trial Period 90 Days
    Firmness Level Varies by Model
    Sleeper Type Varies by Model
    Warranty 12 Years
    Certifications CertiPUR-US, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX

    The Models

    Keetsa currently offers six mattress models. Why just six? Because that’s enough variety to suit most sleeping preferences while also being limited enough to not overwhelm shoppers with too many choices.

    Keetsa Plus

    The Keetsa Plus is this brand’s most affordable model. But affordability isn’t all that this bed brings to the table: this 9″ hybrid has six layers optimized to meet the needs of back and stomach sleepers.

    Every layer adds something to the mattress, meaning you won’t pay for any useless materials. Now, the first few layers are all about keeping you safer and cooler as you rest. It all starts with an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 cotton cover, followed by fire-resistant cotton fabric. Next, you’ll find the brand’s eco-friendly Fiberfill padding, which helps wick away moisture to keep you cooler and drier as you rest.

    The following layers are all about comfort, relief, and stability. In Layer #4, you’ll be greeted by conforming, temperature-neutral BioFoam. Layer #5 is comprised of responsive Comfort Foam, which is perfect for relieving pressure points. Finally, you can expect a layer of individually encased springs, optimally placed to reduce motion transfer, increase airflow, and stabilize the body.

    All in all, this bed is a great value, especially considering how expensive other hybrid mattresses on the market can be.

    Keetsa Plus at a Glance:

    • 9″
    • Firm
    • Hybrid
    • For Back + Stomach Sleepers

    How Much Does the Keetsa Plus Cost?

    • Twin: $490
    • Full: $690
    • Queen: $790
    • King: $990
    • California King: $990

    (Prices subject to change.)

    Keetsa Plus firm iCoil hybrid mattress with BioFoam and Comfort Foam.
    1. Hemp-blend cover.
    2. Treated cotton fire barrier.
    3. Moisture-wicking Fiberfill padding.
    4. Conforming BioFoam.
    5. Three pressure-point relieving Comfort Foam layers.
    6. High-density polyfoam.
    7. iCoil pocket springs.

    The Keetsa Plus model is great for back and stomach sleepers who easily overheat.

    Keetsa Pillow Plus

    Fans of hybrid mattresses who want something a little softer than the Plus are in luck: the Pillow Plus is an 11″ hybrid that’s medium firm, making it suitable for most sleeping types.

    This mattress is similar to the Plus, but adds more foam to soften the model. Specifically, the first four layers of this bed are identical to the Plus; it’s in Layer #5 and onward that you can expect to see some differences between the Plus and Pillow Plus. Layer #5 in the Pillow Plus doubles the amount of responsive comfort foam, increasing the pressure-point relieving capabilities of the bed. When I slept on my side on this model it offered the most ideal level of comfort for all the Keetsa mattresses we reviewed.

    Next, you’ll find a new layer of high-density foam, which enhances support. Everything is complete with a final iCoil layer.

    This model is a little more expensive than the Plus, but a small bump in price will be worth the cost for those who crave softer beds.

    Keetsa Pillow Plus at a Glance:

    • 11″
    • Medium Firm
    • Hybrid
    • For All Sleeping Types

    How Much Does the Keetsa Pillow Plus Cost?

    • Twin: $590
    • Full: $890
    • Queen: $990
    • King: $1,190
    • California King: $1,190

    (Prices subject to change.)

    Keetsa Pillow Plus medium firm hybrid
    1. Unbleached cotton cover.
    2. Treated cotton fire barrier.
    3. Moisture-wicking Fiberfill padding.
    4. Conforming BioFoam.
    5. Two pressure-point relieving Comfort Foam layers.
    6. High-density polyfoam.
    7. iCoil pocket springs.

    The Keetsa Pillow Plus model is great for all types of sleepers who easily overheat.

    Keetsa Cloud

    Ironically, the Cloud is a firm mattress, making it a great choice for those who sleep on their backs and stomachs.

    So, just what can you expect to find from this 10″ all-foam bed? For starters, an unbleached cotton cover followed by a fire-resistant layer of cotton. Then, you can expect a double layer of BioFoam, which hugs the body to reduce pressure points. Finally, you’ll come across a thick layer of dense foam, which effectively isolates motion, making the Cloud a great option for those who share their beds with a light sleeper. The Cloud is a lot firmer than most foam mattresses so if you have found them to be too soft in the past, this could be the option for you.

    Keetsa Cloud at a Glance:

    • 10″
    • Firm
    • Memory Foam
    • For Back + Stomach Sleepers

    How Much Does the Keetsa Cloud Cost?

    • Twin: $590
    • Full: $890
    • Queen: $990
    • King: $1,190
    • California King: $1,190

    (Prices subject to change.)

    Keetsa Cloud memory foam mattress
    1. Unbleached cotton cover.
    2. Treated cotton fire barrier.
    3. Doubled-up conforming BioFoam.
    4. High-density polyfoam.

    The Keetsa Cloud model is great for back and stomach sleepers who need extra pressure-point relief.

    Tea Leaf Supreme

    The Tea Leaf Supreme is the bed for those who love all-foam mattresses. This soft, 12″ bed is comprised of five layers, each optimized for comfort.

    Everything starts with an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 cover made of a hemp blend, meaning the cover is stretchy, safe, and composed of sustainable materials. Like the previous three models, the Tea Leaf Supreme’s second layer is cotton fabric, specially treated so that it’s fire resistant. Next, you’ll find a moisture-wicking Fiberfill layer, perfect for those who constantly fight the night sweats or have found foam mattresses to be too warm in the past.

    The final two layers are where you’ll find the materials responsible for maxed-out comfort. Layer #4 is made of lots of BioFoam, so you know it’s pressure-point relieving, body-hugging, and incredibly comfortable. Layer #5 is made of thick, dense foam, minimizing motion transfer and giving you a stable, supportive place to rest.

    Best of all, this bed is infused with green tea, meaning it will stay fresher for longer, and is less likely to have a strong, initial unpleasant odor.

    Tea Leaf Supreme at a Glance:

    • 12″
    • Soft
    • Memory Foam
    • For All Sleepers

    How Much Does the Tea Leaf Supreme Cost?

    • Twin (Coming Soon): $990
    • Full: $1,290
    • Queen: $1,590
    • King: $1,890
    • California King: $1,890

    (Prices subject to change.)

    Tea Leaf Supreme mattress
    1. Hemp-blend cover.
    2. Treated cotton fire barrier.
    3. Moisture-wicking Fiberfill padding.
    4. Doubled-up conforming BioFoam.
    5. High-density polyfoam.

    The Tea Leaf Supreme model is great for all sleepers who crave extra softness.

    Tea Leaf Classic

    This green tea-infused mattress is perfect for fans of hybrid mattresses who want their beds to last for a long time.

    The first three layers—a hemp-blended cover, treated cotton fabric, and Fiberfill—are all about keeping you dry, comfortable, and safe. Next, you’ll find BioFoam, an eco-friendly variety of memory foam that’s perfect for relieving painful pressure points and providing support. After, you’ll come across a triple layer of responsive Comfort Foam before a sixth layer of dense, durable polyfoam. The iCoil system completes the bed, reducing heat trapping and increasing support.

    Tea Leaf Classic at a Glance:

    • 13″
    • Firm
    • Hybrid
    • For Back + Stomach Sleepers

    How Much Does the Tea Leaf Classic Cost?

    • Twin: $990
    • Full: $1,290
    • Queen (Coming Soon): $1,590
    • King: $1,890
    • California King: $1,890

    (Prices subject to change.)

    Tea Leaf Classic mattress
    1. Hemp-blend cover.
    2. Treated cotton fire barrier.
    3. Moisture-wicking Fiberfill padding.
    4. Conforming BioFoam.
    5. Three pressure-point relieving Comfort Foam layers.
    6. High-density polyfoam.
    7. iCoil pocket springs.

    The Tea Leaf Classic model is great for back and stomach sleepers who easily overheat and need extra pressure-point relief.

    Tea Leaf Dream

    The Tea Leaf Dream is Keetsa’s top-of-the-line model. So, just what can you expect to find inside this 14″ top-notch hybrid?

    Like most other mattresses manufactured by the brand, this one includes a soft cover, fire-resistant cotton layer, and cooling Fiberfill. What makes this mattress special, though, is what comes next.

    The fourth layer is comprised of lots of BioFoam, which easily hugs the body and matches your body temperature. The result? You have a comfortable, temperature-neutral layer. Next, you’ll come across a specialized layer of Pressure Relief Foam, which is perfect for letting your hips and shoulders sink; this layer alone makes the Tea Leaf Dream a prime choice for side sleepers. The next layer is made of high-density foam, perfect for improving the bed’s bounce and durability. The bottom layer contains the breathable iCoil base.

    Those who like to sit at the edges of their beds will appreciate the eighth layer, which is encased foam that reinforces the bed’s perimeters. Notably, this added edge support makes it easier to rest and sit at the edge of the bed without falling or slipping.

    Tea Leaf Dream at a Glance:

    • 14″
    • Soft
    • Hybrid
    • For All Sleepers

    How Much Does the Tea Leaf Dream Cost?

    • Queen: $2,390
    • King: $2,890
    • California King: $2,890

    (Prices subject to change.)

    Tea Leaf Dream hybrid mattress
    1. Hemp-blend cover.
    2. Treated cotton fire barrier.
    3. Moisture-wicking Fiberfill padding.
    4. Conforming BioFoam.
    5. Pressure Relief Foam for hips and shoulders.
    6. High-density polyfoam.
    7. iCoil pocket springs.
    8. Encased foam perimeter.

    The Tea Leaf Dream model is a top-of-the-line model that’s perfect for side sleepers craving added edge support.

    Materials & Safety


    What can you expect to find in a Keetsa mattress?


    BioFoam is a special type of memory foam. Now, most know that memory foam is comfortable, body-hugging, and pressure-point relieving. What most people don’t know is that this requires lots of petroleum to produce.

    BioFoam is the eco-friendlier, practical alternative to traditional memory foam, replacing 12% of that oil with something natural: castor bean oil. Now, 12% may not sound like a lot, but it’s currently as much as the brand can substitute without comprising the materials integrity. So, while it isn’t a perfect solution, it is a practical step in the right direction.


    Materials and products marked “EverGreen” means that they are infused with green tea. Why? Because this infusion can extend the freshness of the mattress and help offset the notoriously funky initial odor memory foam is known to have. Best of all, green tea is a natural way to achieve this goal, unlike many other companies that use plenty of artificial chemicals.


    iCoil is a name-brand system of pocketed coils that many other mattress brands use as well, such as Zinus. The iCoil system is popular as its wrapped design not only isolates motion (meaning a quieter bed), but also improves airflow (meaning cooler nights of rest).


    Fiberfill is this brand’s specialty fiber, made from recycled plastic bottles. Even better, the production process is sustainable and eliminates the use of harmful substances.

    High-density Polyfoam

    Polyfoam is a term that means mixed foam. These mattresses include dense foams to add stability and support.


    You’ll spend about a third of your life slumbering, so it pays to ensure you’ll catch some Z’s in a safe place. Fortunately, all models have received the following safety certifications:


    CertiPUR-US is an industry gold standard of foam safety. Foams receiving this certifications are tested for harmful substances like mercury, lead, and formaldehyde.

    Standard 100  by OEKO-TEX

    Another industry gold standard of safety, products that receive this label have undergone rigorous independent-party testing for harmful chemicals.

    Keetsa Report Card

    Plus Pillow Plus Cloud Tea Leaf Supreme Tea Leaf Classic Tea Leaf Dream
    Noise Control B B+ A+ A+ B+ A-
    Temperature Regulation B+ B+ B- B A A
    Sinkage C B C+ A A- A-
    Motion Isolation B+ A- A A A A
    Edge Support B+ B+ C C A A+

    Noise Control

    When you’re sleeping, having a bed that creaks can be sleep-disrupting. Fortunately, none of these models are too terribly noisy. However, you can expect the hybrids—especially the lower-end models—to generate some noise.

    Temperature Regulation

    It’s harder to sleep when you’re hot, so you want to make sure that your mattress doesn’t trap heat. Hybrid beds tend to be much airier than all-foam ones.


    Sink refers to how much “give” a bed has, or how much it dips when you press on it; the more give a bed has, typically the softer it is. Each foam-heavy Keetsa mattress has great give, except for the firm Cloud model.

    Motion Isolation

    If you sleep with a partner, you’ll want a bed that isolates motion. Fortunately, all of the models perform well in this area, so you don’t have to worry much about transferred motion jostling your companion.

    Edge Support

    Edge support refers to how firm the sides of your mattress are; this quality is important for those who like to sit or rest near the sides of their beds. The hybrid models—particularly the Tea Leaf Dream—have sturdier edges than the foam ones.

    Best Sleeping Positions

    Did you know that your sleeping position can play a large role in how you feel upon awakening in the morning? Specifically, how much your sleeping surface suits your resting preferences can largely influence whether you wake up with cricks, aches, and pains.


    Because the firmness and quality of your mattress—coupled with whether you rest on your side, back, stomach, or a combination of each—can help you align your spine as you rest. In short, you want a mattress suited for your sleeping type so your head, shoulders, and back can line up in a comfortable way. Otherwise, your body will strain all night long, meaning pain and discomfort in the morning.

    So, which Keetsa mattress works best for your sleeping type?

    Side Sleepers

    Those who sleep on their sides will need a soft or medium-firm mattress. Why? Because less of their bodies comes into contact with their beds. Naturally, that means that the parts that do come into contact will place greater pressure on the beds. So, stomach sleepers need beds with more “give,” or beds that will let their hips and shoulders sink more, helping them achieve proper spinal alignment.

    That means that the Pillow Plus, Tea Leaf Supreme, and Tea Leaf Dream will work best for this group.

    Back Sleepers

    Unlike side sleepers, back sleepers need firmer mattresses to achieve proper spinal alignment. That makes the Keetsa Plus, Keetsa Pillow Plus, Keetsa Cloud, Tea Leaf Classic, and Tea Leaf Dream great options to explore for those who sleep on their backs.

    Stomach Sleepers

    Stomach sleeping requires medium-firm or firm beds; those who are heavier will likely need slightly softer mattresses than lighter individuals. So, the Plus, Pillow Plus, Cloud, Tea Leaf Classic, and Tea Leaf Dream are great mattresses for stomach sleepers.

    Combination Sleepers

    Combination sleepers are people who switch between various sleeping postures throughout the night. So, they will need a versatile bed to suit their unique needs. Typically, back + stomach combo sleepers can stick to medium-firm or firm mattresses, since both positions require firmer surfaces. Side + back and/or stomach combo sleepers, though, often do best with medium-firm bedding, as it’s a nice middling compromise that adequately suits the needs of each posture.

    That means that the Keetsa Pillow Plus, Tea Leaf Supreme, and Tea Leaf Dream will work best for this group.

    The Tea Leaf Dream model is great for all types of sleepers who want added edge support.

    Warranty, Trial Period, Shipping & Returns


    A warranty is a good measure of how confident a company is that their product will stand the test of time. Now, Keetsa offers a 12-year warranty on their mattresses; considering that most beds need replacing every 7-8 years, this warranty bodes well for the quality of these beds. So, while this warranty isn’t the longest in the industry, it’s still a fair reassurance.

    Trial Period

    When you order a mattress online, you want to make sure that the company you’re interested in offers a decent trial period, or period where you can test out the mattress. Now, it takes the body about 30 days to completely adjust to a new mattress, so you’ll want a sleep trial that lasts at least this long.

    So, what is the Keetsa mattress sleep trial period? 90 days. While that’s short for this industry, it’s still long enough for you to decide if this bedding is the right fit for your home or apartment.

    Those who don’t wish to take the risk of ordering something online before buying it are still in luck, though—at least if you live in California or New York. The company has four brick-and-mortar locations: three in California and one in New York. You can see these locations on their official site.


    How much can you expect to pay for shipping? Nothing—if you live inside the lower 48 States. If you live outside the contiguous United States, though, you can expect some shipping fees attached to your order. Orders will ship out in roughly 1-2 business days.


    How long will you have to wait for your mattress in a box to arrive at your front door? While times will vary based on factors like weather and holidays, most can expect a delivery within 5-10 business days.

    Return Policy

    If you don’t like the your new mattress, what’s next? Well, you can talk with customer service and arrange a return. Once your return ships out and the company fully processes your return, you can expect a 90% refund.

    Verified Customer Reviews

    Keetsa mattresses are primarily sold on their own website at Each of their mattress models have  reviews specific to that model collated into ratings from 1-5. You can read the reviews in their entirety at the bottom of each product page.

    Below we have collected the number of reviews for each model and broken them down to show the percentage of 5-star reviews for each mattress.

    87.7% 5-star reviews – 482 of 549 total

    84% 5-star reviews – 563 of 670 total

    84.1% 5-star reviews – 149 of 169 total

    88.1% 5-star reviews – 141 of 160 total

    86.5% 5-star reviews – 122 of 141 total

    84.5% 5-star reviews – 71 of 84 total

    Review Summary & Ideal Customer Breakdown

    Still be wondering if one of these mattresses is right for you? Don’t worry; below are some highlights to help you decide if this brand is the right fit for you.

    We think you’d enjoy a Keetsa mattress if you:

    • Want a bed with greener materials than most of the competition.
    • Want to support a charitable brand.
    • Enjoy having enough options without being overwhelmed.
    • Like to sleep on foam mattresses

    A Keetsa mattress may not be the best for you if you:

    • Are on a tight budget. While the lower-end models are affordable, the higher-end models are on the pricier side.
    • Need extra edge support while you sleep.
    • Want a 100% natural mattress.


    Most frequent brand questions

    Yes. These mattresses have earned both CertiPUR-US and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certifications, which are safety gold standards in this industry.

    All mattresses come with a 12-year warranty.

    After unpacking and rolling out your new bed, you can expect it to mostly recover within a few hours; it should be safe to sleep on then. However, it will not completely finish rising for 24-48 hours.

    If you are looking for all foam mattresses on a budget and like the look of the Cloud mattress, you might like the Tulo Firm mattress, read our full review here.

    Points to Consider Before You Buy

    If so, you'll likely enjoy the highest-end model this brand offers, the Tea Leaf Dream. This hybrid is the brand's only bed with reinforced perimeters, giving it that extra edge support that makes sitting at the end of your bed easy and comfortable.

    If you're looking for a way to pay it forward while also upgrading your bedding, Keetsa is a great choice.


    Firstly, this brand donates part of their revenue to Operation Smile, a charity that provides corrective surgery for children born with cleft lips who would otherwise be unable to afford the procedure.

    Secondly, Keetsa also donates part of their proceeds from their aromatherapy candles to charity:water, a nonprofit organization that helps communities access safe drinking water.

    Finally, this brand is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, showing their commitment to finding viable and practical options for eco-friendly bedding.

    Still not sure which model is the best choice for you? Keetsa has a handy quiz to help you find out which model best suits your unique sleeping needs! You can find it on their official website.

    Those who want to sleep in a bed made completely from natural or organic materials won't find that with this company. If you are interested in all-natural bedding may be interested in the vegan Crystal Cove bed, one of our picks for the best latex mattresses of 2020.

    Keetsa have 6 practical mattresses made with sustainability and individual sleeping preferences in mind.

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